The Adventurer (1917) - Movie Script

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-The Adventurer, released October 17. 1917,
was the last Charlie Chaplin Mutual comedy.

-Although it seems somewhat a relapse
into the style of his earlier Keystones
it was the most popular film
in the whole series of twelve.

-The Mutual comedies gave Chaplin
both financial and artistic freedom...

-...and a popularity unequalled by any
other screen personality of the time.

The Convict: Charlie Chaplin
The Girl: Edna Purviance
-The Suitor: Eric Campbell
The Father: Henry Bergman
The Butler: Albert Austin
-The man hunt.
-A morning dip.
-Her brave admirer.
-"My mother! Save her!"
-"I heard your cries
from my yacht!"

-A tired guest.
-Dressed in somebody's best.
-"My father is Judge Brown."
-"My rescuer,
Commodore Slick."

-"Your face is familiar,

-"You need a shave!"
-The prison guard
is also being entertained.

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