Meet John Doe (1941) - Movie Script

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-{3110}{3253}Look Mr. Connell. I just can't aford to be without|work. I've got a mother and two kid sisters.
{3259}{3310}More Good-luck telegrams...
{3328}{3401}You know how it is. I've just got to keep on working,|see?
{3418}{3541}Sorry sister. I was sent down here to clean house. I|told you I can't use your column anymore.
{3602}{3738}I'll tell you what I'll do. I get 30 dollars a week. I'll|take 25, 20 if necessary. I'll do anything you say
{3748}{3881}It isn't the money. We're after circulation. We need|fireworks.
{3894}{3967}I can do that. I know this town inside and out. Oh,|give me a chance!
{3978}{4012}Come in, come in, come in...
{4024}{4144}Cashier's got your check. Who are these people?|Gabs, Connie, Fonygan and Chiles...
{4191}{4264}Hey sister, don't forget to get out your last column|before you pick up your check.
{4781}{4854}Big, rich slob like D.B. Norten buys the paper and 40|heads are chopped off!
{4868}{4949}- Did you get it too?|- Yeah, you too?
{4971}{5084}Oh Joe. I'm sorry darling. Why don't we tear the|building down.
{5098}{5160}Before you do ma'm, perhaps you'd better finish this|column.
{5182}{5233}Lavendar and Old Lace.
{5252}{5306}Wait Joe! Wait.
{5395}{5478}He want fireworks huh? Okay.
{5963}{6100}Below is a letter which reached my desk this morning.|It's a commentary on what we call a civilized world.
{6121}{6245}Dear Miss Mitchell. Four years ago, I'd been fired out|of my job. Since then, I haven't been able to get a|new one.
{6261}{6411}At first I was sore at the administration, because of all|the politics here, we have all this unemployment.
{6445}{6596}But in looking around, it seems the whole world is|going to pot. So in protest, I am going to commit|suicide...
{6606}{6693} jumping of the City Hall roof. Signed a|disgusted, American citizen, John Doe.
{6709}{6825}Editor's note, if you ask this column, the wrong people|are jumping off the roofs.
{6851}{6954}- Hey, this is the old fake-a-roo,|- Never mind that Joe, go ahead.
{7490}{7580}And it's because of all the slimy politics that we have|all this unemployment here.
{7605}{7678}There it is. There's D.B. Norten's opening attack on|the Governor.
{7687}{7782}- Why Jim, it's just a letter sent into a column.|- No, no, I can smell him, that's Norten.
{7789}{7862}- Good-morning gentlemen.|- Good-morning Governor.
{7876}{7949}- Governor, did you happen to see this in the New|Bulletin?
{7966}{8053}- Yes, I had it served with my breakfast this morning.|- Jim thinks it's D.B. Norten at work...
{8061}{8079}Of course it is.
{8089}{8197}Oh come now. That little item. D.B. Norten does|things in a much bigger way
{8206}{8279}This is his opening attack on you Governor. Take my|word for it.
{8286}{8381}Why did he buy a paper for? Why did he engage a|high-pressure editor like Connell for? '
{8396}{8469}He's in the oil business. I tell you Governor, he's after|your scalp.
{8480}{8575}All right Jim. Don't burst a blood vessel. I'll look into|it.
{8590}{8663}- Yes sir?|- Get me Spenser of the Daily Chronical please.
{8701}{8913}Yes, yes I saw it Governor. And if you ask me, that's|a phony letter.
{8943}{9028}- Why that gag has got whiskers on it. Ok I'll get the|Mayor and maybe the Chamber of Commerce to go|after them.|- Sorry the Mayor is busy on the other phone.
{9048}{9153}Yes I know Mrs. Brewster, it's a terrible reflection on|our city. I've had a dozen calls already.
{9163}{9172}- Spencer from the Chronical.|- Hold him.
{9172}{9230}- Spencer from the Chronical.|- Hold him.
{9230}{9263}Yes Mrs. Brewster. I'm listening.
{9273}{9432}I insist that this John Doe be found, and given a job at|once. If something isn't done about it, I'll call the|whole auxiliary.
{9529}{9703}Yes Spencer? Who? The Governor? Well what|about me? It's my building he's jumping off of and I'm|up for re-election too.
{9716}{9757}What are you doing? Get Connell at the Bullentin.
{9769}{9834}- He's liable to go right past my window|- Get me Connell.
{9841}{9862}- What was that?|- What?
{9872}{9923}- Out the window Something just flew by|- I didn't see anything.
{9930}{9990}Don't stand there you idiot. Go and look. Open the|window.
{10017}{10090}Oh why did he have to pick on my building? Is there|a crowd in the street?
{10104}{10177}- No sir!|- Maybe he's caught on the ledge, look again.
{10202}{10297}- I think it must have been a sea gull|- A sea gull? What's a sea gull doing around City|Hall?
{10324}{10404}- That's a bad omen, isn't it?|- Oh no sir. The sea gull is a lovely bird.
{10437}{10599}It's all right Mrs. Brewster. It was just a sea gull.|Nothing's happened yet. I'm watching. Don't worry|just leave it all to me.
{10608}{10691}Spencer, I'll call you back. Hello Connell?
{10708}{10760}This is... What are you doing? This is the Mayor.
{10781}{10854}Yes Mayor Lovitt, how many times are you going to|call me?
{10873}{10946}Got everybody out looking for him. Did you see the|blacks I'm running?
{10995}{11100}An appeal to John Doe. Think it over John. Life can|be beautiful, says Mayor.
{11117}{11190}If you need a job, apply to the editor of this paper and|so forth and so forth.
{11217}{11290}Okay Mayor. I'll let you know as soon as I have|something. What?
{11327}{11363}Well, pull down the blinds.
{11373}{11440}- I just came from Mrs. Mitchells house, and boy is|she in a bad way.|- Where is she?
{11450}{11537}- Did you know that she supports a mother and two|kids.|- What do you know about that?
{11559}{11632}Did you find her? No, her mother is awful worried|about her. When she left the house, she said she|was going on a roaring drunk!
{11657}{11699}- Go out and find her.|- Sure.
{11724}{11855}But the biggest thing I didn't tell you, is her old man is|Dr. Mitchell. You know the doc that saved my|mother's life and wouldn't take any money for it. You|remember that?
{11867}{11916}Okay boss, I'll go and look for her.
{11992}{12144}Holy smokes Commissionair, you've had 24 hours.|Okay, grab a pencil, here it is again.
{12174}{12356}About 5 foot 5, brown eyes, light chestnut hair, and a|fine of pair of legs as...
{12386}{12443}...ever walked into this office.
{12504}{12642}- Did you want to see me?|- No. I've had the whole army and navy out searching|for you because it's a game we play here everyday.
{12652}{12786}- I remember distinctly being fired.|- That's right, but you have a piece of paper that still|belongs to this paper.
{12793}{12816}- What's that?|- The letter.
{12823}{12860}- What letter?|- The letter from John Doe.
{12903}{12960}The whole town isin an uproar. We've got to find him|and the letter is the only clue.
{12977}{13080}- There is no letter.|- Then get a handwriting expert to... What?
{13100}{13134}There is no letter.
{13210}{13243}- Say that again.|- I made it up.
{13261}{13334}- You made it up?|- Yes, you said you wanted fireworks.
{13351}{13455}Don't you know there are 9 jobs waiting for this guy|22 families want to board him free.
{13471}{13544}Five women want to marry him and a man is ready to|adopt him.
{13552}{13625}- And you...|- Just called the ward boss and they said there's a|girl...
{13647}{13691}- Ann! Say why didn't you...|- Benny!
{13706}{13786}- Only one thing to do Hank. Drop the whole business|quickly|- How?
{13795}{13878}Run a story saying John Doe was in here and he was|sorry for writing the letter...
{13885}{13958}Sure. He came in here and we got him to change his|mind.
{13967}{14047}Bulletin editor saves John Doe's life. Why it's perfect.|I'll have Ned write it up.
{14087}{14118}- Oh Ned, I've got a story I want you...|- Wait a minute.
{14143}{14210}Listen you great, big, wonderful genius of a|newspaper man...
{14220}{14366}You came down here to shoot some life into this dying|paper, didn't you? Well the whole town is curious|about John Doe and just like that, you're going to bury|him.
{14382}{14430}There's enough cirrculation in that man to start an ink|shortage.
{14450}{14484}- In what man?|- John Doe.
{14499}{14572}- What John Doe?|- My John Doe! The one I made up.
{14583}{14702}Now look genius. Suppose there was a John Doe|and he walked into this ofice. What would you do?
{14711}{14817}Give him a job and forget about the whole business I|suppose huh? Not me! I'd make a deal with him.
{14834}{14847}A deal?
{14857}{14930}Sure, when you get hold of a stunt that sells papers,|you don't drop it like a hot potatoe.
{14941}{14983}Why this is good for at least a couple of months.|Why, do you know what I'd do?
{14998}{15136}Between now and let's say Christmas, when he's|going to jump, I'd run a daily starting with his|boyhood, schooling, firstjob.
{15149}{15272}Awide-eyed youngster facing a caotic world! The|problem of the average man, of all the John Doe's in|the world.
{15294}{15405}Now, then comes the drama. He meets|discouragement, he finds the world a feet of clay his|ideals crumble. So what does he do?
{15430}{15503}He decides to commit suicide and protest against the|state of civilization.
{15520}{15610}He thinks of the river but no. He has a better idea.|City Hall. But why?
{15622}{15735}Because he wants to attract attention. He wants to|get a few things off his chest, and that's the only way|he can get himself heard...
{15750}{15771}- So?|- So?
{15778}{15860}So he writes me a letter and I dig him up. He pours|out his soul to me.
{15875}{15988}And from now on we quote: I protest, by John Doe.|He protests against all the evils in the world.
{16007}{16085}The greed, the lust, the hate, the fear All of man's|inhumanities.
{16104}{16340}Arguments will start. Should he commit suicide, or|should he not? People will write in with pleading for|him. But John Doe will remain adament. On|Christmas Eve hot or cold, he goes!
{16427}{16552}Very pretty indeed Miss Mitchell. But would you mind|telling me who goes on Christmas Eve?
{16571}{16599}- John Doe!|- What John Doe!?
{16614}{16718}- The one we hire for the job, you lunk-head.|- Wait a minute. Let me get this through this lame|brain of mine.
{16746}{16819}- Are you suggesting that we go out and hire someone|to say that he is going to commit suicide on Christmas|Eve?
{16835}{16879}- Now you're catching on.|- Who for example?
{16898}{17062}- Anybody, Benny will do.|- Sure... what, who me... jump of a... anytime but|Christmas.
{17213}{17325}Miss Mitchell, do me a favor. Go on out and get|married and have a lot of babies, but stay out of|newspaper business.
{17336}{17499}- Better get that story in Hank, it's getting late.|- You're suppose to be a smart guy If it was raining|100 dollar bills, you be out looking for a dime you lost|some place.
{17522}{17656}- Holy smokes. Wasting my time, listening to this mad|woman.|- Look Chief at what the Chronical is writing on John|Doe.
{17667}{17779}Why the no good! John Doe story amature|journalism.
{17790}{17898}It's probably phony and it's a wonder that anyone is|taking it seriously. What do you think of those guys?
