The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - Movie Script

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-I'm Sergeant Joe Fink.
-Working 24 hours in homicides.
-? His is my area.
-Everyone knows but no one wants to see.
-Here? the crime rate is higher than anywhere else.
-Skid Row, my route.
-Little Shop of Horrors
-The period m? S terror? Fico of this area.
-Began? in the vase? to Mushnick's.
-Buenos d? As, Ms. Shiva.
? C? Mo is? Today?

-The nephew of my sister died? in Little Rock, Arkansas.
-- What? occurred ??
- Explot ?. ? Qui? N know how?

-? Want to get used flowers for a funeral?
-Like you. It takes care of all my funeral ...
-I could? To make a discount.
-? Perhaps I am a lic? Ntropo?
As s? I sell cheap carnations.

-? And you want a discount?
-I can not even pay
The water for irrigation.

-Silent ah? atr? s.
-- Sorry, this Seymour ...
- He's a good guy.

-? Why? do not let him sing?
-We have a new client.
-I can not even afford to fire that guy.
-Mushnick's flowers, pleasures of spring.
-? Qu? I can do for you., Dr. Farb?
-I do not have much time.
Env? Eme two gladioli and ferns.

-Perfect, two dozen gladioli and a fern in a pot.
-No no no. Mushnick.
Two gladioli and ferns.

-You want me to put two gladioli in the pot with fern?
-No, a fern. There are three things separately.
-They are waiting for.
-- What ??
- The filling is gone.

-All right. Har? a hole m? s great.
-? S? It wants two crappy gladioli and ferns shit?
-It is my weekly budget for flowers.
-? Qui? N can be a dentist in Skid Row?
-All right. Seymour command immediately.
-I will not argue with science.
-It is r? Ask.
-Now he will have his due. Look.
-Seymour Krelboin
-Est? Bamos talking about flowers for the funeral.
-- I called Mr. Mushnick?
- Do not.

-Rockefeller called to borrow a Rolls Royce.
-Listen Seymour.
-Take two gladioli.
The short right.

-And you take a fern and take him to Dr. Farb.
-?All right? Come.
-- What? I can do for you. It? or?
- I'm Purcell Fauch.

-- I am Gravis Mushnick.
- Nice name.

--? N Who I am responsible for my roses?
- I ?, har Ms. Shiva..

-? Want some Orchid? Ideas for a girl?
-Do not.
I want two dozen carnations.

-As you lose your, someone dies.
-He has had very bad luck, Ms. Shiva.
-If it had been given? Ado dir not you know? As the same.
-? Qu? carnations tell me?
-- He said he wanted to roses?
- S ?, Stanley.

-Duty? To see what is? by Seymour.
-Here? It has its carnations.
Is the wrap ?.

-No, me eat? here? same.
-? Why? do not?
-- Est n good?
- The best I've eaten.

-? His is a small tent? A.
-Large stores are expensive and pretty flowers.
-The better you look, the worse the taste.
-I like the little known sites.
-Look to eat the flowers.
-Do not say anything if you have not tried.
-Look what happened.
-This is what I refer? A.
-Look at the quality of their work.
-If you say goodbye,? D? Nde get? as good a job?
-? It's going to fire me?
-No, I will elect you President of the United States.
-? S ?, is? S fired!
-- Gravis, you can not do it.
- Why? do not?

-- It's been unintentionally.
- As usual.

-Like when you sent the bouquet wishing good health to the funeral.
-... Or when you sent black lilies to the elderly in the hospital.
-Tambi? N was unintentionally.
But this time I'm serious.

-But I always try to do the right thing.
-I love the flowers.
-I like flowers almost as much as Audrey.
-Very good. Est? S he fired.
-- Why? You do not give him a chance?
- The chance to say goodbye.

-I will not fire.
-You are very brave.
Est? S he fired.

-But it's not fair.
Do you know what I'm doing?

-I'm working on a special plant.
-It is a plant that has not seen jam? s.
-I can not even sell the store.
-- Out!
- Wait.

-If a new plant has to see it.
-I do not look at the flowers.
-My ancestors s? They engaged in this, 200 years.
-But I have a stinking Skid Row Store.
-And do I like flowers.
-Does not understand me.
-I have eaten in vase? Ace worldwide.
-And those plants m? Extra s? Ace earn m? S money.
-? You see ?,? You see?
-? Qu? This is it?
? A tango?

