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-The future of mankind is being hided
behind closed doors.

-And all over the world, scientists
are working on projects...

-... designed to take man beyond the confines
of this Earth.

-You are looking at the actual models of spacecraft
now being developed by agencies...

-... of the United States government.
-This is an Apollo spacecraft...
-... designed for an elliptical orbit of the moon.
-It's lunar landing vehicle can transport
three men safely to and from the moon's surface.

-These are other types of manned
remote control mechanisms..

-... each designed for a specific function, many
already in operation as satellites of this Earth.

-Some in readiness for the moon shot.
-Others designed for overseas.
-A few to serve as space stations.
-And the most complex of all...
-... prototypes of craft capable of putting
a man on the surface of another planet.

-Wheel was one of man's first inventions...
-... and has been with him all of his civilized life.
-But now it, like so many other of his creations...
-... must be modified to fit his new demands.
-These are three types of variable radius wheels...
-... designed to transport a vehicle over
a rocky surface.

-New concepts are being created almost daily.
-Some will never get beyond the drawing board.
-But others, or their descendents, will become
part of man's greatest adventure.

-The exploration and colonization of space.
-All over the world, men and women are working
to make that dream a reality.

-Every aspect of the journey is being analyzed...
-... from the tiniest control devices to the
mightiest rocket engines.

-But it's not enough to just get there.
-Just as the great explorers sailed from Spain
and England and France to discover the Americas...

-... so that the colonizers might come later...
-... so will our exploration spacecraft
precede the colonizers of the planets.

-Already, plans are being made for the colonies.
-Sources of food and power must be found.
-Artificial atmosphere is created.
-Everything done to build an Earth
away from the Earth.

-No man living today can predict
exactly what the future holds.

-But this much we do know.
-All through man's march across this Earth...
-... the wildest dreams and fantasies of one age
have become the commonplaces of the next.

-The motion picture you are about to see...
-... can be called today a fantasy of the future.
-But one day, maybe not too far distant...
-... audiences will be able to look back
on it in the same spirit...

-... with which we view pictures
about the first covered wagon crossing the plains.

-... the planet named after the goddess of love.
-This is where I left her.
-Twenty-six million miles away.
-Because I know she exists, I know she does.
I know it!

-All the time we were there, I heard her.
-Her and that sweet, haunting sound she makes.
-Like the sirens that tempted Ulysses.
-You may think I'm crazy
back here on Earth.

-Crazy or still intoxicated
by the atmosphere back there.

-But wait a minute, I'm getting ahead of myself.
-Let me tell you the whole story.
-All of it.
-From the beginning.
-And see what you think.
-You be the judge.
-It was two years ago, in 1998...
-... that the first manned spaceship
left Earth for the planet Venus.

-This attempt ended in tragedy.
-A meteor hit the ship.
-Everybody, everything was lost.
-Everything but the will to get there.
-To explore Venus.
-And so, it was only six months later...
-... that the second attempt was made.
-The code name for Earth's control was Marcia.
-Earth says rockets are ready.
-Main rocket stage ready.
-Fuel ready.
-Say, position center ready.
-Power ready.
-Air conditioning ready.
-Radar ready.
-Guidance ready.
-Everything ready for takeoff.
-'This is flight personnel. Loading elevators
are now being withdrawn.'

-'Countdown continues at 20.'
-'All stations prepare for Zero red.'
-'Countdown continues at 10.'
-'Zero red minus five.'
-'Project Red Planet.'
-'All units clear.'
-'Switch over to standby.'
-There were only two men on the new mission...
-... Astronaut Howard Sherman and Captain
Alfred Kernss.

-But there was another being with them...
-... Kernss's invention, Robot John.
-Awaken, John.
-Slow, John.
-Monitor, John.
-I hear you.
-Everything went smoothly the first
part of the voyage.

-They travelled over halfway, seventeen
million miles, without mishap.

-Radio contact was maintained
as Marcia, at Earth Control.

-And they stopped on schedule at the United
States Space Station, Texas, for refueling.

-Attention, all landing personnel,
report on flight deck.

-Stand by to receive Flight Number 87, from Earth.
-At Earth Control, we listened to their progress
with more concern than anyone else.

-'Refueling A-OK. Over now.'
-Because we were the command crew.
-And if anything went wrong,
we were set to follow.

-There were three of us.
-Command Williams 'Billy' Lockhart...
-Astronaut Hans Walters...
-And me, Andre Freneau.
-I remember how worried we were
as we listened to their voices...