{17913}{18085}That's fine! Now fall right into their laps. Go ahead.|Say John Doe walked in and called the whole thing|off. You know what that's going to sound like on top|of this.
{18113}{18145}- That's all.|- All right.
{18197}{18357}- Amature journalism huh? Why those bunch of|sophomores, I can teach them more...|- Hey boss, get a load of this.
{18380}{18416}- What?|- Look.
{18516}{18589}- What do they want?|- They all say they wrote the John Doe letter.
{18609}{18662}- Oh, they all wrote the letter?|- Tell them all to wait.
{18677}{18828}Mr. Connell, one of those men is your John Doe.|They're desparate and will do anything for a cup of|coffee. Pick one out and you can make the Chronical|eat their words.
{18868}{18955}- I'm beginning to like this.|- If you ask me Hank, your beginning to play around|with dynomite.
{18970}{19121}No, no, no, the gal's right. Can't let the Chronicel get|the laugh on us. We've got to produce a John Doe|now. Amature journalism!!
{19136}{19278}- I'll show those guys.|- Sure, and there's no reason for them to find out the|truth, because naturally I won't say anything.
{19335}{19388}- Kay sister, you'll get yourjob back|- Plus a bonus.
{19412}{19503}- What bonus?|- Oh the bonus of 1000 dollars that the Chronicel was|going to pay me for this little document.
{19518}{19643}- You'll see it says, I Miss Mitchell,|- do hereby certify that the John Doe letter was|created by me... I can read, I can read.
{19726}{19809}- You think this is worth 1000 dollars do you?|- The Chronicel will consider it dirt cheap.
{19836}{19931}Packs everything, including a gun. Okay sister,|you've got yourself a deal.
{19942}{20076}Now let's take a look at the canidates. The one we|pick has got to be the typical average man. Typical,|American and can keep his mouth shut.
{20091}{20168}Show me an American who can keep his mouth shut,|and I'll eat him.
{20218}{20259}Okay Benny, bring them in, one at a time...
{21802}{21847}Did you write that letter to Miss Mitchell?
{21861}{21910}- No, I didn't.|- Why are you here then?
{21938}{22011}Well the paper said there was some jobs around.|Thought there might be one left over.
{22023}{22096}- Have any schooling?|- Yeah, a little.
{22120}{22178}- What do you do when you work?|- I used to pitch.
{22184}{22237}- Baseball?|- Yeah.
{22261}{22334}- Where'd you play?|- Bush leagues, mostly
{22367}{22428}- How about family? Got any family?|- No.
{22460}{22551}- Oh, just travelling through huh?|- Yeah, me and a friend of mine. He's outside.
{22660}{22755}- He looks all right.|- Oh, he's perfect and a baseball player What could|be more American?
{22766}{22866}- Wish he had a family though.|- Be less complicated without a family His face is|wonderful.
{22885}{22929}They'll believe him! Come on.
{22986}{23091}- What's your name?|- Willaby. John Willaby they called me in baseball.
{23105}{23178}Would you like to make some money?
{23233}{23358}- Yeah... maybe...|- Would you be willing to say you wrote that letter and|stick by it.
{23504}{23596}I get the idea. Yeah, maybe.
{23717}{23804}- That's our man, he's made to order.|- I don't know. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy|that will fall in line.
{23819}{23935}When you're desparate for money, you'll do a lot of|things Mr. Connell. He's our man, I tell you...
{23967}{24050}- He's fainted. Get some water, quickly|- Sit him up.
{24082}{24131}- You all right?|- Yeah, I'm all right.
{24158}{24203}How many is that, six?
{24443}{24487}Pretty hungry, weren't you?
{24528}{24610}- All this John Doe business is batty if you ask me.|- Well, nobody asked you.
{24642}{24746}Trying to improve the world by jumping of buildings.|You couldn't improve the world, if the buildings|jumped on you.
{24787}{24860}- Don't mind him, he hates people.|- He likes you well enough to stick around.
{24876}{24920}That's cause we both play doo-hickies.
{24973}{25128}I met him in a boxcar a couple of years ago. I was|fooling around with my harmonica and he comes over|and joins in. I haven't been able to shake him since.
{25657}{25774}- All right boys, here he is.|- No, no, no, you can't take pictures of him like that,|eating a sandwich and with a beard.
{25788}{25905}- But he's going to jump of a building.|- Yes, but not because he's out of a job. That's not|news. This man's going to jump as a matter of|principal.
{25916}{25999}- Maybe you're right.|- We'll clean him up, put him in a hotel under|bodyguards and make a mystery out of him.
{26030}{26147}- Did you speak to Mr. Norten?|- He thinks it's terrific. He says for us to go the limit.|Wants us to build a bonfire under every bigshot in the|state. Oh swell!
{26165}{26197}- Is that the contract?|- Yeah.
{26213}{26275}- What's he doing here?|- A friend of his, they play duets together
{26294}{26360}- Duets? But can we trust him?|- I trust him.
{26370}{26474}- Oh you trust him, well that's fine.|- I suppose he trusts you too. Oh stop it now He's all|right.
{26489}{26636}Okay, but we don't want any more than a couple on|this thing. Now the first thing I want is an exact copy|of the John Doe letter in your own handwriting.
{26646}{26771}- I've got it already here.|- That's fine. Now I want you to sign this agreement.
{26790}{26895}It gives us an exclusive story under your name, day|by day, from now until Christmas.
{26932}{27025}On December 26, you get one railroad ticket, out of|town.
{27042}{27183}And they agree to have your arm fixed. That's what|you want, isn't it? Yeah, but it's got to be by Bone,|Set or Brown.
{27219}{27264}Here sign it. Meanwhile, here is 50 dollars, spending|money.
{27300}{27408}That's fine. Benny, take charge of him. Get him a|suite at the lmperial and some bodyguards.
{27427}{27500}- He needs some new clothes Benny.|- Do you think we'd better have him de-loused?
{27521}{27594}- Both of them?|- Yes, both of them, but don't let them out of your|sight.
{27606}{27650}- Hey Benny, grey suit huh?|- Yeah.
{27661}{27705}Okay fellows...
{27822}{27884}Take it easy John Doe.
{27958}{28138}And you, start pounding that typewriter Oh boy this is|terrific. No responsibilites on our part, just statements|from John Doe and we can blast our heads of.
{28149}{28222}Before you pop your head off, don't forget to make|that check out for 1000.
{28318}{28435}You sit outside the door, to make sure no one comes|in. You two fellows sit in here.
{28455}{28495}Pretty nifty huh?
{28523}{28571}- He ain't going to get me to stay here.|- Sure you are.
{28578}{28651}No sir, that spot under the bridge, where we slept last|night, is good enough for me...
{28688}{28729}- Say, what do I do with this baggage?|- Stick them in the bedroom.
{28739}{28788}Give me mine, I ain't staying.
{28811}{28945}- You know we were headed for the Columbia River|Country before all this John Doe business came up,|don't you?|- Sure, I remember.
{28968}{29013}Say, did your ears pop coming up in the elevator?|Mine did.
{29028}{29115}Oh Long John, I tell you it's no good. You're going to|get used to a lot of stuf that's going to wreck you.
{29130}{29225}Why that 50 bucks in your pocket is beginning to|show up on you already...
{29253}{29370}- Stop worrying. I'm going to get my arm fixed out of|this.|- Hey, here are some cigars the boss sent us. Have|one.
{29380}{29425}- You?|- No.
{29639}{29712}Say I bet you the Major Leaguer's don't rate an outfit|like this.
{29724}{29845}- Here make yourself comfortable. Paper?|- I don't read no papers, and I don't listen to no radios|either.
{29868}{29941}I know the world has been shaved by a drunken|barber, and I don't have to read it.
{30008}{30181}I've seen guys like you go under before. Never had a|worry, then got a hold of some dough and went goofy.
{30195}{30248}- Hey did you get a load of the bedroom?|- No.
{30272}{30444}The first thing that happens to guys like that is he|wants to go into restaurants and sit down at a table|and eat salads and cupcakes and drink tea.
{30471}{30524}Boy what that kind of food does to your system.
{30650}{30856}The next thing the dope wants is a room. Yes sir, a|room with steam heat! And he can't sleep unless he|has a bed.
{30896}{30949}Hey stop worrying. Fifty bucks ain't going to ruin me.
{30959}{31032}I've seen plenty of fellows start out with 50 bucks and|wind up with a bank account.
{31053}{31204}- What's the matter with a bank account?|- Let me tell you Long John that when you become a|guy with a bank account...
{31223}{31259}...they got you! Yes sir, they've got you.
{31286}{31359}- Who's got him?|- The Heelots!
{31367}{31467}Hey there's the City Hall's tower I'm suppose to jump|off of. It's even higher than this.
{31500}{31573}- Who's got him?|- The Heelots!
{31605}{31709}Hey, wait a minute! You're not suppose to jump until|Christmas Eve. Do you want to get me into a jam?
{31728}{31801}If it's going to get you in a jam, I'll do you a favor I|won'tjump.
{31838}{31959}- And when they've got you, you've got no more|chance than a road-rabbit.|- Who'd you say was going to get him?
{31970}{32057}- Hey is this one of those places where you ring if you|want something?|- Yeah, just use the phone.
{32080}{32112}Boy, I've always wanted to do this.
{32127}{32244}Look Doc, give me that again, will you? Who's going|to get him?
{32301}{32374}- The Heelots. Who are they?|- Listen sucky, ever been broke?
{32390}{32418}Sure, mostly often.
{32433}{32528}All right you're walking alone. Nota nickle In your|jeans, you're asfree as the wind, nobody bothers you.
{32543}{32736}Hundreds of people pass you by in every line of|business. Shoes, hats, automobiles, furniture,|everything. And they're all nice lovable people.
{32747}{32787}And they let you alone, is that right?
{32802}{32861}Then you get a hold of some dough, and what|happens?
{32886}{33000}All those sweet, lovable people become Heelots!
{33040}{33165}A lot of heels. They begin creeping up on you, trying|to sell you something. They get long claws...
{33184}{33326}. then they get a strangle-hold on you. And you squirm|and you duck and you holler and you try to push them|away, but you haven't got a chance. They've got you!
{33358}{33496}First thing you know, you own things. A car for|instance. Now your whole life is messed up with a lot|more stuff.
{33519}{33658}You get license fees, and number plates, and gas, oil,|taxes, insurance...
{33681}{33908}...and identifcation cards, and letters and bills and then|flat tires, dents and trafic tickets and a million and|one other things.
{33927}{33976}And what happens?
{33999}{34171}You're not the free and happy guy you used to be.|You've got to have money to pay for all those things.
{34207}{34280}So you go after what the other fellow's got. And there|you are, you're a Heelot yourself.
{34475}{34719}- You win, here take the 50. Go on, get rid of it.|- You bet I will, just as fast as I can. I'm going to get|some canned goods, a fishing rod and the rest, I'm|going to give away.
{34738}{34829}- Give away?!|- Hey, get me a pitcher's glove. I've got to get me|some practice.
{34876}{34993}- Say, he's giving it away. I'm going to get me some of|that.|- Hey come back here, you Heelot.
{35044}{35220}Will you send up 5 hamburgers with all the trimmings,|5 chocolate ice-cream sodas, and 5 pieces of apple|pie?
{35247}{35339}- No, apple, with cheese. Yep, thanks.
