War of the Planets (1977) - Movie Script

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-Check our coordinates to Base Orion.
-Compare figures with signal direction.
-Angle alpha 37.
-Angle alpha 12, velocity
600 miles per second.

-Signals in direction course.
Power signals constant.

-Exact coordinates signal, exact
direction. Course confirmed.

-What is it?
-Meela, check the desks
at the stellar explosion.

-Oko, check the computer.
-There is no constellation in visual
distance. No stellar explosion.

-Ask the new coordinates to
escape the race of that explosion.

-Information requested on explosion is
non-existent. No change of course necessary.

-There's something wrong
with it. It's the end.

-That's wonderful!
-That was a refraction of a cosmic
explosion occurring 10 million years ago.

-Repeat. All directions constant.
-Repeat. Cannot hear you. Cannot hear you.
-There's no doubt about it, and
that punch of his proves it.

-In the report, I charge Captain
Hamilton with insubordination.

-So you think the facts have been altered?
-I've never received an order from Miller.
I've never even seen a report from Miller.

-All I've ever seen is a bunch of
notes from an electronic hunk of metal.

-Now I'm not in the habit of
taking orders from a machine.

-It was an insult, sir. And he deserved it.
-But he is talking about the
greatest brain ever made by man.

-Exactly, by man.
-The case now is in my jurisdiction. You
should have contacted Hamilton personally.

-Perhaps a conference with Captain Hamilton
would have been the proper procedure.

-It might have prevented
this embarrassing situation.

-As for Hamilton, I assure you
he will be justly disciplined.

-But if this incident became
public, it could discredit Orion.

-Captain Hamilton certainly
will be disciplined.

-You can go now, Miller.
-- Commander, I'm
sorry-- - Silence.

-You're a barbarian, a savage.
-They warned me when they
transferred you under my orders.

-The warning wasn't necessary. Your arrogance
was well-known in advance. We knew all about it.

-Continue, Captain, and in just one month's
time, I'll transfer you to the quartermaster service.

-Not a rosy prospect, Commander.
-I should consult Wiz for what happened.
-So that he would give...
'Eliminate dangerous personnel'.

-I won't consult Wiz. I'm putting you in command
of the spaceship, leaving for the Vega sector.

-Well, Mac. Now that I'm goin' outside, I'll
try to find a good bottle of whiskey for you.

-Good idea, as long as it's Scotch.
-- No problem.
- There ya are.

-This is the airlock chamber to
bridge. Segura's ready for instrument test.

-All set.
-Because here in space, because
here in space, we have boulders.

-Head to decompression chamber.
-Maximum duration, ten
seconds. Repeat. Ten seconds.

-Clear the area.
-It's an old satellite for the
interception of Gamma rays.

-It's practically a monument. You know
that thing must be a hundred years old.

-Telecameras 3 and 4 working. Activate
radio contact with the outside.

-Why in the hell did you
send only one man out there?

-Well... I thought,
Captain, I--

-Come in, Peter.
-Peter, can you hear me?
-Very well, Captain.
-It's too hazardous to work alone.
-Reenter the ship immediately. We'll
prepare another crewmember to go with you.

-The orders are that
outside, we work in pairs.

-Don't worry, Captain.
I'll be extremely careful.

-Captain, look at screen number 2.
-Stop it, Segura. That's an order!
-If that battery breaks, the
acid will destroy your spacesuit.

-I know what I'm doing,
Captain. It'll only take a few seconds.

-I've located it.
-I've got the breaker in already.
-He could die out there.
-- He's liable to be-- - It
won't take long at all, Captain.

-I've got to screw these
in. It won't take a moment.

-Peter! You're a... You're a damn fool.
-The acid! The acid's
eating through my suit!

-You've got plenty of time to get
back to the ship. Use the directional.

-And above all, stay calm.
-You've got three minutes
before the suit will corrode.

-You have two and a half minutes.
-Help! The directional
isn't responding! Help me!

-Hold on, Peter. Captain Hamilton is
suiting up. He's going out to get you.

-Can you hear me?
-Help me!
-Help me!
-You've got one minute and thirty seconds, Captain,
before that acid eats through his suit.

-- Captain, get this suit
clothes off me-- - Take it easy.

-It's filling up.
-They're too far away. At that
speed, they won't make it.