-... from so many miles away.
-Kernsss calling Marcia, Kernsss calling Marcia.
-Refueling completed.
-Ready for blastoff.
-Begin our relay.
-They were on the last leg of their journey.
-And then they saw it.
-Cloud formations, thirty percent ash content.
-And they prepared to land.
-A planet of fire below us.
-It is a new world or will it consume us all?
-At any moment now.
-And then, suddenly, things started going wrong.
-'Black cloud. Light.'
-'I don't like the looks of this.'
-'I'm turning control over to Robot John.'
-'Ahead big mountains. I am going up.'
-'Wow! Close call!'
-'We're watching on the location-finder.
The area is strange.'

-'This is truly a prehistoric planet.'
-'Landing location at Square 73.'
-'We're now dropping.'
-'Landing three hundred meters southwest
of Square 73.'

-'Oh-oh, there's water beneath us.'
-'We're drifting.'
-Are you there?
-It's hopeless.
-Well, very soon after that...
-... it became clear there was only one thing to do.
-Blast off for Venus ourselves.
-Complete the mission, explore the planet.
-And attempt to rescue Kernss, Sherman.
-If... they were still alive.
-Keep coming.
-- More, John.
- That's it.

-Cover me, Kernss!
-Look out!
-There comes another one!
-I've got him!
-Kernss, behind you!
-No, Kernss!
-Look out!
-Okay, John.
-Just clear all connections.
-Goes one hundred and ten.
-Secure yourself to that boulder, John.
-He's better equipped to fight
this place than we are!

-I'm wondering if we should be here at all.
-Why don't you catch a bus and go home?
-Don't think I wouldn't if I could find one.
-There he is.
-He's up.
-Pull it tight. He can hold it.
-You better go first, and I'll come along after you.
-Within two hours, we were ready to go.
-Venus lay ahead.
-But our thoughts were with Kernss and Sherman.
-If they were alive, would we be able to find them?
-We got to Space Station Texas ahead of schedule.
-Standby to receive unassisted landing.
-Refueling was accomplished in record time.
-There was no time to lose.
-Funny, considering the way things turned out...
-... what I was thinking about as we sped through
the dark universe...

-... on our way to an unexplored planet.
-I was wondering if maybe
there wasn't some reason...

-... that Venus had been named
after the goddess of love.

-If maybe there wasn't some wise, old astronomer
way back in the dawn of time...

-... who knew something.
-Something he kept to himself.
-But before I could come to any conclusions
about it...

-... we were preparing for our touchdown on Venus.
-Where maybe I'd find all the answers.
-And then, almost before I knew it, we were there.
We were landing.

-We're landed.
-Don't begin celebrating yet.
-Is our level okay?
-Yep, there it is.
-On the button.
-Boy, it sure feels strange to have weight.
-Yes, it does seem strange.
-That's sure.
-But it's nice and solid.
-Well, I don't know about you fellows,
but I'd like to see Venus.

-Open number 3 and hit the beam.
-Deeper, try the port viewer.
-Telescreen gets it okay.
-We'll pan port.
-Formations of weird rock.
-- Something's there.
- I'll switch on the outside sound pickup.

-That was the first time I heard her.
-- A human being?
- Hold it.

-It's finished. Transfer it to playback.
-Meanwhile, you might check up
on the atmosphere, Hans.

-It better be good.
-Then you better get your spacesuits.
We'll move out.

-Andre, I want you to attempt a contact
with Sherman by radio.

-If you reach them, tell them
to report their position.

-Then get yourself into a spacesuit.
We're going to walk about.

-I'll be right behind you.
-That'll be handy if I slip. Get popping now.
-It's 4.7 on oxygen.
-That's pretty close.
-I'm going to take a look around.
-Keep on the rope. Don't get out of visual contact.
-It was a weird, desolate place.
-But it fascinated me.
-And I forgot all about Kernss and Sherman,
and what we were there for.

-- Received a message.
- What did they say?

-Marcia has radar movement.
-She can't be sure, but it looks like two objects.
-One metallic and moving in the area
we're expected to search.

-Probably Kernss and Sherman.
-Come on, Andre!
-She'll contact us.
-He's not onto it!
-What is with that?
-Get it off me!
-Grab that tentacle there.
-It's trying to devour him.
-It's got his leg. Free his leg!
-Come on.
-Pull him free.
-Hans, help us!
-I can walk, unless it's broken.
-Couldn't get a shot even.
-Careful, Andre. We don't want
to fight that thing again.