{35689}{35734}Hello there!
{35770}{35895}- Well, well, if it isn't the man about town.|- All set Miss Anne.
{35939}{36065}Oh yes, let's go. Let's see, we want some action in|these pictures.
{36075}{36120}- Action?|- Yes.
{36173}{36273}No, no! This man is going to jump of a roof. Wait a|minute. Let me comb your hair.
{36300}{36341}Sit down.
{36432}{36481}There, that's better.
{36661}{36734}- You know, he's got a nice face, hasn't he?|- Yeah, he's pretty.
{36784}{36846}Here sit down. Quiet egg-head.
{36869}{36946}- All right, now a serious expression.|- Can't, I'm feeling too good.
{36963}{37036}Oh come on, this is serious. You're a man disgusted|with all of civilization...
{37047}{37113}- With all of it?|- Yes, you're sore at the world, come on now!
{37132}{37177}- Crabby guy huh?|- Yeah!
{37243}{37279}No, no!
{37425}{37498}Now look, you don't have to smell the world.
{37548}{37621}- But all those guys in the pictures.|- Never mind those guys. All right, stand up.
{37642}{37715}- Now let's see what you look like, when you protest.|- Against what?
{37731}{37787}Against anything. Just protest.
{37821}{37856}You got me...
{37871}{37995}Look I'm the umpire. You just cut the heart of the|plate with your fast ball, and I called it a ball. What|would you do?
{38016}{38089}Why can't you call them right, you bone-headed...
{38174}{38247}I PROTEST!
{39399}{39563}I don't care whose picture they're publishing. I still|say this John Doe person is a myth and you can|quote me on that.
{39595}{39873}And I'm going to insist on his being produced for|questioning. You know as well as I do, that this whole|thing is being engineered by a vicious man with a|vicious purpose Mr. D.B. Norten.
{40444}{40544}- Connell and Mitchell are at the house.|- Are they now? Come on.
{40597}{40708}Personally, I think it's just plain stupidity to drop it.|Now you should see his fan mail, thousands! This is|going over like a house on fire.
{40708}{40754}Personally, I think it's just plain stupidity to drop it.|Now you should see his fan mail, thousands! This is|going over like a house on fire.
{40754}{40990}- Why are you afraid of Connell? It's doubled our|circulation.|- Eah, but it's got everybody sore. Hands are bing|pulled. The Governor is starting a liable suit.
{41000}{41117}So let them see him. We'll go one better, they can|also hear him. You own a radio station Mr. Norten,|why not put him on the air?
{41127}{41261}Watch out for this dame D.B., she'll drive you batty|We can't let them get to this bush-league pitcher and|they start pumping him.
{41272}{41418}No telling what the screw-ball might do. I walk in|yesterday, and here he is standing on a table with a|fishing pole.'
{41433}{41554}- Ake my advice and get him out of town, before this|whole thing explodes in our faces.|- If you do that Mr. Norten, you're just as much of a|dumb-cluck as he is.
{41569}{41609}You've got yourself a meal-ticket and you hate to let|him go.
{41624}{41733}Sure he's a meal ticket and I admit it. But, it is also a|wind-fall for somebody like Mr. Norten who's trying to|crash National politics.
{41743}{41873}That's what you bought the newspaper for, isn't it?|You want to reach a lot of people, don't you? Put|John Doe on the air, and you can reach 130 million of|them.
{41883}{42042}He can say anything he wants, and they'll listen to|him. All right, we'll forget the Governor and the Mayor|and all the small-fry like that. This can arouse|National interest.
{42053}{42183}If he made a hit around here, he could do every other|place in the country And you'll be pulling the strings|Mr. Norten.
{42265}{42331}- Go down to the office and arrange for some radio|time.|- But D.B. You're not going to fall...
{42337}{42386}I want it as soon as possible.
{42448}{42543}Okay, I just came in to get warm myself. Come on,|let's go.
{42579}{42637}Now don't you go, I want to talk to you.
{42800}{42845}Sit down.
{43233}{43316}- So, this John Doe idea was yours huh?|- Yes.
{43479}{43528}- How much money do you get?|- 30 dollars.
{43556}{43719}- Hirty dollars... What are you after, I mean what do|you want? Ajournalistic career?|- Money!
{43764}{43837}Money, well I'm glad to hear somebody admit it.
{43923}{44019}Do you suppose you could write a radio speech for|that fellow and hold him to it?
{44048}{44110}- Oh, I'm sure I can. Do it and I'll give you 100 dollars|a week.|- 100 dollars?!
{44120}{44237}That's only the beginning. You play your cards right,|and you'll never have to worry about money again.
{44261}{44299}- Oh I knew it.|- Hello.
{44299}{44411}- Whenever there's a pretty woman around... my|nephew Ted Sheldon.|- How do you do?
{44422}{44518}- How do you do?|- All right Casanova, I'll give you a break. See that|Miss Mitchell gets a car to take her home.
{44537}{44628}- Always reading my mind, aren't you?|- Thank you very much for everything.
{44664}{44751}Oh Miss Mitchell. I think from now on, you'd better|work directly with me.
{44774}{44819}Yes sir.
{45657}{45730}I thought you were asleep.
{45772}{45902}- Oh you little brats! .|- Come, come, come children. It's past your bedtime.
{46024}{46097}I'm done. I'll never get this speech right.
{46116}{46203}- Oh yes you willAnne dear, you're very clever.|- Yes, I know.
{46214}{46275}- What are you looking for?|- Your purse, I need 10 dollars.
{46281}{46411}- What for, I gave you 50 just the other day|- Yes I know dear, but Mrs. Burke had her baby|yesterday.
{46443}{46555}- And there wasn't a thing in the house.|- And the community lady came. And the 50 is all|gone. Who is the 10 for?
{46579}{46606}- Websters...|- Websters.
{46617}{46768}You remember those lovely people your father used to|take care of. I thought I would buy them some|groceries. Oh Anne dear, it's a shame those...
{46782}{46908}You're marvelous! You're just like father used to be.|Do you realize that a couple of weeks ago, we didn't|have enough to eat ourselves?
{46931}{47018}Yes I know dear, but these people are in such need.
{47033}{47167}If you are thinking of that 1000 dollars forget it. It's|practically gone. We owed everybody in town. None|you've just got to stop giving your money away
{47181}{47332}- Oh Anne... I'm sorry.|- Don't pay any attention to me.
{47360}{47545}Here I am with a great opportunity to get somewhere.|To give us security for once in our lives and here I'm|stuck. If I can put this over, your Mrs. Burke can have|6 babies.
{47564}{47646}- You mean this speech you're writing.|- Yeah, I don't know. I just can't seem to get it to gel.
{47657}{47871}I created somebody who's going to give up his life for|a principal. Hundreds of thousands of people are|going to listen to him over the radio. And unless he|says something that is sensational, well, it's just no|good.
{47899}{48063}Well honey, of course I don't know what kind of|speech you're tying to write, butjudging from the|samples I've read, I don't think anybody will listen.
{48120}{48271}Darling, there's so many complaining political|speeches, people are tired of hearing of doom and|despair on a radio...
{48285}{48406}...lf you can have him say anything, why not have him|say something simple and real. Something with hope|in it.
{48459}{48532}If your father were alive, he'd know what to say.
{48540}{48602}Yeah, Father certainly would.
{48650}{48695}Wait a minute.
{49096}{49205}- That's your father's diary Anne|- Father's? I never knew he had a diary.
{49224}{49315}There's enough in it for 100 speeches. Things people|ought to hear now-a-days.
{49338}{49434}You be careful of it, won't you dear? It's always help|keep your father alive for me.
{49453}{49493}You bet I will Ma.
{49567}{49638}Wait a minute. John Doe don't want to sign no|autographs.
{49648}{49735}- What does he do all day?|- What does he do all day? He's writing all these|memories.
{49775}{49931}Sorry Eddie, you can't see Mr. Doe. He wants to be|alone. No, he just sits around all day and commutes|with himself.
{50357}{50430}I don't know how you're going to stand it around here|until after Christmas?
{50531}{50593}I bet you ain't heard a crying whistle in two weeks?
{51134}{51183}I know why you are hanging around.
{51351}{51404}You're stuck on the girl.
{51465}{51538}That's all a guy needs, is to get hooked up with a|woman.
{51973}{52046}- What was that, a single?|- First baseman dropped the ball.
{52276}{52389}If a guy has a woman on his hands, first thing you|know, his life is balled up with a lot more things...
{52722}{52767}Did you get him?
{52777}{52822}- You're out!|- Swell.
{52848}{52891}- What's this, the end of the eighth?|- Ninth!
{52998}{53062}Hey Benny, there's a couple of mugs from the|Chroncel snooping around out here...
{53155}{53204}Come on angel-face.
{53265}{53338}What's the score angel-face? Three to two.
{53520}{53679}- Hey you've got swell form there.|- You must have been a pretty good pitcher Pretty|good? I was just about ready for the Major League,|when I chipped a bone in my elbow
{53694}{53756}- I got it pitching a 19 inning game.|- 19?
{53779}{53875}There was a Major League scout there watching me|too. He came down, after the game, with a contract.
{53906}{53979}You know what? I couldn't lift my arm to sign it.
{54008}{54081}- I'll be Okay though, as soon as I get it fixed up.|- It's too bad.
{54110}{54206}- What do you mean too bad?|- Huh, or that's you'll never be able to play again.
{54229}{54342}- What are you talking about, I just told you I was...|- Well you know how they are in baseball. If a guy is|messed up in a racket...
{54361}{54477}- A racket? What do you mean?|- I was just thinking about this John Doe business.
{54492}{54596}As soon as it comes out that it was all a fake, you'll be|washed up in baseball, won't you?
{54764}{54837}I never thought about that.
{54985}{55110}And another thing. What about all the kids in the|country? Kids that idolize ball players. What are they|going to think about you?
{55167}{55233}Yeah, hey Colonel!
{55303}{55424}- Did you hear that?|- I've got to figure some way out of this thing.|Elevators are still running.
{55477}{55550}- I know one way you can do it.|- How?
{55571}{55704}Well when you get up there on the radio, all you've|got to do is say the whole thing is a frame-up. It'll|make you a hero, sure as you're born.
{55749}{55946}- Yeah but, how am I going to get my arm fixed?|- That's a cinch. I know someone who'll give you|5000 dollars,
{55961}{56053}- 5000 dollars?|- Yeah, 5000 dollars and he gets it right away
{56072}{56120}You don't have to wait until Christmas.
{56144}{56256}- Look out Long, they're closing in on you.|- Say, who's putting up this dough?
{56288}{56346}The fellow that runs the Chronicel.
{56386}{56459}Here's a speech you can make, and it's all written out|for you.
{56483}{56630}5000 dollars. Holy Mackeral, I can just see the|Heelots coming, the whole lot of them.
{56717}{56766}It's on the level.
{57023}{57152}- No I'm sorry. Tickets for the broadcast are all gone.|- Phone the Bulletin.
{57443}{57530}- Hello John, all set for the big night?|- Turn around.
{57553}{57626}- Big smile Mr. Doe.|- Hold still.
{57634}{57687}Okay that's enough, take them out.
{57706}{57831}Here's the speech. It's in caps and double spaced,|you won't have any trouble reading it. Not nervous,|are you?