-Look, Meela. What's going on?
-What are they stopping for?
-It's too late now, Meela.
-Segura's a dead man.
-Dr. Rife report to the dispensary.
Stand by with the regenerator.

-Oko, are you sure this spaceship's in
the orbit of the satellite's passage?

-Not I, but he seems very sure.
-Here it is! The satellite
has entered our screen.

-Give me the data.
-Wait a minute. I'm recording.
-Distance: 180 thousand miles. Speed:
73 thousand miles per second.

-Angle of trajectory: alpha 24 degrees.
-End of the data.
-Object identified as the satellite data.
-Satellite is completely safe.
No intervention necessary.

-Proceed on present speed and trajectory.
-Satellite information now programmed.
-Distance: 180 thousand miles...
-We're lucky. We don't
have to stop until--

-What do you think of Captain Hamilton?
-Don't you think he's a fascinating man?
-- What the hell?
- What does it mean?

-Seems almost a message, coming from space!
-Paté de foie gras!
-It seems hard to believe, but in only twenty
more hours, we´ll be on our way back to home base.

-Your move.
-Bravo, Marseille. All he
thinks about is vacation.

-Our computer is picking up a strange
signal. Here, sir. You better take a look at it.

-It's impossible! The
computer's gotta be wrong.

-- You understand, Colonel?
- Yes, sir.

-- Then you will begin investigation immediately.
- Will be done, sir.

-You know we can't allow this to continue.
-- I will inform you.
- Report to me as soon as you have anything.

-Those damn signals... Those damn signals
are damaging Earth's radio and video systems.

-I'm receiving solicitations from all over the world. Washington
and Moscow have already called me three times.

-Well, Colonel Altman, it's
lucky for us that you're here.

-Yes, sir.
-Let's get down to facts. What
disposition has Wiz given?

-Wiz affirms that behind this strange signal
there's an alien intelligence that knows all.

-And there's danger. Wiz orders us to
find the emission source and destroy it.

-Good. Send an airship at once.
-You hear that? More of those signals.
-- They certainly sound strange.
- That's impossible!

-Oh, come on, come on! Relax.
-I agree that those are not normal signals, but I also think
that the computer isn't functioning right. That's all.

-So stay calm. I really think that that
computer in there... it's just got to be drunk.

-These strange signals could be
radioactivity meeting the cosmic belt.

-And if these signals are really being
sent, and are not cosmic radiation...

-I figure that they'll be strong
enough to reach the ground...

-... and I'll bet that they're being heard
on every radio telescope on the entire Earth.

-Your move.
-What's the nearest spaceship to
the emission source of the signals?

-It's the MK-31, Commander.
-Who's the MK-31 Commander?
-- Captain Hamilton.
- Hamilton?

-Fred Hamilton, the one
on the Sirius expedition?

-The Mars incident?
-Intolerant of any kind of discipline.
He should've been rejected.

-Captain Hamilton is a good commander.
-It's true that he has quite the temper and that
he takes a little too much personal initiative.

-But I'm convinced that while these
aspects are negative on Earth...

-... they're very useful to a
Commander-in-chief of such a very important expedition.

-The MK-31 will have to
move beyond known space.

-And Captain Hamilton is the
most suitable man to do it.

-With your permission... I don't
feel Hamilton is right for the situation.

-Hamilton is to be discarded.
-Let me go, Commander.
-Stop this rambling. Wiz will decide.
-Captain Hamilton will go and
do what he'll be ordered to do.

-No. I haven't the right crew to
undertake such a dangerous journey.

-We've just completed a mission lasting six
months, and are due for rotation in less than 24 hours.

-My men are tired. They need a rest. They
wanna get back to Earth and to their families.

-Evidently, I didn't make myself
clear enough to you, Captain.

-I did not call you to debate.
Wiz' orders must be carried out.

-Nonsense! If a machine says to go out and
get killed, it does not mean I must do it.

-The new rules allow me to disobey such an order.
I'm reserving decision. I'll report to you later.

-Consider your future, Captain
Hamilton. Forget the new rules this time.

-You've got to obey, Captain.
-The commander here has helped you
before. But now not even he can help you.

-He'll be unable to protect your
career if you persist in your refusal.