-Very good. Tell me more.
-I remember one with a wall covered with poison ivy.
-People see? A very far to see it and buy it.
-? And due? Or got rich?
-No, it scratched? to death in a madhouse.
-That was my cousin Harry.
-Come home and brings that plant.
-Yes? L said to be a attraction? No, you keep your job.
-If not, you take? both.
-Do not worry, you like ?.
-This has been more music to inv annelids.
-We continue to serenade the asylum.
-- Seymour, are you?
- S ?, mom ?.

-- Come here? and m? rame language.
- I've already seen the language.

-? Do you feel sorry for your poor mother?
-Ri? Ndote when it has one foot in the grave.
-I said unintentionally.
-Always unintentionally. M? Rame language.
-All languages ​​look alike to me.
-You got the results of my an? Lysis?
-S ?, the doctor says you have nothing.
-Dr. Mallard thought always dec? Truth.
-He says he could? As the Rams play.
-I want to die.
Should be assistant medical examiner.

-I think back to have mumps.
The notice each morning.

-That's when you eat the grapes.
-? Have a surprise for me ??
-? Brelo.
-The t? Nico Dr. Slurpsaddle.
-For v? To internal or external pain ...
-Neuritis, neuralgia, migra? A.
-In case of violation, call Traumat? Logo.
-Alcohol content? Lico 98%
-This will do wonders.
-I notice the heat and Cure? N
Down my body.

-I'll take my floor.
-? That nasty weed from the kitchen?
-If you do not like Mr. Mushnick, fire me ?.
-I think I'm deaf.
-It looks like your job depends on that floor.
-Est? worse than this morning.
-Eyelet? know what? do.
-I throw? To the trash.
-I do not like rotten vegetables.
-? I get you something?
-S ?, the peri physician.
-There is a SELF-contest? Stico.
-The winner go? the cl? nica May.
-Adi? S, Mom ?.
-Adi? S.
You see? the pink sunset.

-P? Ngalo in my account.
-- What? you think?
- Of course it's different.

-It looks delicious.
But, do not you est? withered?

-He is not well.
-It seems to have not spent a good d? A in his life.
-I do not care. A m? I like.
-- You like to pumpkins.
- S ?.

-- What? kind of plant is it?
- I'm not sure.

-Got was? the seeds of Japan? s.
-They sent them to plant along with other ar? BLUEBERRIES.
-You do not even know what? plant is.
-- I've put a name.
- What? Name?

-? This is a dirty name and now you averg? Enzas?
-Audrey called J? Nior.
-? You've put my name?
-It is the best thing anyone has done for me ?.
-I not think I should continue wasting ...
-The ten-dollar of your paycheck.
-But Gravis, has put my name.
-And then the call? N
Mushnick madness ...

-And I be? c in lockup by delinquent.
-- Est s crazy?
- Qui n?

-Your. It may be a plant? nica.
-? You do not realize that if it heals ...
-Will have? S here? people from all over the world?
-- You think so, Fauch?
- What s ?, Mushnick, but I will.

-My wife has gardenias for dinner.
-- Adi s?.
- Adi s?. You see? morning.

-I love flowers kosher.
-He is a good man.
-You may have reason? No you may not.
-Dir you? I'm going to do.
-T? and your idiot j? nior Qued you? is one week.
-If he recovers, I pod? Is staying.
-If not, you are? Is dismissed.
-Thank you, Mr. Mushnick
-There is? S sad, Seymour.
-Do not waste your l? Stima me.
It is not worth it.

--? N Who says that?
- All the world.

-S S ?, what ?, but I think you're a good boy.
-And s? Audrey knows who you are
The man m? S sweet world.

-I gave her all kinds of fertilizers ...
-Fertilizers at nomic and distilled water.
-But each time is? worse.
-Do not worry.
Being? S another Luther Glendale.

-- Pasadena.
- Burbank.

-- Goodnight, Seymour.
- Good night, Audrey.

-? I have not done everything possible?
? D? Nde I fail?

-You're my first floor and if you die not s? what? har ?.
-Do not die.
-You give? water, okay?
-As you've opened every evening.
-Eyelet? know c? mo make you grow.
-Remove? this so you can breathe.
-? Qu? It happens?
? C? Mo you woke up?

-? Blood?
Do you like the blood?

-You must be kidding.
-Look what I do for you.
-? Qui? N what There would be said?
-Contra tastes nothing written.
-Fantasy see a new plant? Stica. Audrey J? Nior.
-You are the person m? s magnetic? nima world.
-M? Rale. Is not that lovely?
-? Qu? such an increase of two-dollar?
-- What? It happened to your fingers?
- Bee stings.