{57846}{57882}- No!|- Of course not, he wouldn't be.
{57893}{57936}- Who?|- John Doe, the one in there.
{57949}{58063}- Don't let your knees rattle, it picks up on the mike.|- You don't need to be nervous John, all you need to|remember is be sincere.
{58080}{58133}- Take the phone Miss Mitchell. It's for you.|- Yes?
{58139}{58311}- Hello mother.|- Oh thank-you darling. Oh there he is, the poor dear|man.
{58534}{58607}- Have you got the speech I gave you?|- Yeah.
{58632}{58782}I'll give this money to the Colonel just as soon as you|get started. We'll have a car at the side entrance|waiting for you.
{58797}{58870}- How'd you get in here?|- Oh, I just came in to wish him luck.
{58882}{59024}Out. My mother wishes you luck too. John, when you|read that speech, please believe every word of it.
{59039}{59097}- He turned out to be a wonderful person John.|- Who?
{59107}{59148}John Doe, the one in the speech.
{59162}{59235}You know something? I've actually fallen in love with|him.
{59264}{59337}- All right, there he is|- Come on. What's the idea?
{59392}{59440}Not so much, that's it.
{59451}{59551}- This is not the time for cheap publicity Mr. Connell.|- Listen, if that guy lays an egg, I want to get|something out of it.
{59574}{59682}Okay, that's enough. Now everybody get out. Come|on.
{59786}{59859}- How're you doing?|- Okay Benny, bring him in.
{59926}{60018}- Here you are boss, just like you ordered.|- Symbols of little people. Okay get them up.
{60041}{60114}This is ridiculous Mr. Connell. Come on, give me a|chance. The man in on the air in a few minutes.
{60427}{60500}- Come on snucks, you'd better bail out.|- Say good-bye Mr. Doe.
{60614}{60774}- Better get ready, one minute to go.|- One minute to go and the score is nothing to nothing.|Please John, you won't let me down, will you?
{60831}{60990}Will you? Of course you won't. If you think of|yourself as the real John Doe... Listen...
{61013}{61168}Everything in that speech, are things a certain man|believed in. He was my father John, and when he|talked, people listened...
{61196}{61338}And they'll listen to you too. Funny you know what|my mother said the other night?
{61361}{61434}She said to look into your eyes, and I'd see father|there.
{61519}{61592}- Hey, what do you say?|- Okay, we're coming, come on.
{61612}{61685}Now listen John, you're a pitcher so get in there and|pitch.
{61735}{61771}Good luck!
{61782}{61814}Let him through.
{62155}{62221}- Hey, let's get out of here.|- There's a door right there. Hey, what are you doing|here?
{62232}{62276}- That's what I'd like to know.|- Come on out now.
{62287}{62360}- He's a friend of mine. Let him alone, he's all right.
{62410}{62459}I'll be right over there, pulling for you.
{62533}{62582}No John, over hrere...
{62699}{62739}Stand by...
{63480}{63553}Phone the Chronicel, tell them to start getting those|extras out.
{64091}{64170}Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is Kevin|Fry speaking for the New Bulletin.
{64185}{64374}Tonight we give you something new and entirely|different. Standing beside me is the young man who|has declared publicly on Christmas Eve he intends to|commit suicide.
{64393}{64510}Giving as his reason and I quote: I protest against the|state of civilization, end quote.
{64529}{64713}Ladies and gentlemen, the New Bulletin takes|pleasure in presenting the man, who is fast becoming|the most talked up person in the whole|country... John Doe.
{65289}{65337}Ladies and Gentlemen.
{65399}{65558}I am the man you all know as John Doe. I took that|name, because it seems to describe...
{65641}{65737}. because it seems to describe the average man.
{65760}{65809}And that's me.
{65887}{66038}Well it was me, before I said I was going to jump of|the City Hall roof at midnight on Christmas Eve...
{66070}{66216}Now, I guess I'm not average anymore. Now, I'm|getting all sorts of attention, from big shots too.
{66227}{66300}- We've been double-crossed.|- . The Mayor and the Governor for instance.
{66329}{66446}- They don't like those articles|- I've been writing. You're an imposter young fellow|That's a pack of lies you are telling.
{66486}{66526}Who wrote that speech for you?
{66855}{67002}- Spencer...|- Ladies and Gentlemen, the disturbance you just|heard, was caused by someone in the audience who|tried to heckle Mr. Doe.
{67021}{67057}The speech will continue.
{67207}{67430}People like the Governor and that fellow there, can|stop worrying. I'm not going to talk about them, I'm|going to talk about us.
{67458}{67681}The average guys. The John Does. If anybody|should ask you what the average John Doe is like,|you couldn't tell him, because he is a million and one|things.
{67713}{67902}He's Mr. Big and Mr. Small. He's simple and he's|wise. He's honest, but he has a streak of arsonary in|his heart.
{67921}{68046}He seldom walks up to a public telephone, without|shoving his finger into the slot to see if somebody left|a nickle there.
{68337}{68488}He's the man the ads are written for. He's the fellow|everybody sells things to. He's Joe Doks, the world's|greatest stooge and the world's greatest strength...
{68488}{68880}He's the man the ads are written for. He's the fellow|everybody sells things to. He's Joe Doks, the world's|greatest stooge and the world's greatest strength...
{68880}{69031}We're a great family, us John Does. We are the meek|who are suppose to inherit the earth.
{69072}{69246}You'll find us everywhere. We raise the crops, we dig|the mines, work the factories, keep the books, fly the|planes, and drive the buses.
{69256}{69366}When a cop yells stand back there you, he means us,|the John Doe's.
{69376}{69421}What kind of speech is that? Didn't you read it?
{69445}{69803}We've existed since time began. We built the|pyramids. We saw Christ curcified, pulled the oars for|Roman Empires, sailed the boats for Columbus.
{69916}{70167}Retreated from Moscow with Napeleon, and froze|with Washington at Valley Forge. We've been in|there, dodging left hooks since before history began|to walk. In our struggle for freedom, we've hit the|canvass many a time, but you always bounce back,|cause we're the people.
{70319}{70442}There's been a lot of talk about free people going soft,|that we can't take it. That's a lot of hooey!
{70487}{70605}A free people can beat the world at anything, from war|to tiddlely-winks, if we all pull in the same direction.
{70825}{70939}I know a lot of you are saying: What can I do? I'm|just a little punk, I don't count.
{70975}{71153}You're dead wrong. The little punks have always|counted, because in the long run, because the|character of our country is the sum total of the|character of its little punks...
{71331}{71518}But we've all got to get in there and pitch. We can't|win if we don't have the old teamwork and that's|where every John Doe comes in.
{71546}{71707}It's up to him to get together with his teammate. And|your teammate, my friends, is the guy next door to|you!
{71739}{71891}Your neighbor, he's a terribly important guy that guy|next door. You're going to need him and he's going to|need you, so look him up.
{71919}{72062}If he's sick, call on him, if he's hungry, feed him. If|he's out of a job, find him one.
{72086}{72187}To most of you, your neighbor is a stranger. A guy|with a barking dog and a high fence around him.
{72206}{72337}Now you can't be a strangerto any guy that is on your|own team.
{72369}{72547}Tear down the fence that separates you. Tear down|the fence and you tear down a lot of hates and|prejudices. Tear all the fences down in the country|and you'll really have teamwork.
{72772}{72915}I know a lot of you are saying to yourselves: He's|asking for a miracle to happen. He's expecting|people to change all of a sudden.
{72952}{73104}Well, you're wrong. It's no miracle because I see it|happen once a year.
{73115}{73164}And so do you, at Christmas time.
{73183}{73314}There's something swell about the spirit of Christmas,|to see what it does to people. All kinds of people...
{73333}{73464}Now why can't that spirit, that same warm Christmas|spirit, last all year round?
{73526}{73683}If each and every John Doe would make that spirit|last 365 days of the year,
{73693}{73846}we'd develop such a strength, we'd create a tidal|wave go good, that no human force could stand|against it
{73895}{74056}Yes my friends. The meek can only inherit the earth,|when the John Doe's start loving their neighbors.
{74101}{74206}You'd better start right now Don't wait until the game|is called on account of darkness.
{74268}{74341}Wake up John Doe, you're the hope of the world.
{74538}{74596}John, you were wonderful.
{74765}{74838}- Let's get out of here.|- Now, you're talking.
{75280}{75389}I knew you'd wake up sooner or later. Boy am I glad|we got out of that mess.
{75421}{75494}462. I had the 5000 bucks sewed up. I could have|been on my way to Doc Brown.
{75567}{75659}You're a pitcher John. Now go in there and pitch.|What a sucker...
{75674}{75747}She's a Heelot, just like the rest of them. Lucky you|got away from her.
{75773}{75861}What was I doing up there making a speech anyway?|Me huh? The more I think about it, the more I...
{75876}{75998}Tear down all the fences? Why if you tore one picket|off, he'd sue you.
{76017}{76058}5000 bucks, had it right in my hand.
{76069}{76161}What do you mean he ran away? Well go after him,|find him. That man is terrific.
{76373}{76422}Here we come!
{77693}{77739}- How much money have we got left?|- A little bit.
{77753}{77790}- Better make it doughnuts huh?|- Yeah
{78101}{78129}What'll it be gents?
{78148}{78334}- Have you got a couple of steaks, about that big and|about that thick?|- And with hash brown potatoes, and tomatoes and...
{78349}{78425}. and doughnuts, yeah, I know Hey Mark, seekers.
{78452}{78525}On its way.
{78662}{78759}Hey, look! Join the John Doe club.
{78804}{78845}John Doe Club?
{79070}{79106}- You John Doe?|- Who?
{79112}{79170}- John Doe!|- Ah, you need glasses buddy
{79181}{79254}- Well, it's the spitting image of John Doe.|- Yeah, well his name is Willaby
{79263}{79393}- John Willaby. I'm a baseball player.|- I'd know that voice anywhere. You can't kid me.
{79417}{79543}- You're John Doe.|- John Doe?!
{79563}{79625}- Sitting right there! .|- You mean he's alive?
{79631}{79664}John Doe. Right there.
{79970}{80097}Hey operator, tell everybody in town, John Doe was|just in my place.
{80116}{80165}Yeah, he ordered doughnuts.
{80587}{80688}- What did John Doe look like, Mr. Mayor?|- He's one of those outdoor-type men.
{80699}{80772}No, you can't see him, cause you didn't vote for me|last time. Shame on you!
{80810}{80824}Has Mr. Norten come yet? He should have been here|15 minutes ago. There he comes now.
{80824}{81046}Has Mr. Norten come yet? He should have been here|15 minutes ago. There he comes now.
{81046}{81134}Now everybody, on your dignity Don't do anything to|disgrace the little town.
{81217}{81301}- Better let me talk to him.|- But present it to him as a great cause for the|common man.
{81389}{81462}Here he comes.
{81479}{81552}How do you do Mr. Norten. I'm the Mayor.
{81586}{81668}Let me go, you darn fool, I'm the Mayor! Mr. Norten!
{81698}{81771}- I'm the Mayor. Your office told me to hold him.|- That's fine, how is he?
{81788}{81919}Oh he's fine. He's right in my office there. It's an|honor having John Doe here.
{81976}{82066}The folks are so excited and proud. Call the paper|and tell them Mr. Norten is here.
