The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950) - Movie Script

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-WOMAN: Howard?
-WOMAN: Let me in.
-Just a minute.
-WOMAN: Have you been
going through my desk?

-Your desk?
-I never go through
your desk, darling.

-Why is that door locked?
-I wasn't expecting the
pleasure of a visit.

-Howard, I'm not used to being...
-Locked out in your own home.
-I know.
-Your house, your roof, your
bedroom... I just sleep here.

-My apologies.
-You're an ingrate, Howard.
-And weak.
-I'll pity you after
I get my divorce.

-And when, may I
ask, will that be?

-I'm signing it next week.
-Why a fire on an
afternoon like this?

-What were you burning?
-Old love letters.
-They're too smart to write.
-Incidentally, thanks for not
stopping my bank account.

-At least I could buy a
plane ticket to Seattle.

-That's why I left it.
-Of course.
-Gives your new boyfriend
much more latitude.

-Who is he, by the way?
-When did you pick him up?
-Three years of misery too late.
-Good bye, Angel.
-And don't forget to
change your will.

-You'd hate yourself on
your little pink cloud

-If you accidentally
left anything to me.

-MAN: Police department.
-Lieutenant Cullen,
homicide division.

-Detective Cullen.
-LOIS: Is this Cullen?
-No, no.
-Lieutenant Cullen's
busy right now.

-This is his brother.
-Who's calling?
-What'd the chief say?
-Go on.
-I'm saddled with you.
-Maybe you shouldn't
have sold him

-On taking me off Market Street.
-I've got you as of now.
-That's your desk
you're sitting on.

-You've got one week till your
honeymoon, starting Tuesday.

-The chief hopes I can teach
you something, but I doubt it.

-So do I. At least
we'll be figuring

-A case from two
different angles.

-For me?
-Open it.
-One of mine?
-Janet wanted one of your
baby shoes like Mom had.

-We'll put them
both on the mantle.

-Thanks, Ed.
-There's a lot of Market
Street mileage on these.

-I'm gonna rest my
dogs for a year.

-Rest them on your honeymoon.
-You got plenty of legwork
when you get back.

-Oh, a gal called
you a minute ago.

-I don't know.
-She hung up.
-What'd she say?
-Wouldn't be the one, would it?
-What one?
-The one that's been under
your skin the past few months.

-Look, Ed, I know it's
none of my business.

-You've always played your
women pretty close to the vest.

-But why don't you find a
girl that's good for you,

-Like Janet is for
me, settle down?

-Reforming me?
-Fat chance.
-This one's good for me.
-She's no good, but
that's the way it is.

-All right.
-You don't have to
tell me her name.

-See you later.
-ED (ON PHONE): Hello?
-Oh, Ed, I've been
trying to reach you.

-You know you're not
supposed to call me here.

-Ed, I've got to see you.
-Come right over.
-Why, to have a drink
with your husband?

-Oh, no no no.
-He's gone to the airport.
-He's flying to Seattle.
-Listen to me.
-He bought a gun.
-He's planning to kill me.
-I know it.
-There can't be any other reason.
-Wait a minute.
-You don't make sense.
-He's gone to Seattle, but
he's going to kill you?

-He is.
-He's never had anything
to do with guns before.

-I can't find it, but
there was an inspection

-Slip on the floor in his room.
-He must've burned the wrappings.
-He had the door locked.
-Please, Ed.
-OK, I'll be over
as soon as I can.

-You with the blue coupe.
-Hi, Janet.
-What happened?
-You got a week,
starting Tuesday.

-What would Andy and
I do without you?

-You'll find out.
-See ya.
-Ed, stop ducking every
time we try to thank you.

-With that new salary, now
we can have an apartment.

-What were you gonna
do with the mug

-Before, bed him
down in your studio?

-Keep him in the closet.
-Come on, celebrate with me.
-Ham and eggs.
-I got some business.
-Blonde or brunette?
-ANDY: Hiya, beautiful.
-What's that?
-Have you been playing
Santa Claus again?

-Something for the living room.
-You can put flowers in it.
-See ya, Ed!
-How's my working gal?
-I like Ed.
-Well, you're marrying
into a mighty fine family.

-Part of the plan.
-If anything happens to
you, I'll have a spare.

-Ed, you took so long.
-The servants are out.
-I'm alone.
-I've been so frightened, Ed.
-Stop shaking.
-You're all right.
-I found the gun.
-I'll show it to you.
-Maybe he bought it for me.
-And that's not all I found.
-See this?
-There was a letter from
my lawyer about a will.

-I know he's seen
it, because he put

-It back in a different place.
-He's planning something.
-What am I going to do?
-First, pour yourself
a drink and calm down.

-Calm down?
-Is it a nice, calm
feeling knowing

-That someone's
plotting to kill you?

-Oh... it turns my
stomach when once I

-Believed that he loved me.
-Oh, what a fool I am.
-He was in love, all right,
with money... my money.

-He wished for it.
-He adored it.
-He loved it so much he was
ready to murder to keep it.