-Can you imagine that?
-He's bashful.
-Why don't we take one of those things
home to the zoo?

-You've got to be more careful, Andre.
-- If we hadn't heard you call me --
- I didn't call.

-You called out to us. We heard you.
-But I didn't call you.
-It sounded like Lockhart.
-Let's be getting back.
-All we knew was that Marcia at Earth Control
had spotted what was probably...

-... Kernss and Sherman and approximately
where they might be.

-So we started out in our spacecar,
heading in that general direction...

-... not stopping to investigate the many
prehistoric sites we passed.

-But we were still unable, no matter how
hard we tried...

-... to make radio contact
with Kernss or Sherman.

-So we had no way of knowing what they were
going through on that distant part of the planet.

-Let's rest.
-We have very little oxygen left us.
-Hope they're on the way!
-Looking for us!
-Through this heat?
-They may not be able to make it through to us.
-You better hope they'll
get through it and spot us.

-I'm beginning to feel like my head's swimming.
-Of course.
-It's your torn suit.
-The infection is getting through.
-- Maybe we ought to take some quinceline.
- No.

-We'd have to rest after.
-... keep...
-... moving.
-Too much water. My mechanism is in danger.
-Need protection.
-Alright, John. Find shelter.
-Don't stop.
-Go on.
-- We have to go on.
- Come on up.

-We can't stay here. We'll be washed away.
-Drink it. This way there is no water.
-Come on. Just a little bit farther.
-There's a cave right over there.
-Come on.
-That's it.
-Just a few steps further.
-I don't think I can go on much further.
-John, stay with us!
-Make sure they find us.
-They should know. Must... must continue
to fight the laws of mathematics.

-There's always a precise probability
mathematics might prove... mathematics might --

-Dearest... dearest Marcia...
-... you must help us.
-It's closing in --
-I await your order.
-I await your order.
-... them find us...
-... John.
-The shoreline's the best.
-If we do, my friend, we'll never make it to them.
-Fat chance there is, of finding them.
-That voice again!
-Hold up.
-Almost sounds like a girl.
-A girl?
-Or a monster.
-Wake up.
-Wake up, Moana.
-My sisters are calling.
-Wake up.
-Wake up, Twyla.
-Our sister's are awake.
-They're hungry.
-You have slept enough.
-It is time to go into the sea.
-Better act well, little sisters.
-It's a human.
-Well, there are sure no humans here.
-Well, we're human.
-Well, no one else has made it.
You better believe it.

-But it sounds so human.
-Subhuman, you mean, like that forty-armed
plant that just grabbed you.

-I still say it's a girl!
-A girl... With blue scales!
-Could be... he's onto something.
-It's possible that before us, other men got here.
-Especially in this age.
-You ought to know that, Hans.
-To a man of science, anything is possible
until proven otherwise.

-Well, I can't imagine any people in their
right mind exploring Planet Venus.

-Come on, Hans.
-We're here, and we're in our right minds.
-- Aren't we?
- Let's go.

-Girls, be on your guard. Terra.
-He's angry!
-We must leave this place.
-Come, follow me.
-Lord, save them.
-- There's no response from Kerns or Sherman.
- Well, we should soon be there.

-Keep trying. Maybe we can bring them
in on the helmet line.

-Kerns has an auxiliary.
-I am.
-I'm getting...
-... a woman.
-Must be Marcia.
-Static's really awful.
-Hear it?
-Move it up.
-Point to point on the dial. We'll find her.
-I'll try it.
-John, hello.
-John, listen. This is the command ship.
-Are you there?
-No response.
-- Come in.
- Up one more point.

-Come in.
-Better go to solar battery.
-Much bigger reach.
-I'm on it now.
-You must hear me, John!
-Please open your mike and answer me, John!
-No response.
-Try another point.
-You have to readjust your frequency
for transmitting.

-If you hear me.
-'I hear you.'
-'I have adjusted.'
-Can you report your position and plot number? Over.
-Square 40, in shelter.
-Tell me what's outside.
-Water from above falling on large rocks.
-That's Square 40.
-Not far. Ask him about the men.
-Hello. We would like to know
about Kerns and also about Sherman.

-They do not speak. They do not move.
-How much time before we get there?
-- Who knows?
- Commander, maybe the robot can help.