{82097}{82187}Right inside Mr. Norten. My office, very comfortable|Mr. Norten. I just had it air-conditioned.
{82229}{82316}Gang way. Here he is Mr. Norten, well taken care of...
{82371}{82424}Hello John...
{82491}{82540}Mr. Mayor, if you don't mind, we'd like to talk to him|alone.
{82551}{82624}Certainly, certainly, all right everybody, clear out.
{82872}{82945}Don't argue with me here, wait until we get home.
{82958}{82995}Don't you push me around like that, even though I am|your wife.
{83005}{83078}Look Mr. Norten, I think you have a lot of nerve,|having those people hold us here...
{83130}{83239}- There's nobody holding you here Mr. Doe.|- Well, if there's no one holding us here, let's get|going.
{83267}{83372}- Incidently, my name isn't Doe, it's Willaby.|- Look John, something terribly important has|happened.
{83387}{83479}- They are forming John Doe clubs.|- We know of eight all ready and they say... John|Doe clubs? Why?
{83490}{83548}To carry out the principals you talked about in your|radio speech.
{83554}{83633}I don't care what they're forming. I'm on my way and I|don't care for being stopped.
{83644}{83766}But you don't know how big this thing is. You should|see the thousands of telegrams we've received and|what they're saying about you.
{83785}{83904}Look it started as a cirruculation stunt, didn't it? Well|you got your cirrculation, so why don't you leave me|alone.
{83914}{84101}Oh it started as a cirrculation stunt, but it isn't|anymore. Mr. Norten wants to back it, and start John|Doe clubs all over the country He wants to send you|on a lecture tour.
{84128}{84268}- Me?|- With your ability to influence people, it might grow|into a glorious movement.
{84287}{84457}Say, let's get something straight here. I don't want|any part of this. If you've got some idea that I'm going|around to lecture people, why you're crazy
{84480}{84534}Baseball is my racket, and I'm sticking to it.
{84553}{84667}- Come on Colonel,|- Please, please, I just got rid of one crowd.
{84682}{84774}Please Mr. Mayor, tell him the John Doe club wants to|talk to him
{84793}{84971}- Let them in Mr. Mayor, let them come in.|- Okay folks, but remember your manners, no|stampedeing. Walk slow, like you do when you come|to pay your taxes.
{85162}{85235}- Give me a chance.|- Come right in.
{85290}{85413}My name is Bert Hansen Mr. Doe. I'm the head soda-|jerkeratthe drug store.
{85436}{85576}Well sir, me and the wife heard your broadcast and|we got quite a bang out of it, especially my wife.
{85599}{85734}Kept me up half the night saying: That man's right|honey. The trouble with the world is nobody gives a|hoot about his neighbor.
{85745}{85936}And that's why everybody is sore and cranky to each|other in town. I kept saying that's fine, but how does|a guy go around loving the kind of neighbors we've|got?
{85959}{86009}Old Sourpuss for instance...
{86023}{86206}See Sourpuss Smithers is a guy lives all alone next|door to us. He's a cranky old man, runs a second-|hand furniture store. We haven't spoken to him for|years.
{86251}{86467}I always figured he was an ornery old gent, who hated|the world cause he was always slamming his garage|door and playing the radio so loud, he kept half the|neighbors up.
{86521}{86703}Well next morning, I'm out watering the lawn, and|there is old Sourpuss on the other side of the hedge,|straightening out a dent in his fender
{86731}{86845}My wife yells to me out the window. Go on, speak to|him Bert.
{86859}{87059}I yelled over to him Good-morning Mr. Smithers. He|went right on pounding his fender...
{87082}{87200}Was I burnt. So I turned around to give my wife a|dirty look and she said louder, louder, he didn't hear|you.
{87224}{87355}So in a voice that you could have heard in the next|county, I yelled, Good morning Mr. Smithers...
{87387}{87693}Well sir, you could have knocked me over with a|feather. Old Sourpuss turns around, surprised like and|puts on a big smile, came over and took my hand like|an old lodge brother and he said, good-morning|Hansen.
{87717}{87908}I've been wanting to talk to you for years, but I|thought you didn't like me, and then he started|chatting away
{87927}{88096} a happy little kid. Well, before we were through,|I found out Mr. Smithers is a swell egg, only he's|pretty deaf.
{88111}{88212}And he says it's a shame, what little we know about|our neighbors, and then he got an idea and says...
{88227}{88349} about inviting everybody some place where we|can all get together and get to know each other a little|better?
{88377}{88525}I'm feeling so good by this time, I'm right for anything,|so, Smithers goes around the neighborhood, inviting|everybody to a meeting at the schoolhouse.
{88544}{88641}And I tell everybody that comes in the store, including|my boss...
{88660}{88714}Oh, I'm talking too much.
{88737}{88769}No, no, tell more.
{88789}{89018}Over 40 people showed up. None of us knew what to|do, but we sure got a kick out of seeing how glad|everybody was and to say hello to one another.
{89050}{89185}- Oh yeah, we made Mr. Smithers Chairman.|- And we decided to call ourselves the John Doe club.
{89204}{89263}Oh incidently, this is my wife. Come here honey.
{89290}{89348}- This is my wife Mr. Doe.|- How do you do Mr. Doe?
{89492}{89631}- This is Sourpuss, or excuse me, Mr. Smithers, Mr.|Doe.|- That's all right, if you didn't call me Sourpuss, it|wouldn't feel natural.
{89706}{89794}I guess everybody in the neighborhood came except|for the Laneys.
{89813}{89927}The Laneys live in a big house, with an iron fence|around it and they always keep their blinds drawn.
{89950}{90133}We always figured he was just an old miser, always|keeping his blinds drawn, so why bother inviting him?
{90148}{90339}Until the milkman spoke up and said, say you've got|the Laney's all wrong. And then he tells us how they|cancelled their milk last week.
{90358}{90510}And when he found a note in the bottle, he got kind of|curious and peeked in under the blind and found the|house was empty...
{90534}{90579}If you ask me, he says, they're starving.
{90598}{90729}Old man Laney has been bringing his furniture over to|my place at night. One piece at a time and selling it.
{90769}{90853}Half a dozen of us ran over there to fetch him and we|brought him to the meeting.
{90876}{91063}What a reception they got. Everybody shook hands|with them and made a fuss over them and well finally|Mr. And Mrs. Laney just sat down and cried...
{91087}{91179}- And then we started finding out about a lot of other|people.|- You know Grouble for instance.
{91194}{91267}- Grouble is here.|- Yeah, for sure.
{91299}{91372}Of course you don't know Grouble, but...
{91389}{91510}He's a man that everybody figured was the worse no-|account in the neighborhood. He was living like a|hermit.
{91531}{91640}Nobody would have anything to do with him. That is|until the postman told us the truth.
{91668}{91819}Grouble he says, lives out of garbage cans, because|he won't take charity.
{91833}{91998}- Just like you said on the radio Mr. Doe.|- About a dozen families got together and gave|Grouble a job, watering their lawns. Isn't that|wonderful.
{92017}{92109}And then we found jobs for 6 other people and they've|all gone off relief.
{92128}{92242}- And my boss found a job for old-man Laney|- And he gave you that 5 dollar raise.
{92257}{92298}Yeah, ain't that swell.
{92356}{92559}- Well Bert, I feel slighted. I would like to join, but|nobody asked me.|- I'm sorry Mr. Mayor, but we voted no politician could|join.
{92583}{92684}Just the John Doe's of the neighborhood, cause you|know how politicians are.
{92810}{93048}The reason we wanted to tell you this Mr. Doe was to|give you an idea of what you started. And from where|I'm standing, I don't see any sense in seeing you|jumping off any building.
{93127}{93271}Well, thank-you for listening. Good-bye Mr Doe.|You're a wonderful man.
{93299}{93372}It strikes me that you can be mighty useful, walking|around for a while.
{93629}{93738}I'm Mrs. Laney, Mr. Doe. May god bless you my boy.
{94555}{94600}I'm all mixed up.
{94692}{94733}I dont' get it...
{94765}{94874}All those swell people think I'm going to jump of a|building or something. I've never had any such idea.
{94996}{95069}A man would have to be a mighty fine example|himself, if he were going around telling other people...
{95108}{95181}Say, what happened here the other night, was on|account of Miss Mitchell. She wrote the stuf.
{95202}{95286}Don't you see what a wonderful thing this could be?|But we need you John.
{95301}{95374}You're hooked. I can see that right now Well, I'm|through.
{95459}{95642}For three years, I've been trying to get you up to the|Columbia River Country, first it was your glass arm,|then it was something else, now it's the John Doe|club. Well, I ain't waiting another minute.
{95734}{95775}Gang way you Heelots!
{95824}{95897}Colonel wait a minute. Colonel!!
{95914}{96002}Now I want you to go along with John Doe and Miss|Mitchell to handle the press and the radio.
{96017}{96053}- Me?|- Yes, I don't want to take any chances.
{96060}{96088}- And Johnson.|- Yes D.B.
{96094}{96221}Your crew will do the mop-up job. They'll follow John|Doe into every town and see that the clubs are|properly organized and the charters issued.
{96248}{96323}There are only 8 flags up there now, and I want to see|that map covered before we are through.
{97937}{98064}This has been growing like wildfire. If they had been|making demands, I would understand it, but the John|Does ask for nothing.
{98110}{98183}People are going off relief. If this keeps up, I'll be out|of a job.
{98218}{98324}As soon as he gets strong enough, we'll find out what|John Doe wants. 30 every Thursday, 60 at 60! Who|knows what!
{98358}{98431}I'm sorry boss, they just won't let anyone talk politics|to them. It's crazy!
{98453}{98526}We've got to get to him. He represents millions of|voters.
{98726}{98896}I tell you ladies and gentlemen, this has been nothing|short of a prairie fire. We've received so many|charters to the John Doe club, that we haven't been|able to take care of them.
{98911}{98964}I don't need to have that many pins stuck in me.
{98971}{99044}This John Doe convention is a natural. It's going to|put our city on the map...
{99061}{99144}Why over 2400 John Doe clubls are sending|delegates. Can you imagine that?
{99168}{99286}You, Mr. Mayor, will be the official host. You will make|the arrangements for decorating the city the parade,|and the reception for John Doe when he gets home...
{99305}{99359}- And don't wear your high hat...|- No high hat?
{99374}{99479}No. And from you Connell, I want a special John Doe|edition everyday until the convention is over.
{99494}{99629}And now if you will please, step into the outer ofice|and look your prettiest, because there are|photographers there to take pictures of this|committee.
{99644}{99698}Don't worry D.B. Everything will be taken care of.
{99892}{99933}- Well I don't get it.|- Get what?
{99952}{100101}This John Doe has cost you a fortune. Now this|convention is going to cost plenty
{100120}{100225}- Well?|- Well, I'm stuck with 2 and 2 and I'm a sucker if I can|make 4 out of it.
{100248}{100289}Where do you come in?
{100360}{100469}I have the satisfaction of knowing, that my money has|been spent for a worthy cause.
{100493}{100546}I say, I'd better stick to running the paper huh?
{100566}{100602}I think maybe you'd better.
{100698}{100868}And Connell. I'd have the John Doe contract, and all|the receipts and the money we advanced him and the|letter from Miss Mitchell that I gave 1000 dollars for.