-? Why? I am
Suddenly so wonderful?

-Five bees. ? One for each finger?
-Ten bees. ? He said an increase of 2-dollar?
-Exactly, my good Seymour.
-- Ten bees.
- What? I do now?

-?you do not know? Look.
-It has grown.
Measures almost 30cm.

-It grows much as a sore.
-Hello, girls,? What? I can do for you?
-- We've seen the poster.
- Over Audrey Junior.

-- And we have come to see her.
- Pass.

-They have entered four to see.
-? What? wonderful!
-- What? kind of plant is it?
- It's an Audrey J nior?.

-? C? Mo ten o'clock bees have stung you?
-? Cient does not have a name? Fico?
-S ?, but? You qui? N can pronounce it?
--? Quer is to buy something?
- we do not have money.

-- The 2000 d S dollars?.
- But they are to flower.

-We have m? S. It's a shame.
-? Ten? Is 2,000-dollar to spend on flowers?
-? Qui? N he is dead?
? C? Mara trade?

-We are the Cucamonga Institute.
-prepare a float for the Rose Parade.
-- Made of flowers.
- Thousands of flowers.

-- We are the committee ?.
- We chose the vase to?.

-And we put the flowers.
-That plant is amazing.
-- S ?, Seymour invent?
- ?really?

-girls, watch horticulturist.
-? Why? not bought me? is
A m? those flowers?

-They have something special.
-- The what ??
- They are cheap.

-If you have been invented Audrey Junior ...
-Will have? N all we need.
-We'll talk with the rest of the committee ?.
-- We have to go. Adi? S.
- Adi s, Seymour?.

-Adi? S, girls.
-A son.
Look, Audrey, I have a son.

-Mr. Mushnick go ...
-Do not call me Mr. Mushnick. Ll? Mame pap ?.
-- Okay, Dad ?.
- It is not that wonderful?

-Seymour, come here? son m? o.
-I want to talk to you
About the future.

-Is Ahab? Skid Row. We'll be rich.
-Construire a giant greenhouse to create impossible flowers ...
-To sell? prices rid? ass in my giant new salon in Beverly Hills.
-I see a big sign in the sky that says:
-Gravis Mushnick, in French? S.
-It is fant? stico.
-We will have an orchestra next to the box.
-And the lead Gravis ?.
-Touching? N m? Music of Mendelssohn ...
-And I wear? an expensive dress ...
-Carnations 600-dollar a dozen ...
-Two dozen per thousand.
-?it is a bargain!
-Stop screaming.
-The brother of my t? O Moshel just died.
-? A c? Mo carnations go today?
-A 600-dollar La Doce ...
-? Why? lets you out there? loose?
-Sorry my son.
-Take what you want, I give it.
-- ?What you want?
- That's.

-May be the register.
-A few dozen carnations, cuts? A Mushnick ...
-Mogul flowers.
-That's my father.
-Thank you.
-? Why? est? so glad?
-You have not s? Dead the brother of my t? O ...
-At that dead plant
You will come? An good flowers.

-- What? It happened to my plant, pap ??
- Who are you calling pap ??

-And it was so beautiful a few seconds ago.
-Just now I've given dozens of carnations.
-It has been unintentionally.
-? Have you any explanation? N?
-I can not but think about it
In a minute.

-We'll go to a nursing home.
-I see a sign in the sky, he says:
-Seymour Krelboin
Rest in peace, in? Rabe.

-Give him another chance.
-I promised? one week.
-Happen? all night with the plant.
Be? cured by tomorrow.

-I promise you.
-Give me something to eat.
-Give me something to eat.
-Give me something to eat.
-? Qui? N said that?
-? T? you said that!
-Give me something to eat.
-? T? you said that! You can talk.
-A talking plant.
-- say it again.
- Give me something to eat.

-I have not gone to college ...
-But surely there is a talking plant.
-I like? To help you, but I've used all my fingers.
-Give me something to eat.
-M? Rame.
I'm shattered.

-But you may find a drop m? S.
-It is all I can give you.
-M? S, m? S.
-But I'm an? Mico.
-I m? S food.
-You give? To anything, but I need some blood to m ?.
-I'm going for a walk. You might think something.
-Papi. Is anyone ah? out.
-Give me something to eat.
Give me something to eat.

-D? Jame, eats food.
I have my own problems.

