The Rounders (1914) - Movie Script

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-His greatest mistake:
- the wife.

-An awkward moment
in a man's life.

-Another wife with a
thirsty husband.

-"Here's the tip
I promised you."

-"How dare you come
home drunk and beat
your wife!"

-Pity the poor
weak women.

-"There's a murderer
in that room.
Go and stop him."

-"I'll show you - knocking
poor little Wilfred about!"

-"Call yourself a lady?
I'll scratch your eyes out."

-The same lodge.
-"There's enough here
for three bottles."

-"Let us away
to the Y.M.C.A."

-"Don't cry, dearie. We'll
go out and find 'em."

-Making themselves
at home.

-An unfair argument.
-Rocked in the cradle
of the deep.

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