-Think it over, Captain.
-At the end of the mission, you'll all be given extra
leave with the possibility of a very fine promotion.

-I'll be the first one to suggest it.
-You'll all be heroes. From our press room, you'll all be
followed continuously by journalists from all over the world.

-Think it over.
-I'm sorry, Commander. No member
of my crew wants to be a hero.

-And a normal leave is going to
be fine, without a promotion.

-And tell that hunk of metal
that MK-31 is returning home.

-Captain Hamilton, I think Dr. Jane
Frasier would like to speak with you.

-- Hello, Fred.
- Hello, Jane Frasier.

-It's been a long time.
-I won't try to talk you
into changing your mind.

-I only ask that you behave justly. Allow the crew
to choose. It's the only democratic way, I feel.

-That certainly does seem the fairest
way to handle this, doesn't it?

-- Hi, Richard.
- Hi.

-- How long?
- Whatever.

-- Violent or gentle?
- You decide.

-It's strange how some printed
words can evoke emotion.

-You live in a different world.
-Not in a world of words, but of
things that you cannot express.

-Meela, you're the one who's
lost contact with life.

-You've let yourself be
conditioned by machines.

-Sure, I know you're all
technicians. Chemists, physicists, engineers...

-But no poets or musicians
are born nowadays.

-And you've forgotten about love.
-I think I'll never use the cosmic love.
-You must never, never
be fooled by imitations.

-You must kiss me more often from now on.
-You know something? I feel this
is my first victory over machines.

-Captain! The radar scanner indicates two
shining points. They're approaching rapidly.

-All crews to your stations.
-Establish contact with base Orion.
-Tell Commander Armstrong it's urgent.
-Spaceship MK-31 has to speak
with Commander Armstrong.

-It's urgent!
-Commander Armstrong's coming.
-What's happening, Captain?
-Our radar is picking up two strange metallic
bodies. I presume they're spaceships.

-Spaceships in that plot of space?
-They could be asteroids.
They've got to be asteroids!

-No asteroids could vary their speed like
that. They're being controlled somehow.

-Captain, try to find out what's happening. But
remember, they're not terrestrial spaceships.

-That is, if they are spaceships.
-There's a way to get an answer
to that. Activate the scanners.

-- Executed.
- Executed.

-The two objects are now in our cameras. They'll
be on your base scanner momentarily.

-Transfer everything to Base Orion.
-Then they're really spaceships. There
just isn't any other possibility.

-Establish contact.
-Negative contact.
-Hamilton, try again. Try with all
possible ways of communications.

-Try with the radio, too.
-Wait. Let us contact Wiz.
He'll know what to do.

-Halla, interrupt contact with base.
-Meela, analyze the
spaceship on our computer.

-Ask data about their crew and
weapons in terms of absolute probability.

-Data insufficient.
-In other words, we'll have to be
content with a relative probability.

-Unmanned spaceships armed
with long-range disintegrators.

-Seventy percent chance.
-- Battle speed.
- Battle speed.

-Activate disintegrators.
-Coordinate direction race.
-Activate laser.
-Best range: 50 miles.
-Approaching range.
-Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...
-Five, four, three, two, one...
-We've been hit!
-Internal pressure is five Gs.
-We've lost contact.
-What's happening?
Reactivate contact at once.

-Our equipment seems to be working perfectly,
Commander. They must've stopped transmitting.

-Commander, the newspaper men are in the
press hall. They've followed everything.

-Commander, we've got a
lot of questions to ask.

-How do you plan to answer
this attack against the Earth?

-What are you talking about? There's
been no attack against our planet.

-We've all seen the spaceship. Do you think MK-31
has been hit as part of some weird game?

-Will you please stop
misrepresenting facts?

-A space skirmish does not mean that
Earth is in peril and that we've been attacked.

-That spaceship out
there could have weapons.

-Our bases didn't sight anything
that could make us dread an attack.

-Why have you already given the
alert signal to all the bases?

-- Well, because-- - You will be
quiet. That is a military secret.

-Yes, sir.
-The public must know about that ship. We
may be facing the vanguard of a whole fleet.

-Damn! That's enough!
-Get out of here! I won't
answer any more questions!

-The Earth is in danger! The Earth
is in desperate, desperate danger!