{100904}{100962}Yes... sure.
{100991}{101126}- Well, we leave for the airport in half an hour|- Is that Johnny boy's room, I'd better hustle him up.|He'll be ready on time, he's packing.
{101149}{101207}- Did you see his picture on the cover ofTime?|- Yeah.
{101217}{101412}I've got to give you credit Annie Girl, I've handled|some big promotions in my time, everything from a|World's Fair to a channel swimmer, but this one|certainly got me spinning.
{101449}{101502}And now a John Doe convention.
{101552}{101704}If you could only get him to jump ofthe City Hall roof|on Christmas Eve, I'd guarantee you half a million|people there.
{101714}{101807}- Charlie... what do you make of him?|- Who, Johnny Boy?
{101839}{101923}I don't know what angle you want, but I'll give you a|quick...
{101942}{102128}Number one, he's got great yokel appeal, but he's a|nice guy. Number two, he really beginning to believe|that he wrote that suicide letter that you made up...
{102143}{102227}- Number three, he thinks that you're Joan ofArc or|something.|- Yeah, I know.
{102242}{102390}Number four, well you know what number four is.|He's nuts about you. Yeah, it's running out of his|ears.
{102420}{102493}You left out number five. We're all heels, me|especially.
{102555}{102596}Come in.
{102735}{102784}- I'm all packed.|- Good! I'll go and get Benny boy
{102816}{102857}Okay Charlie boy.
{103176}{103264}- Can I help you pack?|- No thank-you.
{103481}{103562}- Do you care if I sit down, out here.|- No.
{103811}{103884}I had a crazy dream last night...
{103948}{104032}- It was about you.|- About me?
{104051}{104124}It sure was crazy. I dreamt I was your father.
{104283}{104341}There was something I was trying to stop you from|doing.
{104368}{104525}So I got up out of bed, and I walked right through the|wall here, straight to your bed.
{104561}{104634}You know how dreams are... and there you were in|bed.
{104664}{104761}But you were a little girl, you know, about 10 and very|pretty too.
{104806}{105082}So I shook you and as soon as you opened your|eyes, you hopped out of bed and started running like|the devil in your nightgown, and you ran right out the|window there and you ran over roofs of buildings for|miles...
{105101}{105142}And i was chasing you.
{105174}{105327}And all the time you were running, you kept growing|bigger and bigger and pretty soon you were as big as|you are now.
{105341}{105374}You know, grown up.
{105401}{105502}And all the time I kept asking myself, what am I|chasing her for?
{105539}{105627}And I didn't know. Isn't that an odd one?
{105680}{105862}Well, anyway you ran into some place and I ran in|after you. When I got there, there you were, getting|married.
{105955}{106043}The nightgown had changed into a beautiful wedding|gown.
{106100}{106141}You sure looked pretty too.
{106177}{106250}And then I knew what it was I was trying to stop you|from doing.
{106272}{106313}Dreams are sure crazy, aren't they?
{106400}{106441}Would you like to know who it was, you were|marrying?
{106473}{106546}A tall, handsome man I suppose...
{106589}{106707}It was that fellow that sends you flowers everyday|What's his name? Mr. Norten's nephew.
{106756}{106803}- Sheldon...|- Yes, him.
{106846}{106883}But here's the funniest part of it all...
{106911}{106984}I was the fellow up there doing the marrying. You|know, the Justice of the Peace or something.
{107005}{107119}- Were you? I thought that you were chasing me?|- Yes, I was, but I was your father then, you see.
{107146}{107294}But the real me John Doe, well that is, Long John|Willaby, I was the fellow up there with the book.
{107331}{107404}- Do you know what I mean?|- Guess so, then what happened?
{107455}{107646}Well, I took you across my knee, and I started|spanking you. That is I didn't do it, I mean I did do it|but, it wasn't me see, I was your father then.
{107678}{107950}I put you across my knee and said, Annie, I won't|allow you to marry a man that is just rich or has a|secretary that sends you flowers...
{107978}{108203}The man that you marry has got to swim rivers for|you, he's got to climb high mountains for you, he's got|to...
{108231}{108379}And all the time, the guy up there with the book, just|stood there nodding his head and he said...
{108402}{108486}Good Pop. Whack her one from me, cause that's just|the way I feel about it too.
{108518}{108662}He said, come on down here and whack her yourself.|So I came down and I whacked you a good one.
{108690}{108763}So he whacked you and then I whacked you another|one then we were both whacking you...
{108823}{108906}Well if you're through whacking her, come on, let's get|going. Okay fellows, right in here...
{109230}{109303}- Hej Benny.|- When's our plane take off again?
{109316}{109335}A couple of minutes.
{109363}{109451}How many people do you think we've talked to|already? Outside the radio I mean.
{109466}{109571}- I don't know. About 300,000.|- 300.000.
{109611}{109781}What makes them come Anne. What makes them|listen and then set up their John Doe clubs.
{109830}{109858}I've been trying to figure it out...
{109873}{110042}What we're handing them is a platter It's been heard|a milllion times. Love thy neighbor, clouds of silver|linings, turn the other cheek...
{110057}{110154}I've heard it a million times too, but... There you are.
{110207}{110287}Maybe they're like me. Just beginning to get an idea|of what those things mean.
{110327}{110420}I never really thoughtabout people before. They were|justsomebody to fill up the bleachers.
{110452}{110553}The only time I worried about them, was when they|didn't come in to see me pitch.
{110636}{110771}Lately, I've been watching them when I talk to them. I|can see something in their faces.
{110820}{110913}I can feel that they are hungry for something.
{110971}{111153}Do you know what I mean. Maybe that's why they|came. Maybe they're just lonely and wanted|somebody to say hello to them...
{111206}{111337}I know how they feel. I've been lonely and hungry for|something practically all my life.
{111502}{111543}All aboard folks.
{111631}{111704}- Somebody else sitting here?|- No, no, no, that's your seat.
{111716}{111779}- And this is your coat.|- Mine?
{111794}{111835}A little token of appreciation.
{111935}{112036}It's beautiful D.B. I don't know what to say
{112051}{112092}Well don't say anything. Just sit down.
{112205}{112259}Go ahead, open it, open it.
{112450}{112523}- Oh, it's lovely.|- And a new contract goes with it.
{112668}{112765}Well, come on, spring it. You've got something on|your mind. Must be stupendous...
{112810}{112902}That's what I like about her. Right to the point, like|that!
{112938}{113056}All right PracticalAnnie, here it is. Tomorrow night,|before a crowd of 15,000 people, I'm talking a nation|wide radio hook-up, John Doe will annouce the|formation of a third party.
{113056}{113238}All right PracticalAnnie, here it is. Tomorrow night,|before a crowd of 15,000 people, I'm talking a nation|wide radio hook-up, John Doe will annouce the|formation of a third party.
{113238}{113311}- A third party?|- Yes, the John Doe party.
{113337}{113477}Devoted to the interests of all the John Doe's all over|the country.
{113521}{113678}Which practically means 90% of the voters. He will|also announce the candicy of the third party for|President.
{113714}{113854}A man whom he personally recommends. A great|humanitarium. The best friend the John Doe's have.
{113912}{113985}- Mr. D.B. Norten...|- Yes.
{114778}{114994}Though the opening of the convention is hours away|the delegates are pouring into the ball park by the|droves.
{115090}{115264}These John Does are the people that have been|laughed at and ridiculed, but here they are...
{115279}{115449}gay and happy, having travelled thousands of|miles... Their expenses paid by their neighbors, who|have come here to pay homage to their hero, John|Doe.
{115519}{115607}It's a simple idea that can sweep the country...
{115622}{115753}An idea based on friendliness, on giving and not|taking. On helping your neighbor and expecting|nothing in return.
{115776}{115920}And if a thing like this can happen, don't let any of|your grumbling friends tell you that humanity is falling|apart.
{115935}{116092}This is John B. Hues signing of now and returning|you to our main studio, until 9 o'clock, when the|convention will officially open.
{116154}{116199}John! Come in.
{116231}{116353}- Say I'm kind of... it's raining out a little.|- That's all right. It's good to see you.
{116368}{116422}- Sit down.|Thanks.
{116792}{116893}- It's forAnne.|- Oh how nice! Thank-you very much.
{116943}{117016}- I'm terribly sorry she isn't here.|- She isn't?
{117028}{117112}No she just left. I'm surprised you didn't run into her|She went over to Mr. Norten's house.
{117213}{117258}Did you want to see her about something important?
{117281}{117331}Yeah, well no, it will wait.
{117367}{117494}He's a nice man, Mr. Norten I mean. He's done an|awful lot for...
{117680}{117781}My coat is pretty wet. I'm afraid I may have wet the|couch a little.
{117946}{118038}- Well, I guess I'll see her at the convention later.|- Yes of course, I'll see that she gets the flowers.
{118083}{118156}- Good night Mrs. Mitchell.|- Good-night John.
{118306}{118347}Mrs. Mitchell.
{118374}{118447}I'm kind of glad thatAnne isn't here.
{118507}{118621}I came over here hoping to see her alone. Kind of|hoping I wouldn't too, you know
{118679}{118737}There was something I wanted to talk to her about.
{118825}{118861}It can wait, I guess.
{118876}{118949}- Good-night...|- Goodnight John.
{119026}{119084}Say Mrs. Mitchell, have you ever been married?
{119120}{119193}I'm sure you have. That's pretty silly...
{119236}{119290}I guess you must think I'm kind of batty...
{119335}{119389}I guess I'd better be going.
{119498}{119571}John, my husband said, I love you, will you marry|me?
{119592}{119624}He did?
{119648}{119701}- What happened?|- I married him.
{119742}{119815}That's what I mean, see? It was as easy as all that?
{119875}{120027}You see, I love Anne, and it's going to be awfully hard|for me to say it...
{120055}{120216}She's so wonderful and all I ever was, was a bush-|league pitcher.
{120274}{120400}I think she is in love with another man. The one she|made up. You know, the real John Doe.
{120454}{120688}That's pretty tough competition. He would know what|to say. I get up to it, around it and back of it, but I|never know what to say.
{120702}{120940}You know what I mean. So, the only chance I've got,|is if somebody could kind of give her a warning. Sort|of prepare her for the shock.
{120977}{121129}- You mean you would like me to do it?|- Yeah, I was thinking, sort of break the ice.
{121187}{121232}Of course I will John...
{121303}{121391}Thank-you Mrs. Mitchell. You're Okay.
{121693}{121849}This John Doe meeting is going to be one of the|biggest things that ever happened! They're coming|from all over, trains, boxcars, wagons...
{121873}{121946}- Have you had your dinner yet?|- Not yet.
{121963}{122012}- Go ahead and have your dinner.|- Wait a minute John.
{122130}{122231}- How are you Mr. Connell.|- Hello John. John I want to have a little talk with you.
{122302}{122364}What's the matter? Are you fallilng, come here.
{122417}{122501}Did you read that speech that you are going to read|tonight?
{122516}{122589}No I never read the speeches before I make them. I|get more of a kick out of it that way.
{122610}{122741}Just exactly what I thought. Benny go down to the|office and tell them to give you the speech. There's a|copy on my desk.
{122752}{122887}- You know Mr. Norten told me not to leave him, not|even for a minute.|- Go and get it, we'll be at Jim's bar up the street.