-Give me something to eat.
-I have no more blood.
P? Give it to another.

-- I'm hungry.
- I do not care.

-Do not you see I'm shattered?
I killed a man.

-I am a murderer.
Do you think that's funny?

-You think it's fun to go out there? with a sack full of ...
-No, J? Nior.
? What? kind of man you think I am?

-I'm starving.
-Maybe a small or bite.
-That is? well.
-This is what I call a salad.
-- HOW TO called this salad?
- Ces area?.

-Before pr? Maximum plate, I smoke? pure.
-You want a cigar?
-T? do not smoke cigars.
? D? Nde est? N matches?

-Well, looking for matches, I discovered I left my money in another jacket.
-Here? It has its chicken thighs.
-Does not have money.
-- ?Do not tell me?
- I was wrong.

-It can happen to anyone.
-This and waiting for the joke.
-Do not overdo list.
-In the case of my shop I have the recaudaci? N today ...
-M? S 9-dollar.
-UD. bring the rest of the meal,
and I go? to the store and bring the money!

-It breaks my heart? N.
-Look, boss, one of you. Will the bot? N ...
-While the other waits.
-?Know what I mean?
-In this disgusting restaurant have hostages!
-- Exactly.
- Perfect.

-Keep eating.
Back? right away with the money.

-Adi? S, Gravis.
-You have money, right?
-Bring whiskey, wine, rum, gin, bourbon.
-? What ??
-Liquor, tequila, sake, Manischewitz ...
-? It's against? I do the money?
-Fuck the money.
I want a drink.

-- What? happens?
- Do not s ?.

-Bring whatever, whatever.
All you have,

-- Gravis, what? He has passed?
- do not ask.

-- It seems you've seen a ghost.
- That there will be a better state?.

-- D melo?. Quiz? I can help.
- Help? You can not.

-Eat something.
That will calm ?.

-In my own shop.
Do not believe it? Ace.

-- I hope you let go now.
- Dir you what ?. Morning.

-After? S of cont? Rselo the policeman.
-But Mushnick not avis? the cop.
-If he had done There would be been the end of this sad story.
-Hi, Gravis! 85-dollar and we have just opened.
-? What? I told you?
-? Will not want? S sell half the business?
-- We have talked to the committee ?.
- And we will use your vase to?.

-- And will Audrey J nior?.
- You imagine?

-- People will want? com? rsela.
- People, com rsela?.

-- And we open.
- For the queen to sit.

-With crown and scepter.
-- Be? so beautiful.
- Be? to com? rsela.

-Girls eat.
-I have a toothache.
-Come with me.
-I already told you I have a toothache.
-Cu? Ntame.
-My tooth hurts.
? Qu? Want to talk?

It is a good topic.

-The plant is? fant? acoustic.
-It is four times m? s bigger than yesterday.
-? C? Mo is that it has grown so much?
-It s not ?.
But look at the people.

-In half an hour we have made seventy-dollar.
-You put a nice name, Audrey J? Nior ...
-? But as it is actually called?
-It is a cross between a carnivore? vora this flytrap?
-Eats insects three times in his life and reaches its size? Om? Maximum.
? And how many times have you eaten this?

-Once or twice.
-?you do not remember?
-It is a rather special plant.
-You may not eat jam again? s.
I do not think grow m? S.

-Then, do not you need? S m? S flies?
-S ?.
-My tooth is me? killing.
-Go to the dentist.
I'll take care of everything.

-We have to ask m? S flowers. Tons.
-We are making a lot of money.
-Do not make me m? S da? O.
-That'll teach? Ar? to pay your bills.
-Dirty dog ​​flees, flees.
-- Seymour, you have a toothache?
- No, they were cre services?.

-Back here ?, miserable.
Sign ah ?.

-T? You ruined my gladioli.
-If? Ntate. Come on.
-- You know what ??
- The wheel does not hurt anymore.

-S ?, what s ?.
We'll see. Open the mouth.

-- It hurt?
- S ?.

-All right. Well, that still is not.
-It is? st here ?.
-? Qui? N is the dentist?
-Look at that stalagmite.
-Be? f? cyl.
Will put even? anesthesia.

-He has put the mirror in the mouth.
-Well tr? Gatelo, est? I ask.
-We'll see...
-You take? that ... And that ... And that ...
-And that also? N ...
-S? It is a tooth.
-? Maybe you practice odontology

-Let all ?.
-Look at this.
She did not know you were an elf.