-It is very urgent
for the public--

-Aliens are attacking Earth.
-The vanguard of a fleet.
-All bases prepare defenses!
-... can be destroyed by MK-31.
-Orion's monitors, we have
seen the beginning of the end!

-Spaceship approaches Earth.
-I can't make it, Captain.
-The centrifugal force has immobilized me.
-We have to make it.
-Or maximum we can blow
up the ship, Captain.

-We have to break clear.
-Push your trigger ignition button.
-Try to reach it. Go on.
-Oh, that's over.
-Deactivate main generator.
-Captain, the B circuit in the main generator
has been damaged and needs to be repaired.

-There's no control.
-How are the auxiliaries?
-Normal course. Speed reduced
to a fourth, only that--

-Captain, I can't reactivate
contact with Earth.

-The auxiliary engines are too weak.
They don't have sufficient power.

-Activate videos 14 and 7.
-And 17 and 6.
-Gravitational force is increasing fast.
-The angle's drift coincides
with the planet's axis.

-We're being attracted by
its gravitational force.

-We can't stop the fall.
We'll be smashed to bits.

-Ask computer for forced landing data.
-Insufficient energy available. Impossible
to enter orbit at such high speed.

-Six minutes before impact.
-You must stop the descent instantly.
-Activate vaporizers.
-It's no good, Captain. There is
not enough time left for that now.

-Activate vaporizers, dammit!
-It's increasing.
-There's no way now to stop the fall.
-It's too late, Captain. We've had it.
-That vaporizer still can stop us!
-Captain, the spaceship's fall has stopped!
-Nice going.
-I should think that the computer
has realized that by now.

-Now let's see if it can stabilize us.
-It's impossible.
-The spaceship is sustained by an
antigravitation force of unknown origin.

-We're in the planet's
orbit, at 500 thousand feet.

-But it's against every physical law. How
could there be a planet with a variable gravitation?

-It's dark, cold, inhospitable.
-There are also craters. It almost
looks as if the atmosphere is frozen.

-Shall we send a probe, Captain?
-No, I was thinking of
landing on the planet.

-Jack, is the landing
module in working condition?

-The module is working perfectly, Captain. And it'll be much
easier to repair that faulty generator if we're on firm ground.

-All crewmembers to your stations!
-Report for landing!
-Switch on videos 2 and
3. Activate the monitors.

-Meela, analyze the external data.
-Oxygen: 15 %. Azote: 70%.
-Atmosphere and gravity similar to Earth's.
-This zone of the planet will stay
in shadow another 45 Earth days.

-The men in charge of space
research, get ready to leave in the module.

-The rest of you, remain onboard.
-My compliments, Captain. You're the
first man to set foot on this planet.

-We're outcasts in a lost planet in space, but
at last we have something firm under our feet.

-This planet offers some wonderful
opportunities for specimens.

-Do you think there's life here, Greta?
-I haven't noticed traces of water. Maybe the air's
moisture allows the growth of primitive nuclei, some form of life.

-This ground must be rich in iron
and nickel. Take a look at this rock.

-- Any radioactivity?
- No indication yet.

-Meela, look! This is organic.
-- Find anything, Meela?
- No.

-- You?
- It's a growth of some kind.

-Interesting. I wonder what it is.
-It's similar to lichen, back
on Earth. But not identical.

-I'll analyze it later.
-Come in, this is Karis.
There's something after me!

-No! Stay back!
-- Who's that?
- That's Jack's voice!

-Stay where you are.
-Now we're going to
split up into two groups.

-I want no heroes. We'll find him.
-Alright, let's see. You right
here, all of you, go with me.

-The rest of you go in that direction.
-Okay, let's go. And don't
lose sight of each other.

-I think I saw him go toward those rocks.
-That's Jack lying there. Come on.
-We've disappeared from one
place and appeared in another!

-Captain, I don't get it.
-Look, this is no natural phenomenon.
-What's unnatural is a
sphere like this, here.

-Among these rocks.
-It's all the work of a fiend!
The same fiend that killed Karis!

-Wait a second. Where's Greta?
-She was with us when we started out. I
gave orders for us to stick together!

-But she's not here!
-You're right, dammit!
-Captain, you know what happened to Jack.
The same thing could've happened to Greta.

