Warning from Space (1956) - Movie Script

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-- Dr. Kamura!
- Oh, Kimika.

-I was hoping we'd get a chance to talk.
-- Let me buy you a drink.
- Alright.

-- Oh, good evening doctor Kamura! welcome back.
- Madam Ohana.

-Terrible weather, isn't it?
-But even when it rains outside,
the sun always shines in here.

-Nothing to spoil your view of our sky!
-Actually, doctor spends his days gazing at
the skies through telescope...

-So the rain gives his eyes
a chance to rest.

-I believe you're right!
-- Doctor, shall I get you some hot sake?
- Yes.

-Here's my latest newspaper article
about the saucers.

-Doctor, what do you think they are?
-Sorry, I'm afraid I have no idea.
-You must know something.
-I understand your position that
you have no definite answers, but...

-At least give me some quote
for my next article.

-I'd love to, Hoshino, but I
can say nothing.

-Sir, please!
-An interview with the Director of the
Observatory would be very important to me.

-I suppose.
-If I knew anything I'd tell you.
-Could you at least make a guess?
-Science doesn't work that way.
-You can know 90% of something, but if you
ignore the other 10% you don't know anything.

-- Sure, but...
- Mr. Hideno!

-Leave him alone!
He said he does not know.

-A scientist is not like a politician
who can answer every question.

-Good evening.
-Oh, you're here, Mr. Hideno!
Do I still have that assignment?

-- What do you mean?
- What? You've forgotten already?

-- The photos.
- Oh, yes, yes. Of course.

-Thank you! Bye.
-What was that he asked?
-Sankichi's an amateur photographer.
-If he gets pictures of a UFO,
I promised to publish them.

-How about unicorns?
-Oh, I almost forgot.
Dr. Kamura, I have a message.

-Your daughter called.
-She will be dining with her
uncle tonight in Ushigome.

-- Ah, thank you.
- Don't forget!

-I didn't know you had a brother.
-He's really my cousin.
The physicist Dr. Matsuda.

-Oh, Dr. Eisuke Matsuda?
-Everything looks delicious!
-I don't know where to start.
-- A little wine?
- Yes, thank you.

-Do you have a favor to ask?
-Not at all.
You know that's not my style.

-Well, cheers.
-You spoil me.
-Don't laugh.
-How long are you going to keep
working in that nursery?

-I love children.
-So you say, but isn't it time to make your
boyfriend your husband?

-She has the look of love...
-But maybe she's waiting for
another's wedding proposal.

-They seem like such a good match.
-Transparency: 8 degrees.

-What is that?
-Well, that's odd...
-What's wrong with my transistor radio?
-How many payments behind are you?
-Don't be funny!
It's never had any problems before.

-What a strange signal...
-- Thank you, madam.
- You're welcome.

-- It must be a problem in the power station.
- I guess.

-- Well, good night.
- Good night.

-Look at these readings. It's crazy!
-- Kimi, take over for me.
- Yes, sir.

-Call Dr. Kamura and tell him I'm
on my way over. It's urgent.

-Yes, I'm Mikawa.
Dr. Kamura?

-No, he was at Utyu-Ken.
-There's just no good fish in the market
these past few days.

-They say there are no fish in Tokyo Bay.
-- It must be because of the UFOs.
- I guess so.

-- Good evening!
- Hi. You're father just left.

-- Has he eaten?
- Yes, he has.

-So you went to Ushigome
for a marriage proposal?

-- Yes.
- Congratulations!

-- No, I did not accept...
- Taeko-san!

-- Is your father still here?
- He just left. What is it?

-Mr. Isobe needs to see him right away!
-- Who? Toru?
- Yes.

-- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

-- Hello!
- Hi!

-Taeko, please excuse us.
This meeting is quite important.

-Yes, sir.
-So you're convinced...
-this thing is a satellite
from another country.

-Well, that's what seems most logical.
-If so, wouldn't we have known before?
-But if it's not a satellite...
-Doctor, this may seem crazy
-but could there be any truth regarding the
rumors of flying saucers?

