The General (1926) - Movie Script

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-The Western and Atlantic Flyer
speeding into Marietta, Ga., in
Spring of 1861.

-There were two loves in his life.
--And ---
-'Fort Sumter has been fired upon.'
-'Then the war is here.'
-'Yes, dad, and I'm going to be
one of the first to enlist.'

-'Aren't you going to enlist?'
-'Your name?'
-'Engineer on the Western and
Atlantic Railroad.'

-'Don't enlist him. He is more
valuable to the South as an engineer.'

-'We can't use you.'
-'If you lose this war
don't blame me.'

-'Did Johnnie enlist?'
-'He didn't even get in line.'
-'He's a disgrace to the South.'
-'Why didn't you enlist?'
-'They wouldn't take me.'
-'Please don't lie -- I don't want
you to speak to me again until
you are in uniform.'

-A year later. In a Union encampment
just North of Chattanooga.

-General Thatcher, and his chief
spy, Captain Anderson.

-'I know every foot of this railroad
from Marietta to Chattanooga -- and
with ten picked men I cannot fail.'

-'We will enter the South as civilians coming
from the neutral state of Kentucky to
join the Southern cause.'

-'At Big Shanty we will steal the
train while the passengers and
crew are at dinner, and proceeding '...

-...' North we will burn every bridge,
cutting off the supplies of the
army now facing you.'

-'Then the day you steal the train
I will have General Parker
advance to meet you.'

-'As soon as I arrive I will let
you know how seriously father
is wounded.'

-'Big Shanty. Twenty minutes
for dinner.'

-'Three men stole my General.
I think they are deserters.'

-'Why not stop and fight them?'
-'I'm afraid they have us
greatly outnumbered.'

-The Southern army facing
Chattanooga is ordered to

-General Parker's victorious
Nothern army advancing.

-'There is only one man on that engine.'
-In the enemy's country --
hopelessly lost, helplessly
cold and horribly hungry.

-'At nine o'clock tomorrow
morning our supply trains will
meet and unite with General '...

-...' Parker's army at the Rock River

-'Then the army, backed by our supply
trains, will advance for a surprise
attack on the rebel's left flank.'

-'Once our trains and troops cross
that bridge, nothing on earth can
stop us.'

-'This girl was in the baggage
car when we stole the train, so
I thought it best to hold her.'

-'We had better stay here until
daybreak to see where we are.'

-'It was so brave of you to risk
your life, coming into the enemy's
country, just to save me.'

-After a nice, quiet, refreshing
night's rest.

-'We've got to get back to our
lines somehow and warn them of
this coming attack.'

-'I will get that spy BEFORE he reaches
the Southern lines. You follow
with the supply trains as planned.'

-'We must pick up more firewood.'
-The Rock River bridge
-The Northern division nearing
the bridge to meet the supply trains

-'That bridge is not burned enough
to stop you, and my men will
ford the river.'

-Heroes of the day.
-'Is that your uniform?'
-'I had to wear it to get
through the lines.'

-'Take it off!'
-'Enlist the Lieutenant.'