The Immigrant (1917) - Movie Script

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-Between May 1916 and October
1917, Chaplin produced his finest

-short comedies as a series for
the Mutual Film Corporation."

-"Fulfilling the Mutual contract, I suppose,
was the happiest period of my career."

-"The Immigrant was Charlie Chaplin's eleventh film
in his series of twelve Mutual comedies, being
first released on June 17, 1917.

-Such were Chaplin's demands for perfection
by this time that 90.000 feet of
negative was photographed

-for the production, and Charlie went four
days and nights without rest while editing
The Immigrant to final lenght.

-The Immigrant
-Dinner Time
-More rolling
-"Mother lost her money."
-"You pickpocket!"
-"Miss, come here!"
-The arrival in the land of liberty.
-Later... hungry and broke.
-"What's the trouble, waiter?"
-"He was ten cents short."
-"Coffee for the lady."
-"I am an artist."
-"Bring my check also."
-"I'll engage both of you now,
starting tomorrow."

-A couple of dollars on account.