-A scientist should not jump to such conclusions.
-A flying saucer!
-San-Chan, where are you?
-I'm here. Upstairs!
-It's exactly what I saw
with the telescope.

-- It's not a meteor.
- You're right.

-It was no meteor.
I saw it very clearly.

-I need more data before I can
formulate a theory.

-You still don't think there are UFOs?
-I guess I can no longer deny it.
-I must get back!



-We understand that you cannot
deliver a conjecture

-but there were many witnesses
and people are becoming afraid.

-It's your duty to inform us.
-We are doing everything possible
to discover what it is.

-We hope to give you an
explanation soon.

-- Have a little patience.
- For how long?

-You said you saw it last night?
-I got it. Thank you.
-Tacabara at the
Observatory of Mexico

-Saw the same luminous object
last night.

-Dr. Matsuda is here.
-- Hello.
- Hello.

-Yes, this is Tokyo.
-- This is Kodaikanal, India.
- Yes...

-Just last night we saw the same one
over 200 miles.
-I got the same report
from London.
-Yes, I got it.
Thank you.

-India's Kodaikanal Observatory
also saw it.

-And, so...
-Even our first step ia problem:
How to identify the object?

-We could used a rocket
to take a photograph.

-The University is making
meteorological observations.

-- I'll talk with Dr. Takashima.
- Good.

-Yes, who is it?
-A call from Jyouhoku observatory.
-Bait's still good...
-What the... Look there!
What is that?

-A monster!
-A monster!
-What the hell is that?
-- I'll call Dr. Takashima.
- Okay.

-- Have him stand by.
- Right.

-Rocket range.
Rocket range.

-- Ready for launch?
- Hold.
-Dr. Takashima, they're asking
if you are ready.

-Give them the OK.
-Everyone take cover!
-- Launch!
- Launch!

-Thanks for coming.
-As I said on the phone,
It may sound strange,

-but do not think this is a hoax.
-There's an odd trace on the dock,
as if the monster had risen from the sea.

-- Let's take a look.
- Come.

-Down there.
-- Yoshida.
- Yes?

-Bring a Geiger counter.
-Without your help we could not
have gotten those pictures.

-Luckily it coincided with our launches.
-What's taking so long?
-The speed and distance
-Will be noted in these pictures.
-Here they are.
-Is that it?
-A tremendous energy release.
-It can not be a satellite.
-No satellite emits
such an intense light.

-That's right.
-But it is hard to distinguish
what's in these pictures.

-- Sorry I could not be more help.
- It's okay.

-I'll have prints sent to
all the other observatories.

-- Toru.
- Yes?

-They sent your father to Banshu-Maru
to investigate. Any news?

-No. Since yesterday
I have not been home.

-That's true.
-"A Monster Invades The Earth!"
-Sorry about your father.
-He and your mother should
be laughing at that right now.

-- Hello, Mom.
- Hi, son!

-I am so hungry!
-- Dad isn't eating?
- I've called several times.

-- Is he still working?
- He's analyzing specimens he brought home.

-Has he found anything?
-I don't know.
He hasn't left his office.

-- When did you get back?
- Just now.

-- Any news on the UFO?
- No, we did not find anything.

-- Have you learned anything?
- Nothing at all.

-Oh, it's so late!
-Mama will complain that
your dinner's cold.

-You're right. I'd better go.
-- Toru, come see.
- Yes.

-Bring the Geiger counter.
Did you stop at Utyu-Ken?

-- No.
- Want a sake?

-I do not feel like drinking.
-What's happening?
-The headquarters of the World Council
-they are suspending
all satellite launches.
-The Attack From The Sky.
-The National Council
announced to the world
-In case of air attack
-Jet fighters will attempt
to bring the saucers down.
-- Mysterious Luminous Bodies Disappear.
- Finally!

-Oh. Come on.

-Doctor, they've reappeared!
-The monster which appeared
on the freighter in Shibaura,
-in Kawaguchi and Lake Biwa
-appeared again last night
at the Teito theater
-during a concert by Hikari Aozora,
creating panic in the room.
-End of news flash.
-It's terrible.
The whole world's going mad.

-Everything is so strange.
Monsters, saucers...