-It's murder, don't you see?
-That's what it is, murder.
-You're a big girl now.
-Cut out the tantrums.
-You're the only one.
-Now, where's that gun?
-I'll get it.
-Mix us a drink, will you?
-There's brandy on the table.
-Here it is.
-No, Howard.
-It isn't there.
-I found it.
-Lois, give me that gun.
-You did come back to kill me!
-Have you gone crazy?
-I didn't know what I was doing.
-I didn't mean it.
-Get him to the hospital.
-Two slugs in the chest.
-I didn't know what I was doing.
-I saw the balcony door open.
-What do we do?
-I haven't anyone else.
-He drove me to it.
-Well, you know that, Ed.
-Well, you know what
he was planning.

-He was planning to murder me.
-Think of something.
-You know the truth.
-The truth can get you 20 years.
-Ed, are you going to arrest me?
-OPERATOR: Operator.
-Operator, get me the
municipal airport.

-United Airline.
-I'm trying to locate
Mr. Howard Fraze

-Flying tonight to Seattle.
-Has he picked up his ticket?
-No, it's still here.
-What time is he leaving?
-Shall I page him for you?
-No, thank you.
-He's probably still in town.
-A chance.
-Will it help me?
-Oh, Ed, you won't
get into trouble.

-Not if I can get him
back to the airport.

-If you set up an
alibi for himself,

-It's going to work for you.
-Checked his bag at the airport,
parked his car in the garage.

-A parking ticket would show
he didn't use it again.

-But he got killed and
robbed at the airport.

-Too bad he didn't stay
in the bar instead

-Of wandering around
outside in the dark.

-Enough nerve to help me
down to the car with him?

-The night watchman.
-Private patrol.
-Get my hat and coat.
-Get back inside.
-Take a sedative.
-Whatever happens,
you don't know.

-Go to bed.
-Hey, wait a minute.
-There's a third slug.
-Don't let anyone in
that room until you've

-Found the bullet hole
and covered it up.

-Excuse me, do you know
whether we can reach

-The main airport
buildings this way?

-Could you please
tell me if we can

-Get to the main
buildings this way?

-Well, really.
-The manners of some people.
-I ask him a civil question.
-He might at least have
told me he didn't know.

-Heavens, look!
-60-17, 60-17, 1-4-8...
-Hi, Lieutenant.
-Hello, Blair.
-On a case, or out
for another blonde?

-You sound like my brother.
-Say, I hear the kid's
going to get married.

-I'm going to be best man.
-What are you doing here?
-Looking for a green coup.
-Some guy got knocked
off at the airport.

-Lucky you're driving a blue one.
-I could disappoint that blonde.
-You wouldn't do that
to me, would you?

-She comes across
with bonded Bourbon.

-Beat it.
-You're holding up traffic.
-Howard Frazer, 34, married.
-2370 Del Mar.
-Driver's license number Z-81976.
-OK, that's it, Bill.
-I'll have these checked
at the lab for prints.

-Send me four copies of
the report, will you?

-Sure, Cullen.
-Oh, Doc, Doc... just a
couple more questions.

-What about time of death?
-Not less than two hours
ago, not more than four.

-An autopsy might
make it more exact,

-But that's the best
I can do right now.

-OK, thanks.
-Those blood stains
on the shirt, do you

-Notice the way they went in
two different directions?

-Well, maybe he wasn't
killed around here at all.

-It's possible.
-It probably happened threshing
around before he died.

-No, no, no, no.
-Just checking.
-You're as bad as your brother.
-Thanks for the compliment.
-No more questions?
-No, no.
-Not for you, Doc.
-Oh, here you are, officer.
-I must say, we're a little
tired of this waiting,

-Aren't we, Ernest?
-Yes indeed, dear.
-We have every desire,
of course, to assist

-In the workings of justice.
-But we do wish they'd
work more quickly.

-Well, lady, we'll
try and hurry them.

-Now, Mr. Quimby,
can you help us fix

-The time a little more exactly?
-I mean, when you saw the other
car and discovered the body.

-Well, let me see
now, I should say

-It was in the neighborhood
of 10 o'clock.

-What do you think, Muriel?
-Yes, dear.
-As a matter of fact,
it was exactly 10:00.

-You had just looked
at your watch.

-We were worried
about meeting Gladys.

-Of course.
-10 o'clock it was.
-We were to see a
friend, an old friend

-Of the family's,
a second cousin...

-I see.
-Now, can you add anything
to your description

-Of this other car?
-Green coupe, you said it
was, medium sized, not new.

-And fortunately, I was on the
far side, wasn't I, Ernest?

-Naturally, all I saw was a
dark shape and a headlight.

-I'm afraid I can't
help much more.

-It was just a car, green
of course, and a coupe.

-Now, I had a green
coupe back in 1931.

-It was...
-It was in 1933, dear.
-You see, that was the year...
-Yes, yes.
-Thank you.
-Now, was there anyone in it,
Mr. Quimby, besides the driver?

-Well, let me think now.
-When I leaned out and asked
my civil question... no.

-No, I'm sure there was
only the driver, a man.