-I have this mix instant? Nea ...
-It does not last long,
But tastes good.

-All right, Seymour.
-Al? Jate m ?. You want to kill me.
-A duel.
-- It is the view of Dr. Farb?
- One second.

-I see that s ?.
-- My name is Wilber Force.
- Wilber Force that?

-S? What Wilber Force.
-My name and my last name is Wilber Force.
-? Have time?
-No, but one of his patients
I spoke? Very good of you.

-The Ms. Shiva.
-I'll take care of the funeral
Their families.

-I'm very busy now.
Will have? come back tomorrow.

-?Oh no!
I have three or four p? Pustules ...

-Some piorrea ...
Nine or ten cavities.

-I lost a fang and it really hurts.
-Today I can not do anything.
Expect? out.

-The patient arrived? a large
Hole in the abdomen ...

-Produced by a poker ...
-Almost had to completely bled ...
-And he began to have gangrene.
-She had other complications.
-Ten? C? Cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy and some flu.
-My patient is gone.
You can pass.

-I have not seen him leave.
-He went through the back door s.
-People do not like going to the dentist, but I really enjoy.
-It's a great sensation? n ...
-When you enter this drill.
-I'd rather go to the dentist to ning? N else.
-- ?And you.?
- S ?.

-No novoca? Na.
He feels that numbs.

-This is going to hurt.
-Oh, well, well, here? comes!
-Oh, my god? Or, do not stop now.
-I have made many holes and now I will cover them with this.
-? I will not draw any? Come on.
-In short, it is his mouth.
-It was a great afternoon.
He had never enjoyed so much.

-You recommend? to all my friends.
-- Thanks, adi s?.
- Adi s?.

-- Give me something to eat.
- Quiet, Dr cula?.

-? What? you think I bring?
? Laundry?

-- Food.
- I'm coming, I'm coming.

-This duty? To be enough.
-Adi? S Dr. Farb.
-It was a bad dentist,
But he was a good guy.

-I never wanted to kill anyone ...
-And I've already killed two and two d? Ace.
-If the dentist had not attacked me ...
-Good trip, Dr. Farb.
-You want something more? S?
-You see? morning.
-It's me, Joe.
-? C? Mo is? S, Frank?
-- HOW TO est? your wife?
- Is not? evil.

-- I'm glad. ? And the kids?
- Forgiveness? one yesterday.

-- HOW TO occurred ??
- I was playing with matches.

-- These things happen.
- I suppose.

-I have one extra case? O.
-The railways say they have lost one of their own.
-Guarding a shipment of refrigerators.
-- Thieves ice?
- That's.

-? What? pas ??
-No idea. Disappeared ?.
Blood in the v? As.

-- Tracks?
- Any.

-- M s something?
- Dentist, Farb.

--? S ??
- Disappeared.

-- Tracks?
- Blood in office.

-- Where'd?
- Skid Row.

-- Ideas?
- any.

-- We check what?
- S ?.

-Now is? Bamos if Stooly Frank and me.
-I am Fink.
Sergeant Joe Fink.

-Buenos d? Ace.
Look at that.

-Hello everyone. God m? O.
-- It's monstrous.
- S ?.

-And to think you did t ?.
-Audrey, do not have to kiss me.
-? You do not like to kiss you?
-A m? s? but you do.
-- Why? do not?
- Nobody ever kissed me.

-- Well, m? I like.
-? S ?? ?Really?

-- Do you like kissing?
- Clear.

-- You kiss me again?
- Okay.

-- You kiss very well, Audrey.
- I guess I'm good.

-- I like to go out with me?
- Sure whenever you want.

-- ?Tonight?
- Voucher.

-The plant ...
-We have the list of flowers ...
-For the parade float rose.
-Not now, girls.
Talking to Audrey.

-We are ready for carriage.
-Let's take a look.
-- Hello Qu? is it?
- Look at my plant.

-- It is huge.
- S ?.

-Hello, Mrs. Shiva,? What? is new?
-Something terrible.
-My nephew Frankie has lost his ni? O.
-I'm sorry. ? C? Mo been?
-Playing with matches.
-- You want to buy flowers?
- I spend? 50 cents.

-Now I prepare something.
Look at my plant.

-I am looking.
-? Are you. Gravis Mushnick?
-No, my name Gravis Mushnick.
-- We want to ask you some questions.
- ?Some questions?

-- I did not do it.
- He did what ??

-What ever.
-- You know this man?
- Male ... Know ...