{122949}{123015}You're a nice guy John. I like you.
{123047}{123196}You're gentle. I've always liked gentle people. Me,|I'm hard.
{123343}{123487}Yep, I'm hard, but you want to know something? I've|got a weakness. Never guess that, would you?
{123506}{123579}Well, I have. Want to know what it is?
{123609}{123706}Star Spangled Banner. Screwy huh?
{123729}{123838}Maybe it is, but play the Star Spangled Banner and|I'm a sucker for it.
{123864}{123937}Always gets me right here. You know what I mean?
{123958}{124024}- Yeah, gets me right back here.|- Oh, back there huh?
{124024}{124088}- Yeah, gets me right back here.|- Oh, back there huh?
{124088}{124161}Well, every man to his own taste.
{124238}{124336}You weren't old enough for the World War, were you|John?
{124354}{124439}No of course not. You must have been just a kid.
{124525}{124618}I was. I was young and raring to go.
{124673}{124758}Know what my old man did when I joined up? He|joined up too.
{124781}{124890}Got to be a Sgt. And here's the kick for you. We were|in the same outfit.
{124928}{124979}Funny huh?
{125092}{125216}He was killed John. I saw him die.
{125276}{125349}I was right there and I saw it with my own eyes.
{125466}{125527}Me, I came out without a scratch.
{125577}{125641}Except for my ulcers...
{125756}{125829}I should be drinking milk you know This stuff is|poison.
{125859}{125932}Tommy?|What do you say huh?
{126025}{126168}Yep, I'm a sucker for this country I'm a sucker for the|Star Spangled Banner and I'm a sucker for this|country.
{126186}{126276}I like what we got here. I like it.
{126312}{126442}A guy can say what he wants and do what he wants,|without having a baonet shoved in his belly
{126460}{126533}- And that's all right, isn't it?|- You bet ya!
{126565}{126664}- And we don't want anybody coming around and|changing that do we?|- No sir!
{126718}{126822}When they do, I get mad. I get boiling mad.
{126858}{126931}Right now John, I'm sizzling.
{126956}{127029}I get mad for a lot of other guys, besides myself...
{127069}{127236}I get mad for a guy named Washington, and a guy|named Jeffereson and Lincoln.
{127264}{127399}Lighthouses John. Lighthouses in a foggy world.
{127464}{127537}- You know what I mean?|- Yeah, you bet.
{127625}{127731}- Listen pal. That fifth column stuf was pretty rotten,|isn't it?|- Yeah, it certainly is.
{127752}{127866}And you'd feel an awful sucker if you found yourself|marching right in the middle of it, wouldn't you?
{127889}{128026}You wouldn't know, cause you're gentle, but that's|what you're doing.
{128063}{128136}You're mixed up with skunk!
{128158}{128231}A no-good dangerous skunk!
{128292}{128424}- Say, you're not talking about Mr. Norten, are you?|- I'm not talking about his grandfather's pet poodle.
{128524}{128625}- You must be wrong Mr. Connell. He's been|marvelous about the John Doe clubs.
{128708}{128781}- You're really sold on this John Doe idea, aren't you?|- Sure.
{128803}{128876}Yes sir, I don't blame you, so am I. It's a beautiful|miracle.
{128893}{128999}A miracle that could only happen right here, in the|good old U.S.A.
{129012}{129178}I think it's terrific. What do you think about that? Me,|hard-boiled Connell and I think it's terrific.
{129249}{129466}Now suppose an unmentionable worm, whose initials|are D.B., was trying to use that to shove his way into|the White House?
{129489}{129653}So he could put the screws on. So he could turn out|those lights in the lighthouses.
{129726}{129919}- What would you say about that huh?|- They can't use the John Doe clubs for politics.
{129939}{130072}- That's the whole idea.|- Is that so? Then what's a big political boss like|Haman doing here in town?
{130090}{130206}And a labour leader like Bennet, and a lot of other big|shots up at D.B.'s house right now
{130221}{130343}Wolves! Wolves John, waiting to cut up the John|Does...
{130380}{130549}- Wait til you get a gander at that speech you are|going to make tonight|- Miss Mitchell writes those speeches, and nobody|can make her write that kind of stuf.
{130564}{130637}They can't huh? Who do you think writes them? My|Aunt Emma?
{130654}{130762}I know she writes them and gets a big bonus for|writing them too.|799. A mink coat and a diamond bracelet. Don't write|them!
{130778}{130865}A mink coat and a diamond bracelet. Don't write|them!
{130880}{130992}Why that gold-grabbing dame would double-cross her|own mother for a handful of Chinese yen!
{131060}{131133}- Lf you weren't drunk, I would...|- Hey boss!
{131165}{131305}- Here's the speech boss.|- Go on and read it John and then start socking.
{131363}{131421}Hey wait a minute Mr. Doe.
{131455}{131528}Tommy, you'd better bring me a glass of milk.
{131603}{131661}I'm smoking too much.
{131737}{131843}Yes Charlie. Got everything all set? Got John Doe|taken care of?
{131901}{131986}How many people do you think will be there? 15,000!|Oh, that's fine.
{132027}{132133}Listen Charlie, as soon as John Doe stops talking|about me, I want you to start that demonstration.
{132167}{132232}Don't worry about that D.B. My boys are there.|They'll take care of it.
{132232}{132277}Don't worry about that D.B. My boys are there.|They'll take care of it.
{132277}{132350}Yes, I'll be there 15 minutes after I get your call.
{132375}{132431}- Why Mr. Doe.|- Where are they?
{132446}{132492}They're in the dining room sir.
{132599}{132672}Well gentlemen, I think we are ready to throw that|great, big bombshell.
{132718}{132850}A conservative estimate says that we will get|anywhere between 15 and 20 million John Doe votes
{132868}{132987}Add to that, the labor board Mr. Bennet will throw in...
{133008}{133058}...nothing can stop us.
{133074}{133147}As I said before, I am with you, providing that you can|guarantee the John Doe vote.
{133163}{133282}You can count on me, on one condition. Bennet has|to be taken care of.
{133298}{133393}Didn't I tell you everybody in this room will be taken|care of. My agreement with you gentlemen stands!
{133414}{133506}I'm with you D.B., but I still think it's a very daring|thing we're attempting.
{133522}{133651}These are daring times. We are coming to a new|order of things. There's too much talk going on in this|country.
{133675}{133748}Too many concessions have been made. What the|people need is an iron-hand.
{133907}{134076}May I offer a little toast to Miss Anne Mitchell. The|beautiful and brilliant lady who is responsible for all|this.
{134125}{134192}Mr. Norten I would like to talk to you alone for a|minute.
{134212}{134285}- Miss Mitchell has something to say to us.|- Say it!
{134631}{134698}John I'm so glad to see you. I was terribly worried.
{134710}{134822}- Did you write this?|- Yes I did John, but I had no idea what was going on.
{134845}{134888}- You didn't?|- No.
{134932}{134991}That's a swell bracelet you're wearing.
{135080}{135153}John, why aren't you at the convention?
{135525}{135623}- Is there anything wrong?|- No, no nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.
{135665}{135787}So there's going to be a new order of things huh?|Everybody's going to cut himself a nice fat slice of the|John Does huh?
{135839}{135947}You forgot one detail, Mr. Bigshot. You forgot me.|The prize stooge of the world.
{135970}{136116}Why you or anybody else thinks he's going to use the|John Doe clubs for his own rotten purpose, he's going|to have to do it over my dead body.
{136131}{136269}Now hold on a minute young man. That's rather big|talk. I started the John Doe clubs with my money
{136287}{136385}- And I'll decide whether or not they are being properly|used.|- No you won't. You're through deciding anything.
{136408}{136585}And what's more, I'm going down to that convention|and I'm going to tell those people exactly what you|and all your fine-feathered friends here are trying to|cook up for them.
{136627}{136700}And I'm going to say it in my own words this time!
{136819}{136892}Wait a minute fellow. My Uncle wants to talk to you.
{136906}{136986}Now listen to me my son. Before you lose your head|completely...
{137001}{137107}may I remind you that I picked you up out of the gutter|and I can throw you right back there again!
{137125}{137310}You got a nerve accusing people of things. These|gentlemen and I know what's best for the John Does|of America, regardless of what tramps like you think!
{137349}{137482}Get off that righteous horse of yours, and come to|your senses. You're the fake. We believe what we|are doing.
{137502}{137597}You're the one that was paid the 30 pieces of silver.|Have you forgotten that? Well, I haven't.
{137610}{137674}You're a fake John Doe, and I can prove it.
{137689}{137762}You're the big hero that is suppose to jump of|buildings and things.
{137781}{137898}Do you remember? What do you think your precious|John Does will think, when they find out that you had|no intention of doing it?
{137913}{138009}That you were being paid to say so. You'd be lucky|they don't run you out of the country
{138021}{138130}With the newspapers and radio stations that these|gentlemen control,
{138142}{138242}we can kill the John Doe movement deader than a|doornail and we'll do it too, the minute you step out of|line.
{138266}{138359}Now if you still want to go to that convention and|shoot your trap off, you go ahead and do it.
{138562}{138662}You mean to tell me, that you would kill the John Doe|movement if you can't use it for what you want?
{138688}{138731}You bet your bottom dollar we would!
{138883}{138937}Well that certainly is a new low
{138975}{139034}I guess I've seen everything now.
{139081}{139221}You sit there smoking your big cigars, and think of|deliberatly killilng an idea that has made millions of|people a little bit happier.
{139236}{139393}An idea that has brought thousands of them here from|all over the country. By bus, by freight and jalopys...
{139408}{139498}So they could pass on to each other, their own simple|little experiences.
{139542}{139635}I'm just a mug and I know it. But I'm beginning to|understand a lot of things.
{139648}{139777}Why your types are as old as history If you can't lay|your dirty fingers on a decent idea, and turn it and|squeeze it...
{139793}{139896}...and put it into your own pocket, you slap it down!|Like dogs! If you can't eat something you bury it!
{139930}{140065}Why this is the one worth while thing that has come|along. People are finally finding out that the guy next|door isn't the bad egg.
{140075}{140212}Simple isn't it? And a thing like that has got a chance|of spreading until it touches every dog-gone human|being in the world.
{140222}{140323}And you talk about killing it. Or when this fire dies|down, what's going to be left?
{140341}{140450}More misery, more hunger and more hate. And|what's to prevent that from starting all over again?!
{140473}{140579}No one knows the answer to that one. And certainly|not you, with the slimy ideas you've got.
{140594}{140708}The John Doe idea may be the answer though.
{140720}{140808}Yet you sit on your fat hulks and tell me kill it if you|can't use it.
{140826}{140948}You go ahead and try. You couldn't do it in a milion|years with all your radio stations and all your power...
{140963}{141069}because it's bigger than whether I'm a fake, it's bigger|than your ambitions and it's bigger than all the|bracelets and fur coats in the world.
{141082}{141167}- You bet it is John!|- And that's exactly what I am going down there to tell|those people!
{141263}{141336}Why you ungrateful rat. My Uncle has been too good|to you.
{141382}{141417}He's getting away.
{141556}{141607}I tried to warn you D.B. You played with dynomite.
{141664}{141704}Don't let him get away!
{141780}{141828}I'll stop hlm cold. Don'tworry, I've been ready forthisl
{141864}{141992}John! Oh John please listen to me. I didn't know|what they were going to do. Let me go with you|John...