-I can't take any more.
-So I guess Dr. Kamura is too
busy to come tonight.

-I guess so.
-Here you are.
-What are the results of your
first mission?

-Have you revealed
the reason for our presence?

-No, it was impossible for us.
-Upon seeing us, they scatter in fea
-As if they had seen
something monstrous.

Are we considered hideous?

-Are they more beautiful than us?
-No. Examine this.
-This is what they consider
a beautiful woman.

-This is their concept of beauty?
-It has a very large lump
in the center of its face.

-Yet, we can make immediate
contact with them

-If we assume the likeness of an Earthling.
-We can not leave
without saving the Earth.

-It seems dangerous but time is desperately short.
-Numbers 11 and 16, begin
immediate surveillance of Dr. Kamura.

-Number 18 will act as radio contact.
-I request, sir, that I be allowed to carry out
this project myself.

-After all, it is my idea and I know
the Earth better than anyone else.

-Negative. The risk is too great.
-Transmutation has never been attempted
using a 2D pattern.

-We don't know the effect it will have on you.
-You are too valuable a scientist
-To risk in such an experiment.
-I believe it will be safe if the transmuter
provides a covering of artificial skin.

-Your sacrifice honors the Pairans
and will be remembered

-throughout our history...
If we don't perish in the coming catastrophe.

-Prepare yourself for the transmutation, then.
-Look at them.
Like to schoolgirls again.

-It feels good to finally relax.
-I believe the whole world has had
quite an awakening.

-Whatever they were, they were
certainly not satellites.

-It is terrible to think one of those
creatures appeared in Bansyu-Mal.

-I cannot stop wondering
-What became of those UFOs?
Why were they here?

-I wish I knew.
Maybe they came to invade.

And what would have become of Earth?

-We would have be swept from space
in seconds.

-You may have
too much imagination,

-But for now we need not worry.
There are no more flying saucers.

-You seem to be having fun.
It's good to hear you laugh.

-The way they're carrying on
-They must be reminiscing
about their schoolboy pranks.

-Looks like the youngsters are
enjoying themselves, as well!

-Isn't it beautiful?
-Look at the colors!
-What a beautiful day.
-Yes it is.
-Should we head back?
-What is it?
Let's see.

-- What happened?
- We found a body.

-Excuse me, please.
-- What happened?
- A lady drowned.

-Wait... Isn't that Hikari Aozora?
-- Hikari Aozora!
- Yes

-Miss Aozora.
-A few questions, please!
-- It's important.
- Who are you?

-I am a journalist.
You just died in Nikkou!

-- I died?
- Yes!

-Like one?
-Thank you.
-Apparently the girl remembers
nothing at all.

-She's even forgotten her name.
Classic symptoms of amnesia.

-I feel sorry for her.
-How can we discover her identity?
-It will be very difficult if
she doesn't even know.

-We have room at our house.
Suppose she stays with us

-Until we find out who she is?
-What do you think?
-What do I think about what?
-Where are you going?
-Initial phase of infiltration
is a complete success.

-Miss Kamura!
-Mr. Isobe has left a message.
-Stop by the tennis court
on your way home.

-Thank you very much.
-Mr. Isobe, call it your home!
-Thanks, going now.
-Do not look around.
Just listen to me.

-I've been sent down to assist you.
-Soon others will be, as well.
-Signal if you need us.
-Right, I understand.
-- Is everything alright?
- It was my father.

-- He made a weird request.
- What was it?

-- That woman...
- Who?

-- The Jane Doe.
- Ah, Ginko-san?

-Yes, Ginko.
-Did you forget her name?
It was you who gave it to her.

-He asked me to bring him
Ginko's cap and tennis racket.

-- Why would he ask that?
- Want a drink?

-I do not understand.
-He told me not to touch
the handle of the racquet.

-How strange.
-- Sounds like a detective novel.
- Here she comes.

-- Let's go home, Ginko.
- Okay.

-The cap also.
-Isn't that Hikari Aozora?
-No, get away!
-No, back up!
-What? Where is she?
-Can I have your autograph, please?
-Dad, is there a problem?
-- Something wrong with the racket?
- No. With that woman.