-That we can find out.
-Am I coming through?
-Your reception here is very good, sir.
-What's going on?
-Look, Jack's been murdered. And
we've been materialized in this cave.

-Greta's missing. Have you heard from her?
-No. We know nothing. But if you can't find
her, maybe you'd better come back to the ship.

-The technicians checking the
damaged have reached positive results.

-Maybe you're right.
-Max's got a point, Captain. Let's get
out of here and go back to the ship.

-No. With Jack murdered and
Greta missing, we can't leave.

-We've got to try to find her.
-Calm down, Richard. There's nothing we can do for
them. And maybe Greta's waiting for us outside.

-Meela, check your apparatus.
-Captain, the sending station
is in here-- in this cave!

-They're signals, addressed only to us.
-They originate here.
-An inert rock that
transmits signals from Earth.

-This sphere is the sending station. Our quartz
crystals have this property, but they have to be activated.

-Anyway, the power in ours is
limited. There's some kind of message.

-Yes, and I think it's directed toward us.
-It seems a little clearer.
-Someone is near us. I'm
almost sure there is.

-That's crazy. There's no one in here.
-We've got to keep checking! We've got to
find out who or what's sending that message.

-Signals feel stronger to me.
-Hello, control. Record
everything you see here.

-Videotape's running already.
-Those strange signals are so baffling.
-Let me know if you need
the rest of the crew.

-Okay. Let's look around.
-Release them.
-I am Amok, strangers.
-My voice is pure thought
that reaches the mind.

-Hey! How does that guy know our language?
-Shut up, Richard. It's us. Our brain
waves make the telepathy become sound.

-My race was great once. The machines
served men, and my people were happy.

-Then the huge machine stole the
command from me and we became slaves.

-All this before the Great Explosion. I
am talking about an atomic catastrophe.

-Its survivors, as you see, have
regressed to an animal state.

-Strangers, Amok knows why
you have come to this planet.

-- I think we've got to do something.
- We will.

-Captain! Captain, can you hear me?
-Maybe they don't know about the rest
of us. We can attack them from the rear.

-It'd be simple to do, sir. We
can use the disintegrator guns.

-Don't worry about us.
Repair the generator.

-I am Etor, chief of my people.
-You killed one of my men. Why?
-No. The immortal monster
has killed your companion.

-Many of us have died. The Black Peril kills all those who
dare to go out of the caves. We cannot do a thing against him.

-We can only hide in the
innermost recesses of the planet.

-Listen, I think they're sincere. And if we help them,
sir, I think it could be the answer to all our problems.

-Yeah. That's not a bad idea.
-We'd like to help you fight your
enemy. Can you tell us where he is?

-Sage Amok says that in the
shining cave, there's the monster.

-Amok recounts that the Great Death came from him. The
monster hates any people and kills them without pity.

-This race was once a great civilization.
-In every way.
-This city still seems to be alive, and
who knows how long it's been abandoned?

-Let's go, Captain.
-The radioactivity is
reaching dangerous levels.

-It's too dangerous, Captain, for us
here. The city is an atomic stockpile.

-The radioactivity is continuing to rise.
-Let's get out of here, Captain!
-I've established the signal's location. The message comes
continually from a mysterious source that is retransmitted by the sphere.

-It's not enough. We've got to go back
to the ship and consult the computer.

-Etor, we can destoy the enemy, but
we have to go back to the ship first.

-We have no choice. Etor, the weapons we
need are onboard, and we can't do without them.

-The woman will stay with us.
-There's no alternative,
Meela. We'll have to trust them.

-Whatever happens, I love you.
-I'll be okay now. Go to the ship.
-As you've heard, Wiz is positive that
our prime importance is Earth's defense.

-On the other hand, the unknown spaceships
have not signalled on our radars...

-... and the other signal from space has
also ceased and it could very well be a trap.

-We can't risk it. All
Earth's bases are on alert.

-Wiz' decision is the best.
-Captain! We've found him!
-I'll be right there.
-Commander Armstrong, from Kola's base,
they communicate that the sector HF-203...

-... is refracting the
passage of any kind of wave.

-Their ship could've landed there.
-That zone is totally isolated.
-It's only a polar ice
field, with no interest.

-Unless the vicinity of the pole has
provoked some magnetic joke with Kola's instruments.