-What did he look like?
-MR. QUIMBY: Well, just a man.
-ANDY: Oh, Ed.
-Uh... Lieutenant, this
is Mr. and Mrs. Quimby.

-They saw the...
-I know.
Go ahead.

-Don't mind me.
-What did he look
like, this driver?

-Well, he was just a man.
-He had a hat.
-It was pulled down.
-Was there anything else
you noticed about him?

-Was he big?
-My impression... and
mind you, it was only

-An impression... was that he
could be described as... medium.

-Wouldn't you say
medium was the word?

-MRS. QUIMBY: Well, uh...
-MR. QUIMBY: Well, I'm sorry.
-You didn't see him.
-What about his coloring?
-Was he... would you
say, or blonde?

-I'm afraid I really
couldn't tell you.

-I suppose it can be
described as, well, medium.

-The fact is, officer, I
really didn't see him at all.

-Well, we won't need you
and your wife any longer,

-Mr. Quimby.
-You're sure we can be
of no further assistance?

-We're only too glad
to help, you know.

-So chief finally
caught up with you, hm?

-Why don't some of
these characters

-Get knocked off in the daytime?
-Well, I think I've
covered everything.

-Want me to bring you up to date?
-No, I got it on the phone.
-This fellow... what's his name?
-Howard Frazer.
-Frazer... was found
outside the parking lot,

-His wallet near him, empty, was
booked on the 11:50 to Seattle.

-Quimby saw a car
which might have

-Been the guys who bumped him.
-No, no.
-There's more to it than that.
-Frazer parked his
car here at 7:00.

-Now, Doc Munson says the
latest he was shot was 10:00.

-That makes it three hours
he was here at the airport.

-I can't figure out what he
was doing here all the time.

-Eating, having a
drink, meeting a dame.

-Well, I don't know about
dames, but I checked

-With the bartender
and the head waiter.

-Neither of them saw him tonight.
-You've been busy.
-Now, it looks like robbery, but
I can't think why a guy would

-Shoot unless Frazer
put up a fight.

-And he isn't a bit marked up.
-Oh, this is the night clerk.
-A telephone call for
Frazer came in around 9:15.

-What was the call about?
-Well, the fellow said he
was trying to locate Frazer.

-He knew he was going
to Seattle and asked

-If he picked up his ticket.
-I told him no.
-He asked what flight he was
going on, and I said 11:50.

-I offered to page him for
him, but he said, never mind.

probably still in town.

-Would you recognize the
voice if you heard it again?

-I might.
-Anything unusual about it?
-Well, deep.
-OK, thanks.
-You can get some sleep.
-Well, it looks like you
covered everything so far.

-Let's go on over
to Frazer's place.

-Maybe someone there
can tell us some more.

-You phone there yet?
-No, no.
-I was waiting for you.
-But we'd do better if we
could catch them off balance,

-If there's anything to learn.
-You're learning awfully fast.
-I'm still trying to
figure out what Frazer was

-Doing at the airport
for three hours.

-Why make it tough on us?
-What do you mean?
-This is your first case, kid.
-Don't build yourself
up to a let down.

-But I don't get you.
-Look, this job's
like most of them.

-You check leads, run them all
down, you hit the right one.

-You've been telling
me that for years.

-What street?
-Was it Del Mar?
-Well, this is something
I'll never get used to.

-Some of them cry.
-Some of them faint.
-There are ones who
just look at you.

-Well, let's get it over with.
-I guess breaking the
news is kind of rough.

-Well, think of Janet
and how you'd feel.

-You, um... you want to
skip it this time, kid?

-I can handle it for you.
-Yeah, thanks.
-You're sure it's OK?
-Lieutenant Cullen,
police department.

-I'd like to see Mrs. Frazer.
-MAN: It's after 1:00.
-It's important.
-Very well.
-ALBERT: It's Albert, ma'am.
-Come in.
-How long have you
been home, Albert?

-About half an hour.
-There's a Lieutenant Cullen
of the police department

-To see you.
-I didn't want to disturb you.
-Well, see him up here.
-Yes, madam.
-I can't start by
ducking things like this.

-Suit yourself.
-Mrs. Frazer will
see you upstairs.

-Wouldn't she rather come down?
-She's in her sitting room, sir.
-This way.
-Come in.
-Mrs. Frazer?
-I'm Lieutenant Cullen,
police department.

-This is Detective Cullen.
-What is it?
-Is anything wrong?
-It's about Mr. Frazer.
-I'm sorry to have to
break it to you this way.

-Your husband was killed
tonight at the airport.

bullet... no trace of it.

-Excuse me.
-The plane?
-No, he was shot.
-I'm sorry to have to
question you like this, but...

-That's all right.
-If I could be of any
help... won't you sit down?

-Did you know your husband
was going on this trip?

-Of course.
-He was flying to Seattle.
-Salmon fishing.
-He often does.
-Do you know what
plane he was taking?

-I... I'm not sure.
-He left before dinner.
-It was still daylight.
-ED: What business
was your husband in?

-LOIS: He wasn't in business.
-Just a socialite, all that.
-Did he have any... any
enemies that you know of?