-Right. Keep an eye on the compass.
-Grab onto that.
-Hello. You will listen, John.
-First you will obey me and do precisely what I say.
-You will listen.
-Listen, John.
-Obey my every command.
-Remove Container 2 from Kerns's first aid kit.
-Repeat. Container 2.
-Remove one tablet.
-One tablet.
-Then open his helmet.
-I have one tablet.
-Place the tablet in his mouth.
-You must do this quickly.
-Revive him with water.
-Pour it over his face.
-Then close his helmet.
-At least we know they're alive.
-Let's hope they stay that way.
-Commander, look there!
-I'm ready with the astrogun.
-Some kind of flying reptile!
-He may not see us.
-He hit us!
-He's turning around!
-- Maybe not.
- We're in for it now! He knows we're here!

-- Lock.
- Take it now.

-Here he comes.
-Don't miss, Andre.
-Here he comes again.
-Open hull, we'll submerge.
-We were forced to submerge even though
we had killed the flying reptile...

-... because of the damage the creature
had caused when it hit us.

-And it was a good thing, too.
-For here, under the sea...
-... we were to find the second clue
to life on Venus.

-Let's put it down for a minute, take a rest.
-It's not far to the beach,
if our calculations are correct.

-I hope this will run again.
-Don't worry, it will.
-Look, the cliffs are all in even rows!
-Like streets!
-I'll look around, just five minutes.
-Might find something interesting.
-Twyla, Twyla, come here!
-It is our god, Terra.
-He's dead.
-What makes Twyla and Meriama so sad?
-Come, sisters, let us see.
-Oh, Terra...
-What evil demon has destroyed our god?
-We must carry him to the holy place
and pray to his spirit.

-Lift him.
-Well, what do you know?
-It's... it's a statue!
-What's up?
-You just look here.
-- That's only a petrified tree.
- Only?

-Why, it's a bronze statue!
-And much more, Hans.
-You say rubies?
-Show me.
-The eye of an idol.
-An idol?
-Yes, a reptile.
-Yes, a reptile resembling that flying
monster that attacked us earlier.

-Up there.
-You're right, Andre.
-I'm not laughing anymore.
-There was a civilization here.
-And I'll bet you there still is.
-Oh, great Terra!
-We cry for the flesh of your spirit
that lies dead before you.

-I swear to you, oh Terra...
-... you will be avenged.
-The evil demons that did this
will themselves be destroyed.

-Something seemed to draw me away.
-To make me search for... I didn't know what.
-I felt something. I don't know...
-I felt as though I were being watched.
-But I didn't see anything
except a harmless octopus.

-Yet still feeling a strange presence...
-... I went on.
-But then, as quickly as it came...
-... that weird sensation vanished.
-And then there was nothing.
-Nothing but the sea.
-So I followed my original impulse, looking
for a clue like the statue of the flying reptile.

-And I found nothing.
-Except the rock that I liked for its shape...
-... and that could serve as a
specimen for the geologists.

-Terra has spoken.
-We must return his flesh to the sea.
-Carry him away.
-Farewell, Terra.
-Sleep well, in the sea.
-Who is this?
-What sisters are these?
-- Moana!
- Moana!

-Bakeeke! Clorie! What is it?
-We've seen strange invaders walking under the sea!
-Did you hear, sisters? Demons!
-They had big heads.
-And walked in our ancient holy place,
under the sea.

-It was they, who killed Terra.
-They must die.
-They're here.
-I couldn't have lasted much longer.
-You're... you're not alone.
-Here we are, skipper.
-We'll need more fire.
-Everything in the car is soaking wet.
-Ah, feels good to sit.
-How are the batteries, Hans?
-They stayed dry.
-- The atom plate?
- Still hot.

-You've got that worried look again, Hans.
-You're right.
-I've pulled and checked every wire and part
in that darn radio.

-It won't operate.
-I've tried everything I know.
-I tell you, it's simply hopeless.
-How about a long string in an oatmeal box?
-Oatmeal box!
-The radio will dry out.
-We know it's not a dead planet.
-Not completely.
-Our proof is the statue.
-And rubies.
-And the woman.
-She's probably somewhere.
-For his sake...
-But the main thing is, there could be a whole
race of people out there, watching us.

-... hiding, afraid that we'll observe them.
-And for them, we came from above.
-Dropped. To them, we're probably
some kind of monster.

-What if they're human-shaped?
-They very well could look like us.
-But mind you, I'm only advancing a little
hypothetical science fiction.

