The Masquerader (1914) - Movie Script

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-Charlie Chaplin in

-Chosen for
his personal beauty.

-"This kid's supposed to be dyin'
...not sick with measles."

-A gasolene cocktail.
-"You daft little nut-cracker."
-"Just as he is about to kill
the chee-ild, you butt in
and dot him on the boko."

-Notice to quit.
-The next day, a fairy
floated into the studio.

-"Delighted to have you with us,
Senorita Chapelino."

-"You naughty man! Trying
to flirt with an innocent girl!"

-"You've turned our dressing
room into a harem."

-"Where's the Senorita?"
-"Well! Well!"