-Ask Kola's base to verify all the
instruments, and to act accordingly.

-I want any and all data
sent here to Orion at once.

-Yes, sir.
-Pay attention please!
-Did you locate the ship, Captain?
-Did you?
-I believe so. The enemy's spaceship should be
in the Arctic. The situation is under control.

-I'm sorry for the headlines you had in
mind, but Earth is not in any danger.

-Earth is in danger!
-- Didn't buy it.
- Nope.

-What will you think of?
-I'll think of you and me back on
Earth. That's what I always do, my darling.

-The enemy is a computer. The images you
see are materializations of its energy.

-To destroy it, press button for
its elimination. Probable color red.

-We've stuffed a ton of information in this gadget, and
the only answer we get is 'probable' or 'possible'.

-I want a reliable answer.
-No certainty possible. Index
of probability: 50 percent.

-I belong to Glasgow,
dear old Glasgow town...

-There's somethin' the matter with
Glasgow, for it's goin' down round...

-I'm only a common ol' workin'
chap, as anyone here can see...

-But when I get a couple o' drinks
on Saturday, Glasgow belongs-- ...

-Who is it?
-Come on.
-Get back onboard! And get
the protective suits on!

-You weren't worried, were you, Meela?
-Just a little.
-I knew you'd come for me, and I'm glad you brought another
spacesuit. The radiation in that city is deadly.

-Well, I'm glad you're okay.
-Captain, I'm getting all kinds of electronic
signals. The meter's starting to go crazy.

-I don't understand it.
-Meela, you'll stay here with Rike.
Holden, you're coming with me.

-Yes, Captain.
-Earthlings, put down your arms.
-You must not disobey me.
-Earthling, step forward.
-You have been brought here for a
purpose, the most important task of your lives.

-Cooperate! Do not make me destroy you.
-You said you called us
for a purpose. What is it?

-I will respond, Earthling.
-Once, long ago, the inhabitants of this
planet constructed perfect machines.

-The machines performed
all the work for them.

-The inhabitants of the planet were happy. Their
only function was to control these machines.

-But even though this was their
only function, it became a chore.

-So man built me, so that I might control the
machines and be able to construct new ones...

-... thereby inheriting all of
man's abdicated responsibilities.

-One day, the planet was
attacked by alien forces.

-All the machines were destroyed.
-The inhabitants regressed rapidly. I became the only
one with the knowledge to construct new machines.

-And now I am able to construct them myself.
I will make these machines invincible.

-Then I will be able to conquer the galaxy.
-You must help me to replace some of my
circuits that were damaged by the alien forces.

-Without all of my circuits
functioning, some of my memory banks are blocked.

-The inhabitants here do not have the intelligence to be
utilized anymore. For that reason, I have summoned you.

-Why did you attack us with the two ships?
You could have destroyed your only means of help.

-I only wanted to neutralize your engines. After
that, I pulled you to the planet with my energy source.

-Where did you get this energy from, to send messages to
other galaxies, and to amuse yourself keeping the dead city alive?

-I control the lives and the
brains of all the inhabitants here.

-I keep them alive as I see fit.
-Just as the shepherd controls the sheep,
and then, at any moment, shears the sheep.

-Enough now with explanations. I will indicate to
you which burned-out circuits must be replaced.

-We must destroy it.
-We'll take our time repairing it.
We've got to find that red button.

-My beam will indicate the
components, Earthlings.

-He seems to enjoy calling us
Earthlings. He says it with such scorn.

-Bring that circuit component over here.
-Captain! That red button there!
-Not so loud! It might hear us.
-Hurry up, Earthlings. What's
taking so long? I'm losing patience.

-Faster, Earthlings. You have many to replace,
and I've waited too long for this. Hurry!

-That's it. That's the one. Put it in!
-I needed only that one circuit.
Now I have all my power!

-With all that power, the
planet Earth will be destroyed!

-What the hell are you doing?
-I have an idea.
-Give me your belt.
-Here. Do you know what you're doing?
-- Have you heard about David and Goliath?
- Who?

-It doesn't matter. If we make
it, I'll tell ya the whole story.

-I will destroy you.
-Hurry! The whole planet's crumbling!
-You haven't conquered me,
Earthlings. I am stronger than ever before!