-But nothing should be overlooked.
-Let's face it. They built the city
that's now under the sea.

-Hans, it must be true.
-Many made it to shore from the sea.
-Then why didn't they build themselves another?
-We may find they did...
-... when we explore the planet.
-Before we leave, I'll meet her.
-Beautiful song and a beautiful girl.
-She must have heard you.
-Where is it?
-Suppose it could be an omen?
-Well, maybe she's helping us.
-If I could just see what she looks like...
-- Can the car make it?
- I'm sure.

-A feeling of foreboding had come over me.
-A chilly, ominous sensation.
-I didn't know what it meant.
-And I kept staring at that rock I'd found.
-As though perhaps it might hold the answer.
-Thanks for waiting.
-She'll take care of you.
-Stop teasing him, Hans. He's in love.
-Oh god of the fire mountain!
-Let your boiling, red-hot earth rain down
upon the invading demons...

-... who dared bring death to Terra.
-Hear us, oh god of the fire mountain.
-Pour forth thy red-hot earth.
Drown them in fire!

-- Drown them.
- Fire!

-- Fire!
- Drown them!

-- Drown them!
- Drown them!

-- Drown them!
- Drown them!

-- Drown them in fire!
- Drown them!

-- Drown them!
- Fire!

-- Strange, it's gotten suddenly dark.
- Well, it's no wonder.

-What makes you say that?
-There's an ash cloud above us.
-An ash cloud?
-- A volcano.
- Yes.

-It's spectacular!
-And beyond the volcano, it looks like
the lights of a city.

-The red spot Andre saw.
-- We must get a move on.
- Not right away.

-This might be our only chance
to gather some samples.

-Lava and ash!
-To take away with us.
-Alright, we'll go to a much better vantage
point, and right now.

-- Sherman, come.
- But look at the magnificence!

-No one on Earth has seen such a sight!
-Hurry, we must go to higher ground.
-I am hurrying.
-Are you getting the spectrasample?
-Getting it now.
-That's enough. The lava is rising!
-Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
-Terra is avenged.
-We've waited too long. It's covered our path.
-- Perhaps we can run a rope.
- How?

-We did it before.
-- With John.
- There's no more time.

-- John?
- Yes, I hear you.

-Ferry us across the lava.
-Climb on, quick!
-Audibility getting better.
-- Why is he talking?
- He's singed.

-Getting radio distance according to your request.
-- And determining distance, two miles.
- It's Lockhart!

-- I hope so, frankly.
- I'm sure.

-They'll be by here any minute.
Give them time.

-What a remarkable invention you have here!
-It's nice to hear you admit it, Alfred.
-Temperature for extremities, five hundred degrees.
-My self-preservation mechanism says...
-... I must eliminate extra weight.
-What now?
-Disconnect the mechanism.
-- Where?
- Open the door.

-- Here?
- First panel.

-- Hurry, or we're dead for sure!
- I don't know which.

-Let me!
-I am forced to reduce some of this weight.
-He's going to throw us off!
-Pull the wire!
-- Through the lava?
- Straight, Hans.

-Smash the terminal!
-I have, I've done everything!
-We must hold on! They'll be here.
-Wish me luck.
-For God's sakes, hurry.
-- He's here!
- Thank God!

-Sherman! Kerns!
-Here, let me help you out, my friend.
-I never thought I'd see your ugly face again.
-We save him and he insults us!
-We should have saved Kerns's robot instead!
-- Kerns, you rascal.
- We knew you'd make it.

-Is the robot finished?
-It was just a metal mouth.
-Yet when his destruction was imminent,
he called out my name.

-Looks placid and calm.
-But frightening.
-Yes, I suppose it does.
-If you use imagination.
-We'll soon be home.
-That's right.
-But we leave a friend behind.
-Join the rest of us.
-So we took stock of the situation.
-And though we tried to keep our spirits up,
it was still pretty discouraging.

-The volcano had destroyed some of our provisions
and our rocketship's fuel supply was low anyway...

-... considering the added weight of Kerns and Sherman.
-It looked like we'd have to be
starting back very soon.

-What else is there to do?
-Well, we can look for Andre's girl.
-Very cute, Hans.
-Did you name them after us?
-Well, with triplets, it's better with numbers.
-Looks to me like he's raising his own countdown!
-Why not names?
-I'd forget.
-I'm worried about him.
-So you really found proof there
were people on this planet?