-LOIS: Of course not.
-Everyone liked Howard.
-He was kind, thoughtful.
-Oh, I... I just can't believe it.
-I can't believe
that anyone would

-Do a thing like th... this.
-His, uh, wallet was found
near him with no money in it.

-But he always carried
a lot of money.

-I'm just like that.
-I often warned him.
-Oh, please, where is he?
-Could I see him?
-He's... he's in the morgue.
-The morgue.
-Get her on the sofa quick.
-No pillows.
-Keep her head low.
-Feet up.
-Is... is she all right?
-Should we get a doctor?
-No, no.
-I told you these
things are tough.

-That's it.
-That's it.
I'm all right.

-Take it easy.
-I'm sorry.
-Is there anything
we can get you?

-It's just... what, oh yes,
about Howard being robbed.

-Well, maybe someone wanted
to make it look that way.

-Tell me, Mrs. Frazer...
-Did your husband mention
an appointment with someone

-At the airport?
-He didn't say anything
about it to me.

-Where does he keep
his correspondence?

-Well, any letters or
anything would be in his room

-Across the hall.
-Mind if we have a look?
-No, no.
-No need for you to come.
-Nice layout.
-Balcony out there.
-He's been burning something.
-I wonder what.
-Nothing here but some
bills and some invitations.

-Hey, this lock's been broken.
-Looks as if it's been jimmied.
-Doesn't look like a
professional job anyway.

-That lock on the French
door, when was it broken?

-Oh, uh, it happened last week.
-We came home late.
-I had forgotten my key.
-We didn't want to
wake the servants,

-So Howard climbed the
balcony and broke in.

-Well, Mrs. Frazer, that's that.
-We ought to apologize again for
putting you through all this,

-But we had to.
-I know.
-You'll have to come down
to the morgue tomorrow...

-Yes, of course.
-And if there's anything else...
-If you think of any
reason why Mr. Frazer was

-At the airport for three
hours, let us know.

-Good night.
-Good night.
-All right, but what does
a guy do all that time?

-He didn't eat,
didn't have a drink,

-Didn't even buy a magazine.
-How did he fill in the time?
-Where was he?
-What did he do?
-Take it easy.
-We'll find out.
-Say, I felt sorry for
the wife, didn't you?

-She's sure the type you go for.
-Too rich for my blood.
-I feel sorry for
the man, though.

-Hey, suppose... suppose
the body was moved,

-The way I suggested
to Doc Munson.

-Then the three hours
would be explained.

-Better learn one thing...
Never take a case to bed.

-Well, you'd be
tailored to that one.

-Look, Ed, I wouldn't ask, but
this is my first time out.

-How am I doing?
-All right, kid.
-Do any better, and
I'll be out of a job.

-Both the bullets
are 38-calibre.

-I'm not sure, but I'd say
the gun had a short barrel.

-How about this?
-No, it couldn't
possibly be that.

-Your gun's
practically brand new.

-There's no record of
it in this office.

-Well, thanks a lot.
-All right.
-Well, that got
us nowheres fast.

-Come on, we know the
gun we're looking for.

-What do you want, a life-sized
picture of the killer?

-I want to find out more
about Frazer and Mrs. Frazer.

-Why fool around with a gun?
-One meet at a time.
-Keep your coat on.
-Check the gun.
-You want me to put
an ad in the paper?

-Very funny.
-Why don't you get smart
and cover the pawnshop?

-Well, I thought
pawnbroker's were

-Supposed to report
all deals with guns.

-They are, but they
take their time.

-We can't afford to waste any.
-OK, chief.
-Hope this guy was dumb
enough to hock the thing.

-Suppose he kept it or
dumped it in the bay,

-Mailed it to his mother.
-Hey, will you keep out
of trouble till tomorrow?

-I've got to deliver
you at the church.

-ED (ON PHONE): Hello?
-ED (ON PHONE): Yeah.
-Why haven't you called me?
-Is everything all right?
-I haven't had a chance.
-Who do you want?
-No, this is 8-7.
-You've got the wrong number.
-Five minutes.
-Where have you been?
-To see Janet.
-I thought tonight was
supposed to be strictly stag.

-Yeah, but I... I had
to ask her something.

-We're going to put
off the honeymoon.

-Well, that won't be necessary.
-You'll only be gone a week.
-I can handle things
till you get back.

-Look, Ed, this is my
big chance... a good one.

-Maybe it is.
-Want to postpone
the wedding too?

-No, sir.
-Where to, Mrs. Cullen?
-We got 14 hours.
-Andy, the signal said stop.
-Nothing's stopping
us today, baby.

-Our first ticket.
-RADIO: 28, 2-8... a
victim from hit and run.

-Let's see your
driver's license.

-Oh, it's you, Cullen.
-I didn't recognize you all
dolled up with a car either.

-It's my wife's.
-Yeah, I heard you were
going to get married.