-- Did something happen?
- Yes, I came about Ginko.

-Her cap, dad.
-Something very strange happened today.
What happened?

-I hit a lob far over Ginko's head
-and she jumped incredibly high
and returned the shot. .

-- And then?
- And then I saw her go through...

-- A closed door without even opening it!
- Without opening it?

-I was right.
-How did you get in?
-Through the door.
-Is that so?
-- I didn't hear anything.
- You were concentrating.

-What are you doing?
-Destroying this horrible formula!
-That's part of my research.
It does not concern you!

-Not me, but it is of vital importance
to the future of Earth.

Do you mean you understand that formula?

-Yes. It is element 101.

-With enough of this element
you could blow up the Earth!

-Who are you?
-Humans are already threatened
by the atomic bomb,

-and now you are creating
something much more devastating.

-My formula is for peace.
And anyway, it's still only theoretical.

-And what business is it of...
-Mr. Isobe just called.
-He needs you at the observatory.
It sounded urgent.

-Thank you.
-Is there something wrong?
-He hasn't told me anything,
-but I think it's about Ginko.
-I have called so
sit back and relax.

-I came right over.
-What's going on today?
Everyone is here.

-I just witnessed something...
something I do not understand.

-Did something happen?
-She took one look at my Urium formula
and understood it completely.

-I only just completed it!
-- You mean the Jane Doe?
- Yes.

-- That settles it. She is not human.
- What?

-What day is today?
April Fool's?

-I started thinking about this
after she was found in the lake.

-The doctor told me she had too many
white blood cells to be alive.

-And yet, she was fine.
-But we can not rely
only on one test.

-Of course not. Look at this.
Fingerprints taken from her racket.

-What do you think?
She does not have any fingerprints!

-And if that were not enough,
look at this.

-It is a sample of sweat from her cap.
-And this substance was found
at Shibaura Pier.

-What do you say?
They are exactly the same.

-So dad, who is Ginko, really?
-- An extraterrestrial.
- What?

-It comes from another planet.
-But when we examine
the Solar System: Mars, Jupiter...

-We've never found a trace
of other forms of life...

-When my son played tennis with her... it...
-he saw it jump higher
than even a trained athlete could.

-The gravity of its planet must
be different from that of Earth.

-It must have reached Earth
in one of those UFOs.

-All clues point to that.
-Then an alien Ginko can
transform into a human being?

-I can think of no another possibility.
-What's that?
-Where did that sound come from?
-There! Over there!
-It's you!
-You surmised correctly.
I am not a human being.

-Then it's true!
You are not of Earth!

-True. I come from a planet
called Paira.

-I am a Pairan.
-What name do we know it by?
-Paira is unknown to the Earth.
-We are on the far side of the Sun...
-Opposite the Earth's orbit.
-Why did you come to our planet?
-From our planet, we saw
many atomic clouds on Earth.

-From your planet?
This is impossible.

-No. Our civilization is far
older than yours.

-Thousands of years ago our satellites
detected the presence of your Earth.

-That alone shows how much
more advanced we are.

-This is incredible.
-I can hardly believe it.
-When you saw my formula,
-How did you know
it was for element 101?

-Our scientists discovered
it long ago,

-but it was too dangerous
even in microscopic quantities

-So we destroyed our research.
-You Japanese who have been
victims of a nuclear disaster should understand.

-We developed a safer nuclear energy
after our physicists

-discovered the more stable element 102.
-But why have you come here?
-- To save Earth from destruction.
- Destruction?

-I do not exaggerate.
Unless we cooperate to prevent it...

-Both our planets are doomed.
-Long ago we fought as you do.
-Our weapons became powerful
enough to burn our planet to ashes.

-War and aggression were banned.
-And with unlimited safe powe
-Thanks to element 102,
-Our culture leapt ahead immensely.
-We began to examine
the depths of space

-And we found something terrible.
-What was it?
Was it the catastrophe you spoke of?

-Yes it was.
A runaway planet

-From a distant solar system.
On a collision course with Earth.