-Hard to believe.
-Believe it or not, my dear Mr. Kerns...
-... it's true.
-And they could still be here.
-I don't go along with that.
-Could a human survive in a place like this?
-You survived.
-And man will almost always adapt himself in time.
-And don't forget, in the dim past,
we all lived in water.

-For centuries, our Earth was toxic.
-But that atmosphere evolved mankind's form.
-Adjusting it.
-And I bet that these people on our planet
couldn't live.

-The air would be poison.
-I'm afraid I don't share your opinion.
-You just can't close your mind to it.
-We found proof.
-Proof of intelligent beings!
-And those lizardmen of Kerns'.
-That's proof.
-Look, suppose they do look like lizards.
Couldn't they be people?

-Suppose they saw the ship...
-... got frightened...
-... then donned their lizard costumes, eh?
-Then jumped up and down to spook us away!
-What possible story could explain it better, eh?
-None. You're the winner.
-Joking aside, my friends.
-Man, lizard or what, I know there were
or are intelligent people here.

-If we just had time!
-I think they might come to us!
-Look, even you, Kerns, said you saw the lights
of a city beyond the volcano.

-I said they 'looked like', not 'were.'
-Here, you two.
-Have some coffee and rest your voice.
-If only there was some way to communicate
with them...

-... some way to make them
understand we were not an enemy.

-That we wanted nothing except to know
their ways and study their civilization.

-Or was it really all just fantasy?
-Just my wishful imagination?
-And that sound only an accident, caused by
the wind in the canyons?

-Hey! Hey, watch that!
-That's where your countdown jab
got you in trouble!

-Wake up, sisters!
-It is a new day.
-And our land is safe again.
-But what is that?
-Something strange is there.
-Come and see.
-It is one of the demons.
-It is sent to us by the god of the fire mountain.
-He shows us his power.
-Better get out and locate her, Andre.
She wants you to stay on here.

-Just you wait!
-I think perhaps we should be trying to find her,
and take her with us!

-I vote for that.
-But she might not like us much anyway.
-If we can get far beyond those hills...
-... I bet you money we'd find her and the city.
-You've been reading too many comics.
-Kerns wouldn't believe she existed if she
were sitting on his lap right now!

-Wanna bet?
-We're here.
-All of the invaders have not been destroyed!
-They are stronger than the god
of the fire mountain.

-But now Terra will speak.
-I think we did a job we can be proud of.
-Look at all the samples we got!
-There's going to be a large headline when they see
all these great things we're bringing back to them.

-This one's loaded, old man.
-Steady, child.
-Bring the spectra.
-Oh, Terra...
-Most powerful of all the gods,
show us your wrath.

-Bring forth the waters from the fiery heavens!
-Let not one invader remain to walk your land!
-You have heard us!
-Great Terra!
-At first we didn't pay much
attention to the rain...

-... though it seemed heavier than
any rain we'd ever seen.

-But it continued without let-up.
-In fact, it seemed to increase in strength.
-As we planned our takeoff procedure which required
some adjustments because of Kerns and Sherman...

-... I know we all felt slightly uneasy, nervous...
-... as we listened to the
heavy rain fall on the ship.

-As for myself, I... I listened
to the sinking feeling...

-... as though every drop were taking me
further and further from ever finding her.

-Then suddenly...
-Quickly, Andre!
-This was all level ground when we landed!
-Stream's cutting a whole new channel above!
-Skipper, look here!
-A crack, running clear across!
-If it widens anymore, we'll all be lost.
-Quick! Lighten ship for emergency blastoff!
Maybe we can beat it!

-Sherman, Kerns! Everybody back to the ship!
-Hurry, Andre!
-Hurry, Andre!
-Just finished.
-Look what I found!
-They're human!
-We can't leave them like this!
-We can't leave!
-They look just like us!
-We can't leave!
-Look! Look, a face!
-They look just like us!
-Commander, they're like us!
-Don't you see? Look!
-They're like us!
-We must stay!
-We must!
-They are stronger than our gods.
-They are stronger than Terra.
-Terra is a false god!
-There is a stronger god.
-Hear us, oh strongest god of all.
-We worship you.
-Well, that's the story.
-It's been two years now, and there's been
no plan to return to Venus.

-Lockhart and Kerns have moved on
to other missions.

-There is Mars to be explored, and Jupiter.
-But I can't forget her.
-And I'm going back.
-Maybe someday I'll see her.
-Maybe I'll die trying.