{142062}{142105}Go ahead driver.
{142233}{142268}Mr. Norten wants to see you.
{142286}{142361}Listen to me Mayor and you do what I say. I want|them both arrested.
{142373}{142490}You tell the police to pick up Connell, I've got the girl|here. I don't care what you charge them with, but|keep them in jail overnight.
{142526}{142577}Hello Bulletin, put your editor on.
{143789}{143862}Three cheers for John Doe!
{145125}{145239}- Ladies and Gentlemen.|- One moment John. We'll begin with a prayer.
{145347}{145387}Quiet please.
{145407}{145569}Ladies and gentlemen, let us have a moment of silent|prayer for the John Does all over the world.
{145600}{145695}Many of whom are homeless and hungry
{145745}{145840}Quiet please. Everybody rise.
{147073}{147161}Newsboys, hundreds of newsboys are swarming into|the stadium.
{147179}{147252}Yelling John Doe is a fake.
{147516}{147589}An investigation by the Chamber of Commerce.
{147595}{147654}Must be some kind of a gag.
{147983}{148033}Come on, come on, step on it.
{148098}{148136}You all know your places, so let's get going.
{148149}{148205}- Will you autograph my balloon?|- Sure.
{148436}{148560}Ladies and gentlemen. This is exactly what I came|down here to tell you about.
{148626}{148729}Please, if you just be quiet for a few minutes, I can|explain the whole thing.
{148786}{148877}As you know, this paper is published by D.B. Norten.
{148955}{149048}Wait a minute. Wait a minute everybody.
{149103}{149176}My name is D.B. Norten. You all know me.
{149195}{149296}I accuse this man of being a faker. We've been taken|for suckers and I'm the biggest of the lot.
{149296}{149327}I accuse this man of being a faker. We've been taken|for suckers and I'm the biggest of the lot.
{149327}{149462}I spent a fortune backing this man, in what I believed|to be a sincere and worthy cause, just as you all did...
{149480}{149594}And now I find out it nothing but a cheap racket.|Cooked up by him and two of my employees.
{149612}{149685}For the sole purpose of collecting dues from the John|Does all over the country.
{149696}{149815}- That's a lie!|- It's not a lie. Nickles and dimes being stufed into|thier own pockets. You can read all about it in the|newspapers.
{149828}{149944}- That's a lie!...|- This man had no intention ofjumping of the top of a|building.
{149959}{150047}- He was paid to say so. Do you deny that?|- That's got nothing to do with it.
{150060}{150113}- Were you paid for it, or weren't you?|- Yes, I was paid, but...
{150128}{150187}- And what about the sucide note? You didn't write|that either.|- What difference does that make?
{150202}{150261}- Did you write it or didn't you?|- No I didn't write it.
{150278}{150398}You look in your papers Ladies and Gentlemen, and|you'll find Miss Mitchell's signed confessioin that she's|the one that wrote it.
{150413}{150519}- Listen folks, it's true that I didn't write the letter, but.|- See, he even admits he didn't write it. You're a fake|John Doe.
{150539}{150667}And for what you've done to all these good people,|they ought to run you out of the country and I hope|they do it.
{150908}{150954}Speak up John. We believe you.
{150972}{151088}Listen folks. Now that he's finished shooting off, I've|got a few things to tell you.
{151130}{151173}Get him out of here.
{151198}{151281}I'm sorry folks, but we can't hear him anymore. There|is something wrong with the loud-speakers.
{151320}{151415}- John Doe's a fake! Booooooo!|- Please, they can't hear me.
{151480}{151553}This thing is not working. Ladies and Gentlemen.
{151989}{152048}This thing is bigger than whether I'm a fake...
{152102}{152155}You believe me?
{152184}{152311}Sure I believe you. Walking my legs off, picking up|5000 signatures for a phony.
{152332}{152446}Well here you are Mr. Doe. 5000 names asking you|not to jump off any roof.
{152461}{152575}- It makes no difference! The idea is still good.|- We don't have to give up our club. Yeah, well you|can have it.
{152669}{152773}They're starting to throw things. Someone is going to|get hurt and I'm afraid it will be John Doe.
{152790}{152841}- Listen to that crowd!
{152880}{152976}- I've got to go there.|- Sorry lady, orders.
{152996}{153102}Please let me go. They are crucifying him. I can help|him!
{153117}{153197}- We've got orders to hold you.|- Orders from who? Can't you see it's a frame-up?
{153220}{153293}Oh mother, they won't let me go, they won't let me go.
{153355}{153428}Listen to me. You've got to listen to me.
{153455}{153500}Back to the jungle, you hobo!
{153563}{153636}- Trust a low-racket?|- Why shoud we do that?
{153882}{153930}Stick to your clubs? The idea is still good.
{153982}{154009}Believe me folks!
{154087}{154143}Listen, John Doe is the only hope for the world.
{155015}{155119}They managed to get him out of the park. If that boy|isn't hurt, it's a miracle!
{155142}{155215}This certainly looks like the end of the John Doe|movement.
{155255}{155345}Well boys, you can chalk up another one to the|Pontius Pilots.
{155527}{155600}I should have been there. I could have helped him.
{155669}{155714}He was so all alone.
{155793}{155936}A lot of us are going to be mighty ashamed of|ourselves after tonight. We certainly didn't give that|man much of a chance.
{156183}{156278}- Would you like some more coffee Long John?|- No thanks Colonel.
{156507}{156580}John Doe Proven Faker!
{156839}{156956}Liar! Cheat! Lmposter! Why don't you jump? Cause|it ain't midnight...
{157013}{157086}Good-bye Mr. Doe. You're a wonderful man!
{157108}{157167}You are a wonderful man Mr. Doe
{157198}{157251}Now get in there and pitch.
{157345}{157454}You're a fake John Doe and I can prove it. You're the|hero that's suppose to jump of tall buildings and|things.
{157475}{157612}What do you think your precious John Does will think,|when they find out that you had no intention of doing|it?
{157625}{157694}- That you were paid for the whole thing?|- Christmas Eve at midnight.
{158268}{158361}- Silent Night.|- Holy Night...
{159032}{159131}- John Doe? Is that screwball still around?
{159143}{159289}- Yeah, that dame has been calling all day|- Sure, sure, at midnight huh?
{159312}{159370}We'll have the place surrounded with nets.
{159399}{159442}They're laughing at me.
{159570}{159643}You're a sick girlAnne. You'd better take it easy.
{159697}{159816}Who are you calling now? You called that number,|not more than 10 minutes ago.
{159842}{159974}- Hello Mr. Connell, have you seen him yet?|- Now listen Anne, he can't possibly get in without our|seeing him...
{159995}{160080}I'm watching the side door and the Colonel is out|front, so stop worrying.
{160316}{160389}Ann! Don't be foolish.
{160472}{160565}If this isn't the craziest, the battiest, the looniest, wild|goose chase I've ever heard of.
{160582}{160670}- Oh shut up Bert,|- Sourpuss is right. Well if he is, I'm a banana split.
{160685}{160791}That man is going to be on that roof. Don't ask me|how I know, I just know and you know it as well as I|do!
{160804}{160888}Sure, sure, I'd like to believe in fairy tales, but the guy|is a fake and he isn't going to jump of any roof.
{160888}{160917}Sure, sure, I'd like to believe in fairy tales, but the guy|is a fake and he isn't going to jump of any roof.
{160917}{161015}I don't think he was any fake, not with that face!|Anyway, what he stood for wasn't a fake.
{161033}{161068}Okay honey, Okay.
{161521}{161640}The elavators ain't running. Colonel! You shouldn't|have gotten out of bed Miss.
{161658}{161722}- Has he been here.|- Have you seen him? Nope, haven't seen him for a|week.
{161732}{161780}- Where's Connell?|- He's watching the other door.
{161795}{161830}You're swell.
{161953}{162012}No sense in going up there. I've been here for hours|and he ain't here.
{162022}{162054}Let me go!
{162153}{162226}Now that's crazy. It's 14 floors.
{163255}{163328}This is as far as the elavator goes. We have to walk|up to the tower.
{164552}{164625}That crank is probably full of Christmas cheer and is|asleep in some flop-house.
{164642}{164690}Let's go, I've got to decorate my tree.
{164987}{165098}Well I give up. I don't know what gave us the idea|that he would attempt anything like this.
{165148}{165228}I guess you're right. I guess the jokes on us. Let's|go!
{165243}{165291}I hope nobody finds out we've been here.
{167768}{167841}I wouldn't do that if I were you John.
{168100}{168204}It'll do you now good. The Mayor has policemen|downstairs.
{168229}{168322}With instructions to remove all marks of identification|that you may have on your person.
{168369}{168459}You'll be buried in Potter's Field, and you will have|accomplished nothing.
{168717}{168860}I've taken care of that. I've already mailed a copy of|this letter to Mr. Connell.
{168952}{169068}- John why don't you forget this foolishness. Stop|right where you are Mr. Norten, if you don't want to go|over with me.
{169191}{169264}I'm glad you gentlemen are here.
{169302}{169421}You killed the John Doe movement all right. But|you're going to see it born all over again.
{169632}{169695}Now take a good look Mr. Norten.
{169763}{169883}John... Oh John... I won't let you do it. I love you!
{169972}{170045}Please don't give up. We'll start all over again...
{170061}{170157}Just you and I. It isn't too late. The John Doe|movement isn't dead yet.
{170193}{170278}You see it isn't dead, or they wouldn't be here. It's|alive in me!
{170293}{170366}They kept it alive by being up here!
{170404}{170536}Darling! It should have been killed but it wasn't. We|can start clean now.
{170554}{170695}Just you and I. It'll grow lt'll grow big John, cause it|will be honest and kind.
{170728}{170821}Oh John, if it's worth dying for, it's worth living for.
{170844}{170917}Oh please John!
{171145}{171238}John look at me. You want to be honest don't you?
{171253}{171364}You don't have to die to keep the John Doe idea alive.|Someone already died for that one.
{171382}{171485}The first John Doe. And he's kept that idea alive for|nearly 2000 years!
{171503}{171599}It was He who kept it alive in them and He'll go on|keeping it alive in them.
{171622}{171857}For every John Doe movement these men kill, a new|one will be born.
{171899}{171994}Oh don't you see darling? This is no time to give up!
{172012}{172121}You and I John, we... Oh no, no John!
{172141}{172208}If you die, I want to die too.
{172254}{172308}I love you!
{172626}{172753}Mr. Doe... you don't have to... We're with you Mr.|Doe...
{172800}{172906}- We just lost our heads, and acted like a mob...|- What Bert's trying to say is, we need you Mr. Doe.
{172929}{173038}There was a lot of us who didn't believe what that|man said. We were going to start up our John Doe|club again.
{173053}{173146}Whether we saw you or not. And there are a lot of|others who are going to do the same thing...
{173172}{173262}- Mr. Sourpuss even got a letter from cousin inToledo|and...|- Got it right here Mr. Doe.
{173274}{173333}Only it would be a lot easier with you.
{173417}{173465}Please come with us Mr. Doe.
{174078}{174195}John! Mr. Doe... she's Okay.
{174205}{174247}We'll take her down to the car.
{174310}{174390}They you are Norten, the people! Try and lick that!