-But we believe that if
Pairans and Earthlings cooperate,

-There is a chance
we can avoid the collision.

-What does one say when he learns
of the end of the world?

-There is one possible
way out of this.

-If you could induce the countries with
nuclear weapons to launch

-a barrage, you may alter
the course of the rogue planet.

-Could it succeed?
-Theoretically it should work.
But if Earth is obliterated

-The debris will destroy Paira, as well.
-News flash.
-Today, Doctors Matsuda,
Kamura and Isobe

-have sent a request to
the Council of Nations.

-That they deploy their entire
stockpile of nuclear weapons
-For the purpose of saving lives,
-Rather than destroying them,
-To protect our Earth
from total destruction.
-A rogue planet called 'R'
-Is on course to
collide with the Earth.
-This collision will take place
within 90 days.
-To avoid it,
-The warheads will
attempt to destroy R
-or to divert its path.
-This warning was delivered
to us by the Pairans,
-The alien race who have
recently been seen by many
-as they entered our atmosphere
in their spacecraft.
-The planet has yet to be
detected from Earth
-but is being tracked
by the Pairans.
-Sounds like a joke, to me.
-What is a Paira?
-I don't know
but it sounds delicious.

-Let's contact them!
Paira, Paira!

-Attention, please.
May I have your attention?

-Unfortunately, the
World Council has rejected

-our request.
-The reason is that they do not
believe Paira exists.

-Now, wait. Patience, please.
-You have all witnessed
the presence of the Pairans.

-But other countries,
and even some Japanese,

-Do not believe in the reality
of Planet R.

-So first we need to
convince the Japanese,

-before resubmitting our request.
-And I'm sure with our nation behind
us, it will be accepted.

-My Pairan informant
estimates that we will be able,

-within 15 days,
-to see Planet R from Earth.



-Tomorrow the planet should appear.
Is there any other course of action?

-There is only one solution,
nuclear warheads.

-- Any news from other the countries?
- Not yet.

-I think that once they're convinced
the planet exists,

-They will realize that
ours is the only option.

-And what if they do not?
-Mankind will disappear forever.
-Are you certain nothing else
can be done?

-A Japanese scientist has discovered
an explosive greater than the H-bomb.

-The H-bomb?
-It was to be used as an energy
source, not a weapon.

-- What is his name?
- Dr. Eisuke Matsuda.

-Have you seen this?
You're in the newspaper.

-What does it say?
-You discovered a weapon
more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

-That changes nothing.
It's too late.

-We don't have the technical
capability to build it.

-It's purely theoretical.
-A gentleman to see you, sir.
-I said I do not want visitors.
-Yes, but he says it is
very important.

-Who is he?
-- His card says George Saito.
- George?

-- Very well. See him in.
- Yes, sir.

-I just can't sit around here.
-I'm going to the observatory.
Bring the car around, please.

-Have a seat.
-Please be brief, I haven't much time.
-Okay, I'll try.
-- What is it?
- It's about your formula.

-I'd like to buy it.
Buy my formula?

-I'm offering a great deal of money.
-Who are you?
-- Consider me a friend.
- Why do you want my formula?

-- Many countries want to buy it.
- You would betray Japan?

-- I did not say that I was Japanese.
- Then what are you?

-- I've already said, I'm a friend.
- Get out!

-I do not need friends.
I have no time for you.

-- If you refuse, you'll regret it.
- Get out of my house now!

-We shall meet again.
-- Who was that man?
- The devil.

-Attention, please.
-The day has arrived.
-Stand by for
a report from the Observatory.
-I see it!
-They've spotted it!
-Please, you cannot enter.
-Attention. The body is moving
at a high speed.

-This is the proof we needed, Mom.
-Yes, this is Tokyo calling.
Is this Sydney Observatory?

-- Yes.
- Yes, I've got it.
-- How it's coming?
- Yes, we just saw. It's coming!
-Yes. Yes, I've got it.

-Doctor, how soon before we collide?
-Within 50 days. But the world
will be scorched long before that.

-Could we survive underground?
-That would only delay the outcome.
-Without those warheads
there will be no survivors.