-Lucky guy.
-Congratulations, Mrs. Cullen.
-Thank you.
-I was talking to your brother
about it the other night

-On the bridge.
-Oh, when was that?
-Saturday night.
-Oh, so that's where he was.
-Yeah, he was
headed to Sausalito

-With a big smile on his face.
-Tell me, did he
have a girl with him?

-All alone.
-Well, he's been
holding out on me.

-Say are you trying to get me
to forget about this ticket?

-You're not going to
give us one, are you?

-I have to.
-I know you're floating on air.
-But don't try it
through intersections.

-You know, I'm very
curious about something.

-No, I know all about you.
-I just want to find
out where we're going.

-Presidio coming up.
-Would you rather go
across the bridge?

-Santa Rosa?
-Feels wrong.
-I want to look at the ocean.
-All I want is to look at you.
-Aren't you tired of that?
-Would you rather be
checking fingerprints?

-Look, Mrs. Cullen, crime in San
Francisco can take a night off.

-Wanted me, Rush?
-Your airport killer's
on the loose again.

-What makes you think so?
-You know the Martin Liquor
Store hold up last night?

-Killed the owner.
-Put two slugs in him,
just like Frazer.

-They dug one more
out of the wall.

-Same gun.
-Did they get the gun?
-But all three slugs match
the ones out of Frazer.

-Have a look.
-You can't ask for
better odds than that.

-The one on the
left killed Frazer,

-The one on the right, Martin.
-Looks like we've got this
character for both jobs

-No matter which one
we catch him on.

-Yeah, if you catch him.
-Thanks a lot, Rush.
-Say, did you ever figure
out the odds of no two guns

-Would mark him the same?
-You'd hate to count
up to it... 5 million.

-Get me the third precinct.
Police department.

-Hello, Schneider?
-E Cullen.
-That Martin job, who's on it?
-Olson alone, eh?
-Well, we're
short-handed here too.

-But I'm sending someone
down to you right away.

-Keep me posted.
-Where do you hide out?
-I'm with Doc Munson about
Frazer's body being moved.

-Hey, you know that liquor
store shooting last night?

-Bullets were out of the
same gun that killed Frazer.

-That' funny.
-What's funny?
-It doesn't make sense.
-Dream on your own
time, will you?

-This is a hot lead.
-Get down to the third
precinct and work with Olson.

-But when do I see you?
-Later, after I've
cleared up a few things.

-Oh, Ed, what's
happened to you so late?

-Is anything wrong?
-Nothing's wrong.
-Are you still angry.
-About that phone call.
-I will be if you do that again.
-From now on, I get in touch
with you when it's smart.

-So don't mess things up.
-Are we going to
get away with it?

-Well, we've been getting
the breaks so far.

-The ballistics boys found
a new lead on the gun.

-You said the gun
was in the bay.

-It is.
-I never thought it
could happen, but it has.

-There are two guns,
and they match.

-I saw the bullets.
-Light me a cigarette,
will you, darling?

-Ed, would you marry me?
-You, a cop's wife?
-You'd want to keep
on being a policeman?

-What else, polo?
-I've got a lot of money, Ed.
-What's a million or
two between friends?

-I'm serious.
-I just happen to love you.
-That goes double.
-Then why doesn't
marriage appeal to you?

-You've tried it twice.
-What makes you think
it'll work this time?

-What I did before
doesn't prove anything.

-I've loved you ever
since I've known you.

-Yeah, but I know
you too well, baby.

-You change your mind too fast.
-And when you're
through, you're through.

-I'm just trying to
find myself, to build

-A new life with somebody else.
-That's why I've married twice.
-But you, you're afraid.
-You look so sure,
and you sound so...

-Easy, baby.
-Watch that temper.
-Oh, Ed, let's get
away from here.

-The South Seas... anywhere.
-I'd hate to be stranded
in the South Seas.

-You think I'd ever leave you?
-Well, find out
anything at the airport?

-The parking lot guy said he
might have heard the shots

-Over airplane motors
warming up, backfiring.

-Didn't see anyone, though.
-ANDY: Yeah, it looks like we're
getting nothing out there.

-That's your gun.
-You sure?
-Absolutely sure?
-Absolutely sure.
-A woman that pawned it?
-Mrs. Capa, 2243 Ocean Front.
-Thanks, Rush.
-This is going to save
me a lot of trouble.

-Let's go.
-Is this the gun?
-It looks like it, but I
don't know much about guns.

-You took it home, huh?
-Hey, John, John.
-Will you please tell this man
about the gun, what you said,

-You see?
-I got it.
-It's all right to go
back to my work now?

-Not today.
-Come on.
-Where you gonna take me?
-Your wife ought
to be back by now.

-Like I told you by the boat,
it's not there when we go out,

-It's there when we come back.
-What time did you say it was?
-About 11:30.
-ANDY: Hey, keep it
in English, please.

-When I come home, I
give the gun to mama.

-Yes, and I put it here in the
drawer with my dish towels,

-Covered up.
-- Anyone else know it's there?
- Oh, no.

-No one was here
when... we were alone

-When I put it in the drawer.
-And I tell her to
sell it today for money

-To buy some new cook pots.
-Ah, you want to see my
cook pots, nice and new?