-- Why? est? so nervous?
- ?guilty feeling?

-?Do not!
? Why? owe to?

-- Has seen this man?
- S ?, pictured ... Dr. Farb ...

-- As? you know him?
- It's my dentist.

-- You done anything?
- Has disappeared.

-- Blood in your query.
- The other man also n?.

-Blood in the v? As and debris.
-- Dr. Farb has been killed?
- Ah ?? s

-? Qui? N you know?
I do not.

-- T? what do you think?
- He knows nothing.

-If you know some of these men, call our office.
-Be? happy to cooperate with the cop.
-- Hello, I t a?.
- It's too bad about your son.

-These things happen.
-Tell me if that plant has stopped growing.
-Not grow? m? s.
--??? Ar s not deceive your father?
- My father has returned?

-A m ?, idiot.
-I do not want to that plant.
I est? throwing my store.

-Not grow? m? s, I promise.
-- HOW TO s is so sure?
- You've already eaten three times.

-?here n...
What? He has eaten this time?

-A mill? N of Japanese beetles.
-- You do not eat? m? s?
- Est? full.

-There is a woman of a committee ?.
-- I think it's important.
- Great.

-I think you're going out with
Audrey tonight.

-I stay? to monitor the plant.
-? D? Nde we going tonight?
-I just remembered
I do not have money.

-We can go for a walk along the beach.
-We can have dinner at my house.
My mother is a good cook.

-That is? well.
-The call? dir and then what ?.
-It's marvelous.
-Nor do I like or dislike me anything.
-I am of the association? N of silent observers of flowers California.
-? What? is that?
--? Qui n think this plant?
- It was me.

-- ?And what's his name?
- Seymour Krelboin.

-- Krelboim?
- Krelboin.

-The cri? in a can of coffee ?.
-? You yourself can plant m? S?
-I do not think there m? S se? Ora ...
-... Lawn fishtwanger ...
-? Sta be? the? nica Ms. F ... Winger.
-- Fishtwanger.
- Fishtwanger?

-Surely not edible.
-Mr. Krelboin,
He has been elected to ...

-The prize of our society.
-?A prize?

-He deserves it.
-? Cu? Ndo be opened? N
These buds m? S great?

-Sec? N the book, to be opened last morning, at dusk.
-Back? then to deliver the prize.
-They're going to give a prize.
-- I'm so proud of you, Seymour.
- An award for Audrey J nior?.

-We'll put it in the hearse.
Rose Parade.

-Do not look at me. I'm horrible.
I am a aut? Dispossession ntico.

-He always says that.
-I do not feel well? Lately.
-Audrey,? His is my mother, Winifred.
-Mam Foquart Audrey ?, is my girlfriend.
-- Hello, Audrey, are you hungry?
- I eat a herd or?.

-Sit down.
Go? to the starter.

-If? Ntate here ?, Audrey.
? I have your your? Ter?

-Try this.
-- Looks like cough syrup.
- Dr. Phlegm syrup.

-- ?A toast?
- By Audrey J nior?.

-No, Senior Audrey.
-Tu, gluttonous.
-I'll watch.
Dont let? anyone near.

-Here? est? Soup.
-I'll get the seasoning.
-Est? S very pretty in the light of the candle.
-- Seriously, Seymour?
- S ?.

-Here? You have.
-pru? bullet now.
-- Smells different.
- is different.

-Some kind of oil, right?
-Oil h? Gado cod.
Magn? Fico for the colon.

-And that is above sulfonamide.
-Give me something to eat.
-Give me something to eat.
-I'm hungry.
-Est? open.
-Give me something to eat.
-I have not or? Do.
-- Give me something to eat.
- Or do I have?.

-I want food.
-We have a talking plant.
-I'm hungry.
-? A little fish stock?
-? Qu? you like? to eat tonight?
-T? est? s quite chubby.
-No s? The speech, but Adem? S is funny.
-Esc? Chame, lazy bot? Nica.
-Not getting? S food.
-I'm starving.
Let? S Skid Row uninhabited.

-Olv? Give it.
-Not getting? S
Gravis Mushnick food.

-Good evening
-And to get there? your time.
-I like these noodles.
-If est? N is a bit bitter because they are Chinese herbs and sulfate.
-No other cook like my mother.
-That said your father before me.
-If you're getting married,
You have to be a good cook.

-You. I could? To teach? Ar.
-- Are you going to marry?
- Even I would not have been asked.