-Why not use the atomic bombs?
-It's insane to save for them war!
-Do not abandon us!
-Launch them now!
Get rid of them all!

-News Flash.
-Foreign agencies
have informed us
-that the defense ministries
have convened in emergency session
-to reconsider Japan's proposal
to use bombs against R.
-Two worlds are depending on their choice!
-Attention! As chief of police,
I shall issue orders

-To begin the evacuation
of Tokyo.

-The basement of the observatory
is too small to accommodate the parents.

-We understand,
but thank you for taking our son.

-We're grateful that he'll be safe.
-- Okay, come with me.
- Thank you.

-Heed the teacher
and behave yourself.

-- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

-- Goodbye. We love you!
- Goodbye.

-Be careful.
-Speed has increased
to 200 km per second.

-I think...
-within two days, it will
be visible without a telescope.

-- Any news from abroad?
- No.

-- Soon we'll have to go down to the basement.
- Yes.

-Let's begin moving
all the important documents.

-What do you want?
Who is it?

-Let go. Let go!
-Who are you?
-Be quiet.
-Nice to see you again.
-- What do you want from me?
- To reconsider my offer.

-No way, you bastard!
This is kidnapping.

-You misunderstand.
I'm trying to do you a favor.

-Aren't you sick of being
a poor scientist?

-Accept my money and
you will be rich.

-Return me to my house.
I have work to do!

-We'll return you once
you've given me the formula.

-Unless you can fly,
you can not escape.

-I will not give you the formula
under any circumstances.

-Do not want them to hurt you?
-The formula is useless.
Soon we will all be dead.

-Do what you want.
-I do not think your formula
is useless.

-Nor do my clients.
Make him talk.

-Carefully, children.
-Walk down slowly, one at a time.
-Right. I understand.
-Matsuda left to come here
hours ago.

-Where can he be?
-If the Council of Nations
rejects the request again

-Matsuda's new element 101
is our only hope.

-But according to him, we lack the
ability to actually produce it.

-Quick, someone help me!
-Hand me that!
-Where can my husband be?
-Do not worry.
He must be at another shelter.

-That's it.
-Okay, children, everything's alright now.
Let's pick up these papers.

-- Come quick!
- What's happening?

-It's accelerating again!
Over here!

-Radiation: - 15.
-- How much time do we have now?
- We have only 20 days.

-What do we do?
-We can only wait until
other countries are decided.

-News Flash.
-The World Council
has reversed its decision.
-Today at 20 hours,
-All Earth's nuclear bombs will be
launched against Planet R.
-At last!
-Listen! We're saved!
-Tonight, all countries will
they launch their warheads at R.

-- Hurray!
- Hurray!

-Alright, time for your nap.
-What do you see?
-Doctor, what have you seen?
-The planet is too big.
The bombs did not work.

-She was so beautiful that
the prince kissed her,

-and suddenly she awoke.
-The prince asked for her hand.
-And they got married, and lived
happily ever afte

-Until the end of their days.
-Did you like it?
Ok, now time for sleep.

-We have a big problem.
-The atomic bombs
did not destroy the planet.

-Radiation has doubled.
-How much time do we have?
-Only 5 days.
-Doctor, doctor! He's passed out!

-- Are you all right, doctor?
- Yes, yes.

-- What's wrong?
- Rats, there are rats!

-It's so hot!
-Do not cry, be brave.
-I'll sing a song, okay?
-If only we had Matsuda's Urium.
Do not abandon hope.

-Where is Dr. Matsuda?
-He's been missing for days.
-Never fear, Doctor. We'll find him.
-Just how will you be able to do that?
-Doctor Matsuda is wearing one of our rings.
-The ring contains a communication device.
He will be visible on our radar.

-Doctor, are you okay?
-We need your Urium
to save the Earth.

-Please give us the formula.
-Where are you?
-Don't cry, we'll be okay.
-- Dr. Matsuda!
- Doctor!

-They found him!
-People of Earth. People of Earth.
-The Urium bomb of Dr. Matsuda's
-has been built on our ship.
-We are preparing to launch.
-The weapon is ready.
Please observe Planet R.

-Come on!