-Never mind.
-Anyone else live here?
-We have a boy, Nito.
-How old?
-He was 20 last Tuesday,
three weeks ago.

-He did not know about the gun.
-Nito never is in the
kitchen, only to eat.

-Where does he work?
-Oh, he has no job now.
-No job now?
-But he's a good boy.
-Oh, he's educated.
-Nito is a gentleman.
-He speaks grandly.
-He's going to get a good job.
-He's going to make
lots of money.

-What does he do nights?
-Last night, night
before, Saturday night?

-MRS. CAPA: Saturday
night... he was here!

-MR. CAPA: All night.
supper and all night.

-ED: Where does he hang out
days if he doesn't work?

-Hang out... [GREEK].
-Where is he now?
-Nights he go to school,
and days he look for work.

-Now, what night did
Nito have this gun?

-Nito... Nito did not
know about the gun.

-You ask Nito yourself.
-Go to the club and ask for him.
-What club?
-I don't know where.
-It's called 322 Club.
-Hello, Machetti.
-Ah, Lieutenant, welcome.
-I haven't seen you
for a long time.

-You've been behaving yourself.
-Is Nito Capa here?
-Nito Capa?
-No, I don't think
he's come in today.

-Does he spend a
lot of time here?

-Well, Nito likes to play pool.
-What will you have, Lieutenant?
-On the house.
-Some other time.
-What does he look like?
-Well, he's...
-Hey, you back there.
-Hold it.
-Cherry Street!
-Take it easy.
-You haven't got a car.
-NITO: I haven't got a car.
-ED: How'd you get
to the liquor store?

-A cab?
-I wasn't in any liquor store.
-I didn't kill any liquor guy.
-That's still your story, huh?
-Go on, keep on riding
me another two hours.

-You won't pin a thing on me.
-OK, Nito, take it easy.
-This is all very friendly.
-We enjoy talking to you.
-You're an interesting guy.
-Have a cigarette.
-I've got my own cigarettes.
-Well, light up
and take it easy.

-You bet I will.
-No, no.
-This is Andy.
-Hold it.
-Olson's back.
-OK, send it up.
-Nito, you're a peanut brain.
-You make stupid mistakes?
-What, for instance?
-We searched your room.
-Found it nice and clean, huh?
-My mother keeps it that way.
-Nice old polished brass bed.
-We hated to take it apart.
-What do you supposed we found
stuffed down in the tubing?

-Two rolls of money.
-I won that dough at the track.
-Is this the money?
-How do I know?
-I don't mark it.
-Or are you saving to buy those
sharp clothes while your mothe

-Goes around in a cotton dress.
-My old man takes care of her.
-You leave her out of this.
-OK, you won it at the track.
-How much was that?
-500 was stolen.
-Who'd you split with?
-There wasn't any.
-Anybody else?
-I told you.
-I won that at the track.
-An interesting story
about this money, Nito.

-The man you killed left a widow.
-I didn't kill anybody.
-She told Detective Olson
she knocked a bottle

-Off the counter while she was
making change for a customer.

-How would I know
anything about that?

-A bottle of wine.
-Red wine, spilled into
the cash register.

-Still won this
money at the track?

-Look at it, Nito.
-It's not my dough.
-You must have planted it.
-Oh, sure.
-We're trying to trick you.
-But you're smart.
-Better watch out you don't
get your story twisted

-And fall on your face.
-What were you doing at the
airport Saturday night?

-I wasn't at any airport.
-Your gun killed a man there.
-I wasn't there, I tell you.
-I've never been at the airport.
-This fellow you split
with, has he got a car?

-It don't make sense.
-You haven't got a car.
-You asked me that.
-I know I did.
-But your friends have cars.
-Some of them.
-What colors are they?
-Who keeps track of the color?
-Black, red, gray,
brown... take your pick.

-No green?
-Every other color, but no green?
-Look, Nito, we got
you on the Martin job.

-Why don't you come
clean on this one?

-What time were you
at the airport?

-It's a frame.
-It's a frame!
-Sit down.
-You haven't got a car?
-I haven't got a car.
-Well, that's that.
-But he killed Martin, yes.
-But why do you keep trying to
pin the airport job on him?

-Why not?
-I don't think he did it.
-Same gun.
-But his father didn't
find it until two hours

-After Frazer was dead.
-So he said.
-Wouldn't you lie to save your
kid from the gas chamber?

-Capa could have had
the gun for months.

-[INAUDIBLE]... dumped the
gun on his father boats,

-Just so he could use
it again for the liquo

-Store job after
the old man took...

-Skip the parents.
-Look, if he got there,
for three hours.

-Look, will you throw
out that crystal ball

-And stick to the facts?
-All right, then where's the
money from Frazer's wallet?

-Why wasn't it stashed
away in the same place?

-I keep forgetting this
is your first case.

-You've got an
awful lot to learn.

-Never blow your top at me.
-In the written report,
stick to the facts.

-Why don't you relax, Ed?
-You could be on
official business.