-- Qui n?
- Seymour.

-Seymour's too young.
You have to go out and have fun.

-Pas? Rselo big.
-I do not want pas? Rmelo big,
I want to be with Audrey.

-I promised you not married? As ...
-Until I comprases
The Lung? N of steel.

-But you take years breathing.
-And it's not f? Easy, son.
It not f? cyl.

-No one.
-Black, Tuesday and thirteen cat.
Est? You ask superstitions.

-Salt ah ?.
-Do not fire.
I am old and sick.

-Come to light where I can see him.
-S? I am Gravis Mushnick.
-? For me it's going to kill?
-I will not kill you.
Unless you try something.

-Jam? S tried anything.
-? You want my money?
C? Pulled.

-S? I want to steal from you.
-I like their hospitality.
-I feel that there is no m? S.
S? I am a poor florist.

-Here? no 30-dollar.
?And the rest?

-This afternoon had 30,000 people here ?.
-No m? S money.
-See, to watch an Audrey J? Nior plant.
-Do not deceive me? E.
-Many people do not see? To see a plant.
-I have m? S money.
-Let's try this.
One two three four...

-I have m? S money, I swear.
-We will do the rev? S.
Five, four, three, two ...

-Very good very good.
-- Where'd?
- in the plant.

-?In the plant?
-In the big plant, Audrey J? Nior.
-- Within the large sheet?
- That is, inside.

-- HOW TO opens?
- Just call.

-Ah? inside?
-- Inside. Deeply.
- I see nothing.

Right at the bottom.

-What I have done.
-I do not care if you have an appointment.
-I do not keep this plant.
-But you not have to stay with it.
-It has grown at all.
-? C? Mo know you will not have? m? s hungry?
-- why...
- Tonight you stay.

-Tomorrow get the prize and dispose of it.
-? Get rid? ? Why ??
-Do not ask.
-Ahab is ?.
To litter.

-? S ?, Ms. Shiva?
-Seymour, your plant is wonderful.
-Nothing happens.
-Cultivate? others to? No better than? sta.
-? Have you thought what? We do tonight?
-We'll go to a place full of flowers.
-- We have to stay here ??
- S ?.

-We will make a picnic.
Be? like going to the field.

-? Have the 3,000 pink azaleas to the network?
-What about the 9,000 yellow chrysanthemums contour?
-? And the roses to the front?
-? And the back?
-? What? is that of a picnic
With that Foquart?

-- Not like Audrey, mam ??
-? S wants your money.

-- I do not have money.
- It is very clever.

-They stick? to you until you have and then, adi? s fortune.
-Audrey is a decent girl.
-Never f? Is a woman
Too healthy.

-But he had a cold two weeks ago.
-A sad cold.
-B? Scate mononiscoliosis a woman with stones in the kidney or ?? n.
-Can I catch something like that ?.
-How ironic that is going to catch you.
And you get? in a madhouse.

-A m? I leave? in the hands of Chiropractic? cticos and healers.
-S? when you do not want me.
-- Sorry, Mom ?.
- Do not sit by m ?.

-Look for? an alley? n h? Mede and wait? to my time comes.
-Do not die until you return.
I care? of you.

-Adi? S.
-He had never tasted as food ?.
-It is a s? ndwich with peanut butter.
-- And what? It is what heals?
- Nothing, s it is a meal.

-? And to that point if you do not remove the grains or shrinks the nasal tissue?
-Do not be silly.
-- What? you want to be, Seymour?
- I want to plant things.

-If I had money I go? To the South Seas ...
-Where they grow plants m? S ex? Policies.
-- That sounds exciting.
- S ?.

-- I like to go to the South Seas?.
- Of course you could s go?.

-? I bring? S you, Seymour?
-There could? To go without you, Audrey.
-- Why ??
- Because I love you, Audrey.

-I also? N love you.
-Give me something to eat.
-- What? you said?
- It was a joke.

-I'm hungry.
-- Seymour.
- It's been unintentionally.

-? Why? what did you say?
-Food, food.
-T? you did not say that.
-S? I said, s? I said.
-I was watching you.
-- I'm a ventr locuo?.
- What ??

-A ventr? Locuo.
Give me something to eat.

-- Seymour, find yourself well?
- It s not ?, I'm not sure.

-Stop fooling around and b? Same.
-I'm starving.
-If you're hungry, eat something.
But olv? Date of m ?.