-I will follow you to the end of
the galaxy and annihilate you!

-Kola's base communicates a strong explosion in the
sector HF-203, and the zone is not isolated any longer.

-The radar sentries report that no
flying objects have left Earth's orbit...

-... while an aviation scout has seen large metal
segments scattered here and there on the ice field.

-Call a press conference. Give them press release number
2, that we've isolated and destroyed the enemy spaceship.

-And you can burn the other messages.
-Okay, Commander.
-No. Marseille is a nickname, in the valley of the
Rhone, you don't have Megalopoli, but only small towns.

-Montpellier, Arles, Marseille. My grandparents came from
Marseille, and that's how I got my nickname, Marseille.

-Cutlets au villageois.
-But the bechamel isn't very good.
-Look, Marseille!
-- It's Mac!
- How'd he get here?

-Let's bring him in. Give me a hand.
-We'll get him to the dispensary.
-Oh, Greta!
-What did it? She's hurt.
-Oko, we're in the infirmary but
we have to get back to the bridge.

-Will you send someone down to take over?
-Don't worry. I'll come down myself.
-They're dead.
-Get onboard quickly! The whole planet's
gonna blow up! We can't stay here! Get on!

-Raise power: 10 Gs.
-It's too much energy to leave. That
generator might not be able to take it.

-I said maximum, Segura.
-We might blow up!
-We'll blow up if we stay here.
-The generator isn't all the way up yet.
-I said full power, Segura.
-Sir, it's impossible
until the generator's up!

-Stop giving me excuses, and do it!
-Here I am.
-I'm okay now. I'll take over, Segura.
-Oko, go back to Greta.
-Give me more on the starboard engines!
-Increase power!
-More power!
-Segura told me everything. Sorry.
-I've established contact with Earth.
-It's the missing ship, Commander. They're
reporting in. They seem to be alright.

-Prepare yourself for a big surprise.
-Captain, we did not behave well toward you. Wiz has
told us you had one chance in a thousand to make it.

-So, frankly, we'd given you up for lost.
-I agree with you, that machines can be
wrong. And we're very happy to see you.

-Carry on. Continue to delegate
all your decisions to the machines.

-And man will continue to prove
that his brain is still superior.

-As I said, prepare
yourselves for a big surprise.

-You'll soon be seeing one of the
inhabitants of the planet you sent us to.

-I'll give you a full report
when we reach the base.

-Here's our guest.
-He looks terrific.
-He seems like one of us.
-I am happy to welcome the
newest member of the crew.

-Hey, Captain! He's automatically
an officer in that uniform.

-Here. Take him to the doctor
for a check-out, will ya?

-He certainly looks okay to me.
-Etor. Let's go.
-Captain, I need some rest.
-I'm tired.
-Oh, by all means. Now that everything's
alright, you can sleep for two days if ya like.

-Request coordination with base
Orion. Give data to the computer.

-This is Orion base.
-There's damage on the line
between the generator and the instruments.

-Our connection with Earth
is interrupted again.

-Captain! Perhaps in the corridor.
-Better check the computer.
-Breakdown due to sabotage.
-Activate interior video 1
on the emergency generator.

-What the hell are you doing here,
Oko? I told you to look after Greta.

-No need. She's asleep.
-I decide what's needed or not!
-Red alert! Stop Greta!
-Captain! She's here. We found her.
-Greta. We don't want to harm
you. We want to help you.

-He killed them! There was all that
blood! There was so much blood!

-Everybody out! Come on!
-Quick! Activate all watching devices!
-Etor, I have the energy of
your race. I am still powerful!

-Get over to the door, Meela. You
can't do anything for Etor.

-- Shall I get her, Captain?
- No, Holden.

-I know how to get rid of that
monster. You stay here at the control console.

-Open the door!
-Meela, you've got to
get out of here. Come on.

-Come on! Hurry!
-I have a little surprise for
the youngest member of your crew.

-Oh, look, Peter! There's your baby!
-- Oh! It's your baby!
- It's my baby.

-It's mine! It's mine! I
can't believe it. Look!

-What a darling baby!
-Ask that hunk of metal if we're on the right
course and how long it'll take us to arrive.

-So delicate...
-What a beautiful child.
-Direction course exact. Estimated time
of touchdown: 30 hours, Earthlings.