-That's not what bothers me.
-Then what is the matter?
-What are you worrying about?
-It's Andy.
-I hate to keep pushing the kid
around and double crossing him,

-Not when he's right.
-I'm glad it's only that.
-I thought you might be
sorry you ever met me.

-Do you know any
reason why I should be?

-Oh, Ed.
-Light me a cigarette,
would you, darling?

-And open a window.
-It's stuffy in here.
-Mix us a drink.
-I think I'm going
to go home, turn in.

-Well, hello.
-How long have you been here?
-Just drove up.
-Now what's on your mind?
-Well, I wanted to check on
something Mrs. Frazer said.

-Remember when we were
talking about her husband?

-Well, she said he
went salmon fishing.

-And because you know
salmon fishing's closed

-Till next season, you
walk out on your bride?

-Yeah, but she lied, didn't she?
-Look, when you've been
married a bit longe

-And want some time off,
remember salmon fishing.

-What are you doing here?
-I said she was your
type, but I didn't

-Think you'd start
operating this fast.

-How you doing?
-I don't know.
-Maybe I tried to rush it.
-I only got to see
her for a minute.

-She's in bed.
-Doped up.
-Doctor's orders.
-Well, I guess I
wasted a trip too.

-See you in the morning.
-I forgot to tell you, yesterday
the fashion editor said

-My last sketches were the
best I've ever turned in.

-Proud of me?
-Is it any of my
business, darling?

-Whatever's been bothering you.
-You didn't sleep.
-It's nothing.
-Would it help to tell me?
-It's Ed.
-I can't figure him.
-We're pulling apart.
-And last night he lied to me.
-It can't be.
-You're just imagining things.
-You're too serious
about your first case.

-Let me scramble some eggs.
-You'll feel better
after you eat something.

-No eggs.
-I'll borrow some from Lucy.
-Police headquarters, please.
Police headquarters.

-Detective Cullen.
-Give me highway patrol, please.
-Is officer Blair there?
-Andy Cullen.
-Listen, remember you telling me
about Ed's being on the bridge?

-What time was it?
-I don't know.
-Yes, I do.
-You can find out from radio.
-The second all points
broadcast on your airport case

-Came through while
we were talking.

-Switch me back to
the board, please.

-Hello, Cullen again.
-Can you give me
communications radio, please?

-Yes, Cullen?
-Second all points
Saturday night?

-Hold on.
-That was call 28, 2-8.
-In at 10:57 PM.
-Thanks very much.
-Do you know something?
-I've decided to ask for a raise.
-Mr. Cornell's going to be
furious, but I don't care.

-I think I deserve
a raise, don't you?

-This one's a better print.
-I've got some news for you.
-Rushton found some nice, fat
fingerprints on the shells...

-You Nito's when he reloaded.
-Look, Ed.
-I feel rotten.
-Do you mind if I borrow
your car for a while?

-I want to go to the doctor's.
-Hey, you didn't have your first
fight with Janet, did you?

-I'm going to have another
little talk with Nito

-This afternoon about 2 o'clock.
-Will you be there?
-I want to cooperate, but
I can't afford to have

-Important business conferences...
-I said I want you to
take a look at something.

-Yes, I know.
-Have you ever seen
this car before?

-That is... the airport.
-It is.
-Well, it was one just
like this, I'm sure.

-What color is this?
-It's blue.
-Why, that's ridiculous.
-You mean to tell me
that I don't know one...

-You're colorblind.
-Hi, Janet.
-Can I borrow my husband
for an early dinner?

-Where is he?
-Don't you know?
-I haven't seen him
since this morning.

-He wasn't feeling well.
-He went to the doctor.
-He just borrowed
my car and skipped.

-Why would he do that?
-He's driving ours.
-Well, he's... what's wrong?
-I don't know what's eating him.
-Have you two been fighting?
-Maybe a couple of
beefs about the case.

-That's all.
-I don't know.
-It's just that he's terribly
upset about your lying to him.

-He left the house this morning
without even saying goodbye.

-What is it, Ed?
-I don't know.
-Look, you go on home.
-I'll find him.
-If he doesn't show up in
an hour, give me a ring.

-Mr. Quimby speaking.
-Uh, this is Lieutenant Cullen.
-Did my brother find you today?
-Yes, he did.
-I want to congratulate
you, Lieutenant.

-That was fast work.
-It seems I misled
you on the color,

-But I'm sure it's the same car.
-Or one like it.
-Have you found
the owner already?

-No, no, no.
-We haven't found him yet.
-Where have you been all day?
-Finding out a few things.
-Next time take a cab
and keep Janet posted.

-She's home worrying about you.
-What did you do it for, Ed?
-Do what?
-Kill Frazer.
-You drunk?
-I wish I was.
-It was Mrs. Frazer
all along, huh?

-You sure can dream them up.
-I didn't dream
up you telling me

-She was half-doped in bed when
I had seen her at the window.

-Or you being on
the bridge at 11:00

-And tossing the gun off it.
-I wish I had gone
in the drink myself.

-You know, if the same
thing didn't happen

-To a lot of rookies, I'd
knock your ears down.