-Sorry, Audrey.
-I want food.
-If you can not control, I'm going home.
-I need grub.
-I have his stomach vac? O.
-Audrey, wait, esc? Chame.
-I've heard enough.
-Est? S crazy.
-You say you love me and act? As a fool.
-Soon you could what? explain everything.
-? Why? I do not explain it now?
-Because there are many very important things.
-I want to marry you, but I have to take care of mom ?.
-That plant will make it? all reality.
-Morning give me? N an award and be? famous.
-Be? great botanist.
We can go to the South Seas.

-? Qu? that got to do with what happened ah? inside?
-When you recover the trial, talk? you.
-Good evening.
-I'm getting tired of you.
-- I'm hungry.
- I do not care.

-Look what you made me.
-I'm a murderer and I have no girlfriend.
-C? Shut up and tr? Eme food.
-Do not tell me to shut up. C? Shut up you.
-? Qui? N cri you? from seed?
-? Qui? N gave you all kinds of fertilizers
And she spent the night with you?

-Nobody There would be done that for you.
-? You think anyone There would be against? Do
People to eat?

-I helped you and t? You've helped me.
-Shut your mouth and to sleep.
Turn around.

-Close your eyes.
You dream.

-Open your eyes.
-- Do what I say.
- S ?, master.

-- Salt to find food.
- S ?, master.

-Go away and do not waste time.
-I Leonore Klide.
? C? Mo going?

-My master is hungry.
-? Hi!
-I have to find food for my love.
-I have to find food for my love.
-To my love I have to find food.
-Quiz? I can help.
--? N Who are you?
- I Leonore Klide.

-Love you.
-The master wants food.
-Let the old goat wait.
-The night is young and we also? N.
-The master does not like the guy.
-? What? food do you like?
-That is? best. B? Same.
-? Qu? happen to you? ?You do not like me?
-Too bony.
-? Bony? Nobody told me that before.
-Beef is better than beef.
-You are an idiot.
-? Qu? This is it?
? H? Gado chopped?

-The master likes to m? S fat.
-Speak for yourself, John.
-My name is Seymour.
-My name is Seymour.
-I also? N as my name ?.
-? Est? S interested or I est? S wasting my time?
-Never thought? someone to offer? a volunteer.
-- T? s ??
- Clear.

-If est? S safe to volunteer.
-- In my house or yours?
- I do not care.

-- Flip a coin.
- I have no coins.

-- For another thing.
- Ah? It is a stone.

-- Wet or dry?
- Wet.

-Whenever it est? Bamos m? S close and soon will have? Masters the murderer.
-He had no masters m? S tracks, but you keep? Masters to say something to the boss.
-She had the sensation? N that is? Bamos
Nearing the end of the mystery.

-And He wanted to be close.
-Outside worldwide.
-Today is a special party for Seymour.
-I want the whole world apart.
-We want to Seymour.
We want to Seymour.

-This is worse than being the keeper of a revolving door.
-- What? is this celebration? n?
- He was going to give my son a prize.

-? Qu? has done?
? Run away from home?

-Do not look as ?.
I want to talk to you.

-Sorry Seymour.
I do not understand.

-You explain it? all after? s ceremony.
-? Qu? est? n doing here ??
-O? Mos there was something here?
This afternoon.

-We have come to have a look.
-No need ning? N look.
-Observers Society
Silent has arrived ...

-And is? dusk.
It is an honor to have you here ?.
01:05:28,929 --> 01:05:32,118
- We continue with the disappearances.
- We believe they were murdered.

-Not yet
To talk about it.

-Let me see your tongue.
-- You know what you have?
- S what the facts are , now ? .

-Tonsillitis .
I also ? N have.

-- be? I might as well look .
- Whatever, Joe .

-This dusk ? Create to open ? N these assholes ?
-I hope so.
-If not , we will deliver
the prize later.

-It is ? N open .
-The first was opened .
-- Is...
- Cop train.

-View the rest .
-- T ? what do you think?
- Est n all ah ?.

-It is true.
-? C ? Mo explain this , Mr. Krelboin ?
-It was an accident .
-Has reason ? No , he would not kill them.
-Seymour , you said to me explain ? Ace .
-It escapes.
-Let's go for him.
-The coach be ? perfect .
-No passing.
-- Filthy floor , you ruined my life.
- Give me food!

-I will feed you ...
-Feed you , feed you like never before!
-Be? better to call it quits .
We will not find tonight.

-Look, the door is ? open .
-It was such a good boy.
-It was unintentionally.