-Give then one break, and
suddenly they're masterminds,

-Running around like
a hot-tailed beavers,

-Arresting the whole population.
-You're blowing your top again.
-Go on home.
-We're going into
headquarters, Ed.

-Quimby identified your car.
-He's crazy.
-No, he's colorblind.
-That makes fine evidence.
-8,000 blue coups in the city,
and you get married to mine.

-I've been working my
way up on the force

-Since you were in grade school.
-Do you think I'd throw that
away on a sucker play like this?

-Yes, for one thing... a dame.
-You said she wasn't
good for you.

-Look, you're my brother, Edi.
-I'd hate to send
other guys after you.

-OK, let's go and see the chief.
-Somebody's got to
snap you out of it.

Frazer residence.

-Mrs. Frazer.
-LOIS (ON PHONE): Hello?
-Listen, don't
ask any questions.

-Throw some things in a bag.
-I'm gonna pick you
up in 10 minutes.

-We're going away.
Where are we going?

-Any place you want to go.
-I'll tell you when I see you.
-Is the case closed?
-I said pack and hurry!
-I'll tell you when I see you.
-MAN (ON RADIO): 1-8.
-1-2-6 Emerson.
-Homicide, please.
-MAN (ON PHONE): Homicide.
-Is Lieutenant Cullen there?
-Oh, hello, Sergeant Olson.
-Do you happen to
know where Andy is?

-He borrowed Ed's car.
-Yes, but when?
About an hour ago.

-An hour ago?
-Oh, good.
-Thank you.
-Attwater 0-2-3-9-0, please.
He's not answering.

-Operator, please keep trying.
-I'm pretty sure someone's there.
-Operator, get me police
headquarters, please.

-What time does
that flight leave?

-MAN (ON PHONE): At 7:45.
-We can just about make it.
-Hold two seats.
-Name is Johnson.
-MAN (ON PHONE): First name, sir?
-Harry Johnson.
-MAN (ON PHONE): Thank you.
-Come on.
-Should we take my car?
-Better take mine.
-I'll get these
hands in a moment.

-First get the radio
room on the phone.

-It's on the floor.
-How in the world
did Andy find out?

-He knows his business.
-Well, couldn't we talk
to him, reason with him?

-I could make it worth his while.
-Andy can't be bought.
-I don't believe that.
-There's nobody can't be...
-MAN (ON RADIO): Attention all
points, attention all points...

-Be on the lookout for Lieutenant
Cullen, homicide, and woman,

-Lois Frazer, wanted
on murder charge.

-Couple believe
heading out of city

-In police car, license 1G3744.
-Repeat, Lieutenant Cullen...
-The airport's out.
Car 88 reporting.

-Block established on Skyline
Boulevard and County Line.

-No news of 13744 having
been sighted here.

-88, roger.
-MAN (ON RADIO): 137 reporting.
-Bus driver reporting
car with plates 1G3744

-Seen on state highway 110
minutes ago heading north.

-137, roger.
Car 106 reporting.

-Road blocks established on
state highway 5 on County Line.

-Right in the middle.
-Sewed up.
-Mind if I take the wife home?
-And stay home with her.
-You're not on this case.
-Right, Olson.
-I want to make
sure he stays home.

-Have him followed.
-If he leaves the house, I want
a report on any place he goes.

-I better get Shaughnessy.
-Andy doesn't know him.
-All right, honey.
-Olson said this
isn't your case.

-Forget Olson.
-What are you going to do?
-Ed knows he can't get
out of town for a while.

-I've got a hunch I
know where he is.

-Do you think we'll make it?
-I don't know.
-I've seen them button up this
town too many times before.

-Button up?
-Road blocks.
-There are only six
ways out of town.

-We'd have a better
chance if it were dark.

-Well, why don't
we stop someplace?

-Exactly what we're gonna do.
-Ed, the bridge is blocked.
officer at County Line.

-Left road block.
-I'll take care of the gate.
-You drive in.
-I'll get this out of sight.
-Should I fix the
gate the way it was.

-It's all right as it is.
-This is Fort Point, isn't it?
-I've heard about it
and read about it,

-But I've never seen it before.
-Andy and I used to play
around here when we were kids.

-Come on, let's go up one
flight, just in case.

-We can stay here all night?
-There's a trail
alongside the bridge.

-When it's dark, we'll
climb up to the restaurant

-By the toll gate.
-A lot of trucks stop there.
-We'll get in the back
of an off-bound truck,

-And that's that.
-See that watchtower?
-Get up there, and
get out of sight.

-Wouldn't that be the
first place he'd look?

-It's too obvious.
Go on.

-I'm gonna try a bluff.
-Five minutes.
-How much longer?
-I'm freezing.
-About an hour.
-Let's get in out of the wind.
-MAN: Don't move.
-Have we got time?
-Help yourself.
-You said it once.
-Under the skin.
-LOIS: I haven't anyone
else but you, Joe.

-If you get me out of
this, let's go away

-Somewhere... anywhere you like.
-I've got a lot of money, Joe.
-Light me a cigarette,
will you, darling?

-Of course, dear.